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Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances Will be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Rodger Evans (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the followrng:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 515l Tower Records Argyle Street. 204 2500.

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 2‘37 55) 1.

Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 220 434‘)



I Underworld Harrow land. (iallow gate. 552 -l(y()l. Spm lam. L | 2.50 plus hooking lee. l’lus l).ls l);tt’ten l’t'rce. Slain and the .ledi Knights. lllc‘ entgtiiatte trio return with their latest peculiarly titled optts lit'tllrt'utl/t /'.."\/I .tltet .r pet'trrl ol- lime itt which ll was uncertain ll tlt.'\ 'tl actually lllilist‘ another album. \\'orthwhile htg dance gigs .ne olw rotrsly like buses you wait ages lt‘l a decent one arid their ()tl‘tlal play iii the same month.

I The lellys .ititl HFS g2. Sauchieliall Street. 353 3l l I. “put. Lil l‘llls hooking lee. 'l‘ickels l'ront Missing Rectil'tls. Wellington Street. 400 [7'0 and Ripping Records. litlinhurglt. ('(‘ hooking: l).\7() (301 0002. New power pop trio tornietl by e.\—\\'ildheart and lloneyctac's guttattst Cl. who are promoting tlzeir t‘oitlrconttitg single lemonade (irrl‘.

I Dark Star, Starsky and Bubblecraft Kitig Tut‘s \\'.rli \\';tli lllll. St Vincent Street. 22l 523‘). S30piti. t; 3.50 (advance). L3) tdoor) Dark Star teature es-memhers ol'l ey Nation and v. hip up .t psychedelic stottir wttlr the \ tsual distraction in the toxin oi masses or: lights.

I Transaudio and North Pole Radio The l3tlt Note (Kile. King Sitesl. 55 3 l(i3.\'. Spin. L2.

I Valuta and The Roosters ( Lnt-rrr Club. Stratliclyde l’nryetsity l'rtiori. .loltn Street. 507 5023 "pm. l‘ice Students and guests.

I The Hoolits lSlllst‘llll_\\. John Street. 552 3505. ‘)pm l~tee.

I Independence Sarrrtrel hoe. Nithsdale Road. ~12 3 ()l07 S. iliptn l‘iee Weekly tam session.

I Vinyl Reverb and Nucleus liar titre. Brandon Street. .\lotlierw ell. MUM 25 l 30-1. ‘)pm. Ll.

I Live Music the (Irtltoused rrr tr: Street. 24S (i(r()(r .Sptn. The start r‘l a Battle ol the Hands conipetitzori loch w ill run tiitttl .lune, lineup to he contrrnreil.

Edinburgh I The Ska Club The \enite. (Kiltotr

Road. 557 3073. ll) rtrr, 'l‘lte Slot l


Club (on the top Iloor ot the \t'llllt‘l presents local layouiites l’r‘oi

I Grits ’n' Gravy Trio .l‘a/l .Ioerrr. s Morrison Street. 22! l2SS lllprn Rain £4 (£3). l.aliii. illllis. |.i// and l‘eattti'tng Scottish Young Musician ol the Year. l’aul llarrrsotr. on lveys.

I Andy Neate ( 'onituon (hounds. 2/3 North Bank Street. 22o Hit» Free.

I Simon Ellis \li's Hat. lialttrotal Hotel. Princes Street. 55‘» 2H l, ‘) 3UP”). Free.


“THE LIST «1 18 Mar 180‘)


I Dr Spock's Extra Forks MacRobert Art Centre. University of Stirlitig. 01786 46! 08 l. ‘)pm. Price to be confirmed. Dr Spock and his surplus cutlery will be performing classics like 'The 'l‘imewarp' prior to a screening of that perennially populat'. cross-dressing llick 'I'liz' It’ueky' Horror l’tr'lim' S/tuir'.


I Medal, Cub and Cinefilm King Tut‘s Walt Walt Hut. St Vincent Street. 22! 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 (advance). £4 (door). Medal are an ()sl‘ord-based hand who have supported The Bluetones and Dandy \Vat‘liols in the past year arid have a single 'Possibility" ottt later this month.

I Castillo, Higher attd Heirloom Nice ‘n' Slea/y. Sauchieiiall Street. 333 ‘)o37. ‘)pm. .

I The Finger Creams and Ptgpen ('ayern (‘luh. Strathclyde l'niversity l’nion. .lohti Street. 567 5023. ‘)pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Abba Disco Party Bourbon Street. (ieor‘ge Street. 552 ()l-ll. 7pm. £5 tLl.l.5() with dinner). Including a perl'orinance by art .-\hha tribute hand.

I Monofreak and Diesel Bone

.-\sy lttiti. L'aledoniati l‘nivet'sity l‘tiion. ('owcadtlctis Road. 332 nos l. ‘)ptii. l‘ii‘ee. Studetits and gttests.

I Insight, Overhaul atid Anakin l'ury .‘ylurt'ys. Maswell Street. 22l (r5l l. ‘)ptn. £3.50 (advance). L31 ttloot‘). including entry to post-gig club.

I Stateside (irand ()le ()pry'.

Paisley Road 'l‘oll. 42‘) 5300 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50 members). (‘ountry hoetlow ll.

I Retrospex .\lc('huills‘. High Street. 552 2l35. l0pm. l't'ee.

I The Hellfire Club .\lc(‘ltutl|s \Vay ()ttt \Vest. Kelvinhauglt Street. 22l 55o‘). 0,30pm. l-‘ree. ('ottntry rock.

I The Jack Daniels Band Samuel Dow's. Nillistlale Road. 423 (llll7. S.3()pm. l‘ree.


I Counselled Out ('ayeitdish. west .l3tlllL‘l't)\.\. 223 .5252. lllpm. Lt). l-t‘ee below I lpiti. Dance—soul hattd.

I Coldog, Room 101, King Keneavil and Sven Hassel 'l‘ap ( )‘l.attris'toit. b'l) l,.llll'l\lt)ll Place. 22‘) -l(l-ll. lllpm. l‘t'ee. Battle of the Hands. l'irst round. heat l'our. w rtli assorted metal and punk bands competing.

I The Jellys, The Phonics arid Planetboom .-\tttc. l)_\ers (lose. (’owgate. 225 SW2. 7 30pm. L3 adyance. Lil oti the door. The lellys play harmonic pop not a itirllioii light years trom Silver Sun.

I Poptarts .\'l3's liar. lialtitoial llotel. Princes Street. 55o 2-l l~l. 0.30pm. l‘t'ee. I Graeme McDonald Srrsre‘s Drum. 53 \\'est Nicholson Street. (to? S72‘). 7pm. l-r’ee. (‘oyers iron) the lilses ol Bowie. Rl'.\l. l-.ll.i l'it/gerald arid ‘l/Ie .lirne/r “UNA.

I Holly Thomas (‘oninron (il'titllltls. 2/.3 North Bank Street. 22o I) I0. 2. 30pm. l‘lt't‘

I Groove Diggas .la// .lotttt. .\' .\lt)l'll\t)ll Street. 22! l2.\.\'. l0pin 3am. L5 tic-l i. lleay test soul lunk outttt this side ol the border



I Pachinos, Widescreen and Manganese King Tut's \y'alr \\’.rlr llttt. St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). S.3l)ptii.

L3 5i) l;til\;‘rllc‘t'l. L31tdoorr.American hand supported by local youngstets.

I The Scottish AC/DC and Jinx .\"ree ‘rr‘ Slea/y. Sauchieliall Street. 33.3 ‘)(r37. “pin. 'l'rihtrte hatid esploiting -\(‘/l)("s genuine Scottish credentials.

I Barry Manilow Tribute liourhorr Street. (ieoi'ge Street. 552 ()l-ll 7pm. L5 r L l‘),5() with dinner).

I Way Out West (itatitl ()lc ()pt'y. l’aislcy Road 'l'oll. ~l2‘) 53‘)(i. 7.3llptit. L250 t L‘ l .50 members).

l t l


I Grove, Monoday and The Suberettes Cavern Club. Strathclyde University Union. .lohit Street. 567 5023. 9pm. Free. Students and guests.

I The Soul Flames Met‘lrrrills. High Street. 552 2l35. l0pm. Free.

I Drunk A Funk McC‘huills Way Out West. Kelvitthaugh Street. 22l 550‘). 9.30pm. Free.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 I527. 4-—Spnt. l‘i'ee. .latti session for local musicians.

I The Vagabonds Waxy's. Candleriggs. 552 87l7. ‘)pm. Free. Popular covers.

I The Dazes Molly Malone's. Hope Street. 332 2757. ‘)pm. liree. Popular

I The Deep End The Wharf. Yoker l-‘erry Road. 95‘) 20M). ‘)pm. Free.

I The Believers Samuel Dow‘s. Nithsdale Road. 423 0l07. 8.30pm. liree. I Live Music Queen Margaret l’irioti. l'niversity Gardens. 33‘) 9784. 8pm. L2. Students arid guests. Second Battle of the Bands heat.


I Medal and Dark Star ('as Rock. West Port. 22‘) 434 l. ‘)prn. L'J. 'l‘ouriitg guitar hand Medal accompanied by Dark Star who l‘eature es-inembers ol‘ the progtastie Levitation atnong their ranks.

I Read It And Weap and Creed Arne. l)yers Close. (‘ow'gate. 225 S382. 7.30pm. £3.

I Soul Providers NB‘s Bar. Balmot'al Hotel. Princes Street. 55b 24 H. ‘).30pin. l‘r'ee.


I Late Night Foreign Radio, My Legendary Girlfriend atid Empire Builder The l3th Note (‘luh. (‘lyde Street. 243 2177. 8pm. £2.50.

I The Glasgow Free Noise Society The l3lh Note (‘at'e. King Street. 553 l(r3S. Spin. L2

I The Slide, Hishanna and Planet Fuse .\‘ice'ii'Slea/y. Sauchieliall Street. 333 ‘)(i37. ‘)ptii. Planet l‘tise are a live-piece melodic indie hand with their roots iii the classic hands ol the (i()s'.

I Cimmaron (.iraird ()le ()pt'y. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 53%. 7.30pm. £2.50

ii I .50 members). (‘ottntry sounds.

I The Dazes Molly Malone‘s. llope Street. 332 2757. ‘)pm. Free. Popular

I Live Music Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. ‘)ptii. liree. local hands show case.


I The Giros, The Chemical Stars, Chas and The lackals The Venue. (.illltlll Road. 557 3073. Split. bl. l.ocal up and coming hands. The drummer lit)!” The (ill't)\ claims to he 'the hastard son of Keitli .\loon'. l-ailing a drug test you'll hay e to take his word for it or listen to their 'liettei'sticky lil’ and see il~ you can detect atty hereditary hi-liat work.

I Tasty and Brian Kellock Trio .lil/l .lotnt. S Morrison Street. 22l l2SS.

Spin 3am. L3 l'i‘han tan and sotil sounds.



I Hirameka Hi-fi 'l‘he l3llt .‘s'ote (are. Kitig Street. 553 1038. Spin. L2 \trtseiriLs t‘rom down south.

I Peeps Into Fairyland (‘aver-rr ('luh. Strathclyde l'niyer'sity l'nron. John Street. 507 5023. ‘)ptn. l-‘ree. Students arid guests. Rising local starlets wlto have already heeii covered by ldlew ild and

w ho liaye heett described by this very organ as a cross between early Rli.\'l and Shut. the hand eyery'one is influenced by htrt no one has heard.

I Acoustic Night Nice 'n' Slea/y'. Sauchieliall Street. 333 ‘M37. ‘)prir. Weekly acoustic lain.


I Ricochets, Salvatore arid Fab Foursome The Venue. (‘LlllUll Rotttl. 5.57 3073. 8pm. £5 iit advance from Ripping. 'l‘he Zoom 3 'l‘out' (subtitled Norway


This issue’s best gigs

JIID ROCK Ultrasound Get along to The Venue and see the prog princes perform tracks from their blistering forthcomrng album The List saw them supporting Placebo at Barrow/land and can report that you Will be far from drsappomted. Glasgow dwellers don't despair, they are playing King Tut’s on Fir )9 Mar.

dr'nburgnq The Venue, Wed 17 Mar. Afghan Whigs The sexrest, sassiest, hallsrest, hrassrest, gutsrest, lustiest band ever to once go under the label 'grtrnge'. ivllSS this and sleep alone forever Glasgow: King 7irt’s, Sat 73 Mar POP

The Lanterns They descrrbe themselves as 'Hrbernran unrarr alternative electro- tt'rlk-pon' and, Ii you heard their recent Single High Rise Toven', you'll know what they mean. The Lanterns are due to release a new single, 'Wrnter In My Heart’, in April, and these live dates should probably shed some light on its nature. Et'lr'nhurt/r/‘i. The Bongo Club, Thu 7 7 Mar, Glasgow King Tut’s, Fri 72 Mar. ELECTRONIC

Underworld Karl Hyde, Ric's Smith and Darren Emerson are back with an attiartnt; new album Seat/(00;) Fish and have (lead-ad t:> grace as with some .rve dates Will rt be a nonstop tet l‘..".o tzattv .;t‘ t.'.:ll they still be gtttrtrnv ts ‘Itl their has: up Will) the Fan l...r\.z."r' ('ttrzatiais‘ Giasoon'

Bar/oavrarrtl, Thu ~.' 7.2r

Attacks!) lt‘dltll'es three acts billed as the best unsigned hands t'rom the Norwegian underground scene. Ricochets are a garage rock eonrho. Salvatore lean to dtih atid l~ah Foursome play dream pop ot‘ the Many Star arid Sundays variety.

I Jonathan Kemp (‘onimon (irounds. 2/‘3 .\'orth Bank Street. 220 l-llo.

7.30 nu. l-"ree. ('lassical to reggae.

I A tered Beats 99 .la//. .lottit. S Morrison Street. 22l l2SS. l0pm ‘3am. L's, Drum 'n’ bass the tall. element.

; ruesnrvs


I 3 Colours Red and Cay The Garage. Sauchieliall Street. 332 ll20. 7pm. £6.50 [)ltls hooking lee. \ti age restriction. See Prey tew tor l.ondon-hased rockers 3 (‘olours Red. Try to catch support hand (Hiy. w ho hay e been hurntng tip the streets til-(ittliitletl with their Hole/Sonic Youth~nillttettced sound arid count Sean llughes among their tans.

I The Al Pacinos, Johnson and Lumber 'l'lie l3th Note Cale. King Street. 553 lo3S. Spin. l't'ee. See local liye for Johnson.

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