What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead. Film: The Thin Red Line A company of American soldrers take a hrll durrng World War “'3 Battle of Guadalcanal. Drrector Terrence Malrck (Bad/ands, Days Of Heavenr returns wrth an rntrmate psychologrcal drama played out on an eprc scale See feature and revrew, pages 18 and 24. General release from M 5 Mar. Clubs: Armand Van Helden No sooner has the New York-based DJ hrt the top of the charts wrth hrs single 'You Don’t Know me, than he's playrng a four-hour set at Colours See feature, page 8. Glasgow: ' The Arches, Sat 6 Mar. v J

Theatre: Mainstream Suspect Culture's new show rs emotionally and intellectually rnvolvrng and richly deserves the universal prarse granted It The nature of relatronshrps rs explored rn a chance meetrng at a seaside hotel, See revrew, page 61, Edinburgh: Traverse Theatre, Wed lO-Sun 74 Mar

Music: Ultrasound Fresh from the catwalks of London Fashron Week, rock mum’s most beloved rnrsfrts cram therr growing reputatron and sr/eable talent rnto some of the country's smaller concert halls See feature, page 17 Ed/nburgh: Venue, Wed 77 Mar Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Fri 79 Mar Games: South Park Okay, so rt's not cool to lrke the show any more, but, if \.ve’re honest, both the programme and thrs new game krck serrous ass Become your favourrte South Park krd lwnh multr-player optronl as you battle to save the town from alren turkeys and worse See review, page

101 Out for N64, Fri 5 Mar, [4999

Books: Our Fathers Andrew O'Hagan, author of acclaimed non-frctron book The Missing, pubirshes nrs long-awarted debut novel whrch tackles the Left, Catholrcrsm, Glasgow's post-war housing programme, family, memory and loss See prevrew, page 94 Published by Faber <82 Taber, Mon .7 5 Mar,

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New Moves (New Territories)

Iona Kewney (pictured) is falling over herself to get to Glasgow's New Moves (New Territories), where this year's bevy of international acts are busy bulldozing the boundaries of dance. Kewny' I ue:

‘999 THE lIST3