MUSIC classical & opera


I Glasgow Chamber Orchestra RSAMD. l00 Renfrew Street. 333 5057. 8pm. £60.11). ()ne of Scotland's leading amateur orchestras present their first spring concert. featuring De Falltt's lz’l Anmr Brit/n. Debitssy's l’I'i‘liti/i' t’i I'A/i/‘t‘rs-ntit/i il'iiii liiiiiit'. Tchaikovskys Selection at [Iii/lei Miixit'. BOI'OtllthS I’ulnt'iyiiiii /)iiiit't'.\'. Shostakovich’s 'Ii'ti I'iii' Inn and Strauss's infamous B/iit' lhiiiti/it'.


I A Concert Of Select Musick St Cecilia’s Hall. ('owgate. 668 30l‘). 8pm. £8 (£5411). The l8th century is revisited in this concert of music that was originally performed in Si Cecilia‘s Hall 300 years ago. Works by Handel. \"ivaldi. Scat‘latti attd Corelli are played on period instruments by lidinbttrglt Barock maid of tire .lanet Buckley .\letttortal littnd.

I Scottish Chamber Choir St (iiles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 336 3908. 8pm. £5124l. .\ Harris is the conductor fot' a choral programme featuring Bach's l-‘im /I/t’ l)i't /r .\'ii In. Bi'altms' llill'lllll i.\'/ (/(H /.it /II (it ec/tt'ii. l'tn/t‘s l.u 'l'lit' /-'ii// /”/'/iti/ .Stii rilit t' and llowclls' lt’t'i/iiii'iii.


I Paragon Ensemble Royal Concert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 387 55| l. lptn. £7 tL'J.50). This month's Sunday Brunch‘ concert sees ait elegant pairing (ll. Becthoy eil\ [rim and Hi'ahms' Hur/i 'Ii'i'u iii If flu! ()p -/(l.

I Dorothy Roberts l’ollok House. Pollok Country Park. 3060 l’otlokshaws Road. No 64 Ill 3pm. 26 tt-li. l’ianist Roberts performs works by .\lo/ai'i. Schubert. Beethoven. Schumann. Chopin. Handel and l,is/t.

I POPS At The Royal (‘tlllc‘et'l llttll. 3 Sattchiehall Street. 3S7 55 l l. 7.30pm. 2‘).5ll—£l7.5ll. lam Sutherland and his orchestra ltope to repeal last year's sell-

out success with a programme that pays tribute to the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein arid Irving Berlin. including such popular pieces as Anything You Can Do attd l.t'i'.v /-'ut'i' The Music.

I Glasgow University Chapel Choir Glasgow University Chapel. University Avenue. 330 4093. 7.30pm. Admission by donation. Stuart Catnpbell directs the choir in this end-of—ternt concert.


I Cappella Nova Queen's Hall. t‘letk Street. 667 7776. 3.50pm. £(1--£ll (24—2750). See Sat 13.

I Afternoon Concert National Portrait Gallery. I Queen Street. 634 6300. 3pm. Free. Cellist Louise Paterson performs works by Baclt. Cassado. Johnson and l‘owler. plus an arrangement of Scottish folk songs.

' I Royal Scottish National Orchestra

liestival Theatre. l.‘1--3U Nicolson Street. 53‘) 6000. 7.30pttt. t7 U950. See Sal I31.

I Whitburn Band Queens Hall. Clerk Street. (167 7776. 7.30pm. £3 1U) l. The battd perform a brass attd accordion arrangement of l/ie/i/tt/ii/ ('iii/it'i/t'iil. Rossini's I’m'l A/it/ l’t'tIHl/H and a tttedley of popular Scottish tunes.


; Glasgow ; I Princess Ida Mitchell 'l'heatt'e. ti

Granville Street. (ll-ll 387 55! 1. 7.30pm. £5 10. Tlte Savoy Club present (iilbei't aitd Sullivan's light opera.


I Mikhail Pletnev Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 667 7776. 7.45pm. {SCI-1.50 tt'5— £l3l ln one of only three performances in the [K this year. the renowned pianist plays preludes and fugttes by Baclt and Mendelssohn.

(irieg's l.vrit' /’it't't'\. with a finale of

Schumann’s [firth/ex Syrup/iiuni/rim.


Unlimited Theatre


Devised by the Company Fri 5 81 Sat 5 Mar 8pm 27/24 (2 tor 1 on opening night)

"He/(I and advert/titans theatre prayed .‘e .i iii/y refit/tyre "


the Stage

by Howard Brenton

Tue 9 - Sat 13 Mar 8pm 27/24 (2 to: 1 on opening night)

(no parts Wed 10 Mar)

Hess Is Dead is full to the brim ot conspiracy. political espionage. manipulation. warped minds and twisted realities.

Prime Productions


by John Ringham

Fri 12 & Sat 13 Mar 8pm 27/24

/r’l:.’t'y deit’ti’ al't/ Swaifl'l/ h it:

Face To Face Productions

lit-r S- 'Il\i"iil‘l


Wed 17 - Sat 20 March 8pm 27/24 (2 tor1 on opening night)

Ivar lilltzS (ll litiitii hour the l)""l (ii ll t,‘ .‘".:'stt:' til lie: ""1 .atrit:

Ball affine 01412214001 '

56 THELIST 4-518 l.‘.at i‘J'I‘il



I Simon Browne and Andrew Nicol Hutcheson‘s Hall. l58 Ingram Street. 553 8391. l.l5—3pni. £2.50. Clarinetist Brown and pianist Nicol play Poulenc's Smtuiti arid Saint-Saens’ Sir/tutu in E l-‘Iui.

; I Masterclass RSAMI). Int) Renft‘ew

Street. 333 5057. 6pm. Free. Andrew Marriner directs a clarinet masterclass.

2 I Princess Ida Mitchell Theatre. n ; Granville Street. (ll-ll 387 55l I. 7.30pm.

25 --L' It). See Mon 15.


I Ecuinternational Chorale St Giles‘ Catltedral. Royal Mile. 335 9-1-13.

I3. l5pm. l-‘ree. A programme of music from this New York-based choir.


f Glasgow

I Choral Concert RSAMl). l00 Renfrew Street. 333 5057. 7.30pnt.£6.5()t£~1). Richard Jeffcoat conducts the Academy

Chamber Choir and Academy Brass in

Bach‘s () .lt's'ii Christ and I)(’I' (it'i‘t't'ltit' Air/tutti IIIII. pltts Jttdith Bingham's Sir/i Ill The Bland. .lames .\lac.\lil|att‘s ('iii/it'i'i'ne 's Lullabies and William Walton's 'l'lit' 'Iit't'lt't'. I Princess Ida Mitchell Theatre. 6 (jranville Street. ()IJI 387 55l l. 7.50pm. £5- L'l0. See Mon l5.

Edinburgh I Christian Youth Chorale St (iiles‘ , Cathedral. Royal Mile. 335 9-143.

l3. |5pm. l-‘ree. Lunchtime music from this visiting chorus from l)enton. Texas.

I Chinook Clarinet Quartet Queen's

Hall. Cleik Street. 667 7776. 5pm. £5 tinc afternoon tea). The quartet perform Smetana's l)(l/lt'(’ t); The Comet/tints. Kenneth Wilson's \iii‘itifiri/ty ()ii A [Ii/It’lllt’ ()t l’tieti/iiiii aitd works by Henri Tomasi

attd Damien Harron.

I Edinburgh Grand Opera l'estival

'l'lteatre. l3~3‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘)

6000. 7. l5pm. £5—L‘l8. Edinburgh Grand Opera present one of the most popular double-bills in opera - Pietro Mascagni's Sicilian tale of seduction and betrayal. (.‘tit'ullcriti Rll.\'!f('(tlt(l and Ruggiero Leoncavallo's look at the destructive power ofjealousy. l l’tly/ftlt'f.



I Uni-Son John Mclntyre Hall. University Avenue. 330-1093. I. l0pm. Free. The Glasgow University Music Department-afliliated contemporary ensemble present a programme of new works from living composers.

I Masterclass RSAMI). I00 Reitfrew Street. 333 5057. 3pm. l-"ree. l’hilip Dukes directs a viola masterclass.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Royal Concert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 387 55l l. 7.30pm. £8— 23 l. Plilltlsl l.)lllilt'l Aler..-ev lends his dazzling keyboard skills to the RSNO's performance of Tchaikovsky‘s Pitt/iii (‘Ullt't’l'ln NH .3. with

conductor Alexander l.a‘/.ai‘ev also at the

baton for Shostakovich‘s .S'tiiip/imty .\'u 5. I Princess Ida Mitchell 't‘heatre. (1

('iranville Street. (ll-ll 387 55l l. 7.310pm. ; {S—i H). See Mon l5. : I Strathclyde University Concert Band

& BA Applied Music Brass Ensemble

- Barony Hall. (.‘athedral Square. 387 55 l l. 8pm. £5 t£3.50—-£4l. The battd and

ensemble perform a programme of French

. music. featuring l’ottlenc's Sir/tutti l7ur

. HriI'Il. Yi'iiiii/it'i .-liit/ l/‘(illl/titltt’.

' I Laurelin Quartet ()hlonim. 373

Great Western Road. 33‘) ‘H77. 9. llpin. Free. See Thu 4.

V Edinburgh

; I Chinook Clarinet Quartet lan

; Tomlin School Of Mttsic. Napier 3 University. Craighouse. J55 6380.

l.l5|‘ltl. l-'i'ee. See Wed I7. I Edinburgh Grand Opera liestival

Theatre. l3--3‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘)

6000. 7.l5pm. £5—t‘l8. See Wed l7

Starving Artists


iEWeclnesday 10