Mateo 8r Matos

Edinburgh: Tribal Funktion, The Venue, Sat 13 Mar.

In the early 805, you would have found Mateo 8: Matos DJing on four, six and eight decks at street jams in their native New York. A few years later, the pair were befriended by legendary producer Lil‘ Louie Vega who schooled them in the art of production; they then proceeded to release on every major record label in New York. The duo make house records which they describe as ’soulful, funky, deep and moody' and are grooved to at the best clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. 015 and dance magazines in Britain rave about their music. All in all, it’s a wonder that Mateo & Matos aren’t far, far bigger than they are.

'We used to put out too many tracks and EPs,’ admits Eddie, the Matos half of the team. ’Sometimes we would have three or four different releases all out at the same time on different labels. We had to get it under control and cut out the nonsense. A lot of labels were just using and abusing us.’

With a discography of over 60 releases, ’under control' translates to limiting the labels they work with to four - Chicago-based label Large, Joe Caussell’s Spiritual Life,

Underground,’ adds Eddie.

thank God for computer technology.’

Adam Freeland

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their own United Underground, and Kevin McKay’s Glasgow Underground. ’We want to concentrate more on the vocal projects, like the ones we are currently working on for our third album on Glasgow

Hoping to catch Mateo & Matos in action? You won’t see the pair hunched over a few keyboards and computers on stage. 'We have never played live,’ says Eddie. ’We’re not really musician’s musicians. I mean,

Mateo & Matos know good house

Instead, you’ll see the pair behind four decks. ’We are just non-stop back and forth. Nothing’s pre-planned, we just freestyle,’ says Eddie. ’lt’s just like a cappellas on top of beats and that coming in and this coming in. In a

ten-minute span you might hear six or seven tunes.’

Adam Freeland aka King Of The New School Breakbeat

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Don’t count on hearing all of your favourite Mateo & Matos tunes, though. 'You know what? We’ve heard our shit already, we’re tired of it. Let the other 015 play it if they want to. We want to play all the other great material out there.’ (Simone Baird)

DJ to watch for the decade and Sasha has reportedly been seen taking notes at his sets The self-proclaiiiied ’Kiiin of The New Skool Breakbeat’, is remarkably unfazed by the praise heaped upon hurt from all quarters and hadn't even heard that MTV had rereritly featured hurt as 1 ’Hot New Talent'. As far as he’s (oncer‘ried, he's not the perfrxt life He just t‘iltl-‘.’€.‘(f to his new house to he nearer to tire sea and ‘-.'./hen he’s no: [Mind or iriakinri riiusir tas Tsunami One with his rriate Kevin Beberi he spends his tune surfing and snowbr)ar'dirirj.

When he Dls he brings aloriri wee samplers and efferts‘ units to boost the Vibe, and r‘etkons this is the future of Dqu 'There are so many riadrjets you can stick in your porket, take to a (liil) and pluri llllt) the rriixei,‘ he says. 'The Dls who just use two turntables are hasrLally just beiriri laxy' Absolutely no (harire of s iyirir; the same about hirii (Rory \N'eller)

' 3 Adam Free/arid [)Js at Slam Presents, The Arr lies, Fri 5 Mar

Club news

THE STRICTEST DOOR-POLICY known to clubland comes to Edinburgh. Miss Moneypenny’s, the ultraglam and exclusive Birmingham-based house club will start a monthly residency at The Honeycomb on Fri 2 Apr. Taking over the slot currently held by Barry Cabanas, the club will feature main room resident Craig Burger Queen with the Cuban Brothers through the back in the Latino Love Lounge.

THE SHOOTING GALLERY (Casino Royale) have cancelled all clubs there ’following continuing licensing problems relating to noise complaints from residents', according to a press release. This follows the ongoing problems the promoters had at the Broughton Street venue. Some of the one-offs planned, such as The Big Audio Dynamite Sound System on Fri 19 Mar will find a home at Noa in the West End.

FRESH AIR FM are on the lookout for producers and bedroom 015 for their radio show starting Sun 2 May. They are calling for anyone not currently playing out in clubs but looking to launch a career for themselves. Phone the Fresh Air office on 0131 220 6665 or check out the website on

GLASGOW’S FIRST EVER inter bar and club five-a-side football tournament was held at the end of last month with defunct club Reds coming out the controversial victor. The event, organised by Sly’s Neil McKay, saw teams from twenty Glasgow clubs, bars and records shops battling it out at the Goals Centre in Shorelands. The Reds team, led by one of their former stewards, allegedly played a ringer, a professional footballer from Iceland’s national team. Good humour prevailed though and whatever sorrows there may have been were drowned at Bar Ce Lona afterwards.

TWO OF THE biggest players in the leisure industry First Leisure and Scottish & Newcastle are likely to unveil plans this issue after applying for licenses for two separate mega- clubs on Sauchiehall Street. Rumours are that one will be above Boots, the other taking over the MGM Cinema, although this later project is beginning to look the more unlikely of the two. A licensing board meeting on Fri 12 Mar will also shed light on a clutch of other new club venues.