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l9 I’ai‘nie Street. 552 7””). .\Ioit Sat llam—(ipm.

Scape Until Mon 2.: Mar Scottish and liuropean landscapes. Scottish coastal seascapes arid Italian tow itscapes by ltew and regular artists including .\lars|)all. Batchelor. lioi‘elaiitl. Williams and Anderson.

ARTHOUSE l0 Kings (‘ourt. King Street. 552. l 54. Tue -Suii llaiii 5pm.

New Textiles And Soft Furnishings 'i‘liu 4--Stin 28 Mar. New work by textile designers Alexandra I'eechat). .lane :VchIpine and .lac llitchen. who all work it) (IiIICl'lllg' styles using wool. \elyet and natural cotton.


The Cross. Kirkiittillocli. 57S (ill-l. Tue- Sat 10am - iptii ix 2 5pm. The Magical World Of Pookie And The Animal Shelf Sat (\ .\l;tt Sat 2* Apr. ()i’iginal artwork created during tlte lll-llls and l‘l5lls by by Wallace. the renowned CIllItil‘thIK :tlllltt‘r


Regent House. ll \\‘est Regent Street. 2205-113. .\lon i’ll liltiii 5pm. Glasgow Style t'ntt! \Veal 31 Mai \n exhibition ol' work by Annie l-iencli. (‘hai'les Rennie .\lack:ntosit. lalw in Morris and conteiitpotaty artists Norman lidgar. .\'oriiiaii Knkliani .lllti \\ .l. Mask-ell.


I34 Iilylltswtithl Slim". :32 ills?

.\Ion I‘ll 9.10mi) f :lil‘lll‘. Sat liitiii lpiit. Three Painters sat I 1 .\i.n- 't'nt- o .'\l‘l Paintings by John liallaiityiie. \licliael l)urning aitd \latgie I..t\‘.

Norman Edgar sat t ‘s .\t.n -Ittt‘ (s -\p;. Recent paintings

Gareth Mason Sat 1} .\t n 'l'ut- ti Al‘l'. ('ei‘ainics.

CCA 350 Sanchteliali S'icet. Ii2 752l

.\Ion \Vetl llaiii (ipni. l'ltn t\' it:

llaiti 5pm; Sat llaii: "lH‘i‘i. Sta;

noon 5pm. (law

High Red Centert it't' sat 3“ \t.n.

In an age iiiatketl on: as politically indil'l'eient. s.x .titists iiicltitlzng l‘W‘ Turner l’ii/e iioiiiiitce (‘lii‘istiitt- ltotlantI and ( iiegoiy (iit';‘7i. show wot}. li“ attsw eis back \y it?) I\'\'ii\Ik'II ( iee: sis boltih-I‘Iasletl gallery a tlc'liiiilc tints:


l7niyei'sity i‘I Stratitciytle. 22 ls’iclitiiotitl Street. 552 Hill) ext 2li.\2. .\lon It}

lllani 5pm. Sat :: i. ii lpiit.

Living Room l'ntil S..! 2" Hat. 1 l\-.‘ designers l):an.t (‘ocliiaiicz Hill \liitiltite. Angus Sheplieid. Shotta Kitchen and \b Rogers create lllilyltlt‘ and contrasting installations oi the lit. in; iootn' I’m! of (fit/yum: I‘l‘l‘l


I7S \Vest Regent Street. 222 "iV‘li

Mot) Sal lllatn ‘5 ittpiii

Triple BiII l'nttl 'l lit: 25 Ha)

An exhibition iiiingiag togetliei tlzc woik ol'tliree artists (‘liits littltllccoiitbe Cl‘cgllcs wootl/iiiixctl iiietlta coiistitietions which combine liutiiotii antl ctaltstiiaiiship. lieliiitla Rush .lansen produces animal sculptures tisiiig traditional materials and Alastlair Hanks paints small-stale .liaw rugs and pastels UL Ilt)t'\t‘\.


22l West George Street. 248 9755. Mon-Fri Wain-5.30pm; Sat l0atti—2pm. Glasgow Boys And Glasgow Girls Fri I2 Mar ~Thu l Apr. A selection of paintings by Arthur Melville. James Paterson. David Gauld. FLA. Walton and Katherine Cameron reflecting the Glasgow style. Purl nlU/ux‘gmi' I999.

Spring Exhibition Fri )2 Mar—Thu ) Apr.

A selection ol’ recent acquisitions.


322 Duke Street. 55-1 ll25. Wed—Fri noon—(i int; Sat 6'; Suit l0ani---lpiii. Lande Until Sttii 28 Mar. i 'ew work by landscape artist Donald lfirquhart who recently spent two months iii Iceland. gathering source material l‘or this new body of work. See review.


IS (‘astlemilk Arcade. ()3-1 2003. Mon—Sat l0ani—5pni.

Fiona Robertson Until Sat 20 Mar. Recent work by Fiona Robertson comprising auttibiographical drawings which IOl'lll the basis for her paintings and plastic clay sculptures.


Queen Street. 22‘) l99o. Mon—Sat l0ain--5pm: Sun llain~5ptn. Situated iii the heart ol~ the city. Glasgow‘s modern art gallery has l‘our thematic liloors based oi) the elements: liartli. Air. l-‘ire and Water. l’eatured artists include I'lows‘on. Hockney. t‘antpbell. Bellany and liyrne as well as interactive exhibits and regular temporary exhibitions.

I Sight l‘ntil I‘l'l 2o Mar. The results ol’ two-week photography workshops at Street level (ialleiy. Strathclyde Ans (‘entre aitd The Gallery ol' Modern .-\it with participants t'rom l'ernen St liil'orniation Sery ice. Pass. Key Housing. lilmyale. Southbrae. Ritltlrie. Priesthill aiid Accord Centres.

GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (.ilen Road. 020 0255. Daily

1.30 5.30pm tclosed Tue).

Silver Gem l‘ntil Wed l0 .‘ylai'. A display ot work by invited artists commissioned to eieate paintings l'or S inch-squared. hand- made silyei'-gilt li'ames

From The Bottom Drawer Suit )4

Mar Sat IllApi‘. l'nl'ratnetl lithographs. etchings. limited edittoii ptiitts and original sketches.


I-Ib’ \\c\l Regent Street. :2I 5095 Mon Sat 9.?0aiii- 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition A display of work by leading liritish artists including Scottish (‘olourists. Mcl‘aggait. (‘owie Redpath and more. Next show: Heather Neyay opening Sat l7 Apr.


(ill North Haiioy er Street. 332 9909. Tile-III” 9am Spin: I'i‘i 9am noon. Alumni Exhibition .\ltiii S I'll l‘) .\Iai'.

A display ol~ work by past students in interior design. graphics. furniture

design and photography. l’tu'l ol (ill/semi [999,

GLASGOW FILM THEATRE ('alic (‘osinix I2 Rose Street. 552 Sl2S. Climate Change l‘ntil \‘t'ed .‘il Mar. l‘red .\lac.\li|lan's photographs look at botlt the pity steal and social changing lace ol‘ (ilasgow. l’tu‘l l" (iltixeoii I999.

GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 25 King Street. 552 0704. .\Ion- Sat

lt).im 5 30pm.

Reflexology t'nitl Sal in Mar. lithographs by Robert l’atil exploring the conditions ol' i'el'lection. iel'lexiy ity and multiplicity.

AII Mod Cons l'ntil Sat 20 Mar. Sciceiiprints based on cyeryday' iniages iii the IQSIIs ttlltl I‘)()()s by Nelly llaxworth.

Orpheus' Little Journey t‘nul Sat in Mar. .‘ylonoprints based on the travels of Orpheus by .»\rgentinian artist. Ral \t‘l‘tmi.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Mackintosh Gallery. l()7 Renl‘rew Street. 353 4500. Mon—Thu 9.30aiii-—3.30pni: l-‘t‘i 9.30am—5ptn; Sat |()ain—noon.

Graphics Illustration Exhibition Until Thu ll Mar. (New/berry Gallery). A display of student work.

Brave New Worlds Until Sat t3 Mar. (Mackintosh Gallery). This exhibition explores the development ol‘ modernist architecture in Scotland and Hungary. featuring photographs. drawings and documents. Parr QfCi/(IS‘LHHL‘ I999.

Third Year At The Mac Thu t l —Wed 3) Mar. (Podium Gallery). A series of live exhibitions whereby work from each year by students at The Mackintosh School ol‘ Architecture will be displayed. This show looks at the work of 3rd year students. Fine Art Photography Exhibition 't‘tte l()--l:'ri 20 Mar. (Newberry Gallery). Student work.


3 Park Circus. 352 2555. Mon —'l‘hu l0am—8pm: l’i'i l0am—4pni: Sat

l0am— | pm.

Goethe In Sicily: Photo raphs By Christel Wollmann-Fied er t'ntil Sat 27 Mar. Photographs by Christel \Vollmattn- I'iL‘dICl' following the journey Goethe made to Italy over 200 years ago.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. University Ayeiiue. 350 5-130. Mott-Sat 9.30am ~5pni. Home to the university's collection ol' an and sculpture and at) oii-goittg programme ot temporary exhibitions. the lluntei'ian also features a recreation of (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh's (ilasgow house wlncli contains original ltii‘nisliings including a recent acquisition v- a chair designed by Mackintosh in l904.

Tools For The Shaman ()n permanent display in the rel'urbished Sculpture Courtyard. Jake Harvey shows monumental works carved from Irish basalt.

INTERMEDIA GALLERY IS King Street. 552 2540. 'l‘tie—-Sat


Losing It Tue 9 -Sat 27 Mar. Karen Batild. .lanie Nicholl and Nicola (‘oopei explore women's sell. consciousness ol identity through installation. painting attd photography.


2 Sinclair I)l'i\ e. 032 08. ll).

Landmarks Of Literacy: Glasgow's Carnegie Libraries tinnl I‘ll .‘si’i Am. An exhibition illustrating the diversity iii architectural l'orm ol' libraries built Ill ('ilas‘gow and the United States between Will ~ I9 I .5. l’tl/‘I of (il'tlyeiiit‘ I999.

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngay ie. 57S SSW.

Tue l-"ri l0am lpiit. 2 5pm; Sat ty Sun 2-5pnt.

The Seeing Eye l‘iitil Sat (i .\lai‘. An exhibition celebrating the lite and work ol photographer (ieorge ()Iiy er.

Bearsden Art Club Sat I5 .\Iat Sun J Apr Annual show ol‘ mixed media works. all tor sale b} members of the Bearstlen .'\tl ('ltib


200 Bath Street. .‘iSl 0722. Tue Sat 9ant-opm;'l‘hu llam Spm.

The Sacred Science llntil 't‘ltu -l xtat Mel/otints and etchings by Stuart l)ull’in. based on his experiences it) Jerusalem. Stranger Fruit Sat 0 Mar- 'I'hu o .\lay. Product Design degree students at Glasgow School of Art show innovative prototypes. models atid drawings.


7l Ilouldsworth Street. l‘inniestoit. 22] 4799. Wed- Sat 2- 0pm.

Whistling In The Dark t-‘u l2 Sat 2o Mar. The launch ol‘ Kab l)ot Publishing. a design. exhibition aitd publishing company set tip by Lyn i)rummond and Ian Bridges opeiiiitg with at) exhibition ol' nineteen silk screen enlargements ol‘ woodcuts by Margot Sandeman. which were part of a collaboration between Margot and Ian Hamilton liindlay. i


listings ART

iii LIST

The best exhibit fortnight '

l' I , . l Vertigo: The Strange New World Of The Contemporary City Is new architecture driven by speculators with an eye on a syn/tit buck or are today’s buildings Just plain weird? Ten of the world's tttost SlgllliICOHI t‘urrenl burltltno proyetts get surveyed. Part Of Glasgow l999. Glasgow The Old Fri/i’ttiiarls’e: Gallery until Sun 16 May. Frank Lloyd Wright And The Living City A giant of 20th (jenttiiy {iltlltit’a’ltittfi Wotan {tots the ‘retro titrattntltit' in inn l:-?..;;'k't)u_ste: of a

‘.Il(".‘. P

~t Gluttony lz‘d‘) Glasgow: A): Gal/1r; E/a’.‘ -’.i'lS('l/li‘7, stirringrove titifix 5:1". Air Hig Red Center Kittiiit’ii (jeers has i.‘XI)I()'.l€?-l .: '::t illill, R‘.‘iIlSCIllI(I has ‘1‘. nubile Pin?!th l/iesie attazl s anon Artists scream at (ITSSU'lilf‘iti -; rv Ell QCAS Civil Di<.'il:t-:l.t:t:<e .e-ast ~:i tjiasqov-x' CCA

{IIIFI’I Dir?!


iii ,'l)‘i> I)

2‘ 2" .“/l.).r

Donald Urquhart New work made

post a 19;: ti i trelatttl by the artist who

2 is '2-2.e.<,;;~.';i N: (.t‘iiititlt'ntly

mitt-titty. raw tat-i on the landscape

Fl; Gallery, Fr' 26

PH) ‘25.!) Kin-r

Dreamlands ‘y‘.’ .‘llit‘i‘. until? hint; women ' who

terrain Oi

>}.it‘i"!.t>ii: liiii'lit'lli‘i and teenage


l': ’.'.-.i “tits .ii‘ilSiS

f) rattan: Timur-1a; r;

:‘lllitil f:z.'.'/).‘)t/U;."t' Portfolio

tint-t '57 it 3/

Winning “.\.'.)l.tii‘lt?ll lli)‘.\.’ Mikes came

i the world's feet? Curious

art the act! ftl'Jlullllle) of S‘.‘."llil.’lllllg

titans" 'l‘... .hoiilri awe you

Start at Glasgow 1999.

" i'r " ' " ’w mes :intn’ Mon


‘3 At!


270 Sauchieliall Street. “I lS5-I.

.\lon I‘ll 9am 5pitt1Sat ltlant 5pm; Sun llaiit 5pm

Winning: The Design Of Sports lilllil \lc-ii 5 Apr An exhibition that looks at sport its a tlotitinait: intluence on popular culture and as a this ing loi'ce l'or desiin intioyation. I'l'tlll‘. the latest sporting LiL‘CL‘.\.\t)l'lc\' it) the (IC\L'IUPIIICIII UIi new itiatei‘tals. how has sports wear invaded the high stl'eet'.’ I’ll/‘1 of (i/ttyetni I999. MITCHELL LIBRARY .lantes Mott Hall. North Street. 305 2999. Mon 'l‘liti ‘ltiiit-b’pni: l-‘rt Sat 9am—5pm. Glasgow Women Artists l‘ntil Hi 3 Apr. (‘ontentporary art by established women artists including pottery. tapestry and sculpture.

Form And Fluidity Hi 5 "Wed 3) Mar. Artists books by students ITOIII the (ilasgow School ol‘ Art printmaking department. both past and present.

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