A 'collection of the hottest, catchiest songs from the Arab world', Came/spotting is cunnineg packaged to look like the Trainspotting poster. Full track listing was unconfirmed as The List went to press, but we're betting ’Hump Up The Volume’ and ’She Bangs The Dromedary’ are on there somewhere. Oh, and anyone giVing praise that they finally let Kevin McKidd on the posters should take a closer look. (Peter Ross) Came/spotting is out now on Ell/ll Classics.

Cameo Cinema 50th Birthday

Orson Welles strode up the aisle leaning on a cane. Quentin Tarantino enjoyed a pint in the bar. In its SO-year history, Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema has proved its about more than Just movres. The Tollcross picture house opened its doors on 7 March 1949 and, in the decades since, has gained a reputation for championing foreign and independent films. A celebratory programme of events includes a prevrew of Peter lvlullan’s directorial debut Orphans (Mon 8 Mar) and a matinee screening of Lawrence Of Arabia (Sun 7 Mar), one of the favourite films of the Cameo's former owner, Jim Poole, who died last year. (Alan Morrison) See film listings for details.

Julian Cope

He once told the world to shut its mouth, but now he’s preparing to talk the hind leg off a caveman at a spoken word event in Glasgow which is gorng to be as old skool as it gets. Julian Cope, the aCId-crazed frontman With The Teardrop Explodes turned standing-stoned writer, Will be discussing his current book, The Modern Antiquarian, a 438 page travel guide to Neolithic sites.

What can people expect from the show?

It's me on a podium, talking for about an hour and a half. I’ll be looking fairly rock, throwing in some poetry, Visuals and cosmic backing.

What's so great about the Neolithic era?

They were so upstanding and self aware. I dress in glamorous clothes when I do the talk because I’m introducrng the first glam rockers. In 1995, I started wearing this pOinty hat Just like a Neolithic one that had been discovered. They reckoned it was a symbol of power.

Are you still involved in making music?

Just about, yeah. l am a rock ’n’ roller, but I’m rocking and rolling in different areas. My group, Queen Elizabeth, are gOing to be playing a four hour show in three halls of the South Bank Centre simultaneously. It’s ambient music, very cosmic and ritually, but it ain’t setting the charts on fire. (Peter Ross)

Julian Cope is at The Arches, Glasgow, Tue 76 Mar. See Book events, page 98. The Modern Aiiti’quarian is published by Thorsons, priced £29. 99. Leper Skin An Introduction To Julian Cope is out now on ls/and.


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