ART listings


THE REYNOLDS GALLERY ()3 Dublin Street. 55'.‘ 0150. Tue» l‘i'i l0ant—5piit; Sat ltlaitt- opni.

Matthew Draper lititil Mon 33 Mar. Vibrant. soft-focused city scapes by this young artist. :\Iattlte\\ Draper.

RIAS GALLERY l5 Rtitlattd Square. 9am—5pm.

EEA Architectural Awards Exhibition Mon S -I"II l9 .\Iar. A display of this year's entries for tlte l".'\.'\ awards. for IttiiltlitI?‘ \yllIIili the Iitliiil‘tii'glt aica

3“) "5.15. .\Ion ~I'll


lityei'letth Ilotise. Inxei'leitlt Row. 553

7I7 l. Tue -Stiit 10.30am 3. 30pm. ('losed for i'efurbtsltmeitt. \ext show: Graham Fagen At The Botanics opeiiiitg Sat 30 Mar.

THE ROYAL EDINBURGH HOSPITAL The Link Gallery. .\Iot‘ntitgside Place. 33‘) 3555. For further infortttatioit call Aitltitk on 33‘) 3555.

Fusion l'ntil Sun 35 Apt. Paintings atttl ntultintedia artworks by patients at The Royal lidiiibtirglt llospttal

THE ROYAL INFIRMARY OE EDINBURGH Tlte Pelican Gallery. I I .ttii'tston Place. 33‘) 3555. lot llllIIlc'l tittortttattoit call Ai'tlink on 33‘) 3555.

Contemporary Scottish Textiles t'ntil Sttit 35 Apr ('onteittpot'ai'y textiles ranging front wall hangings to small tapestries. leattii'tttg \yoiks its I.I/ Walker. Alisoit Bi'ottglt. .lennitct‘ l’ttts and l.otitse Martin.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallet'y. lllll Princes Street. 335 l50l. l)aily Illani (tpiit.

Out Of The Blue l'ntil I'll 1‘) .\lat‘. Paintings by (‘ltitstopltei (ill\.lll- ('ai'tyyt‘igltt. \yinnet ol the I‘l‘l“ Royal ()‘.t‘l'


The RSA Galleries, The Mound, Edinburgh

6 ~17 March

Painting, sculpture, printmaking and architecture are exhibited by final year and post-graduate students from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Duncan of lordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art as well as the architecture departments of the Scottish UltiVGfSIIIGS.

Open 11am-5pm daily, 2-5pm Saturday 6th and Sundays 7th and 14th March

Admission free

80 THE lIST r1 IR tilat 109’s)

Seas league Annual ()pen Tray el Scholarship to India and Nepal. ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 335 (\(37I. .\loit Sat l0aitt-5pnt1Stiit2 5pm.

The RSA Students' Exhibition Sal

(s Wed l7 Mar. Annual students' exhibition cotitprising painting. printmaking. sculpture and architecture front ftiial year and post-graduate students front all of Scotland's colleges of art and departments of architecture.


lo l)tiitdas Street. 55S l300. Mott I‘II l0.itit-(ipitt: Sat Illaitt ~1pitt.

Ann Oram Mon b Mar \Vetl 3' -\pi'. New paintings.

Scottish Printed Textiles Mon .s

Mar Wed 7 Apr. Printed textiles by a selection of Scottish artists leattiting work by Jane ls'ettlt. Saralt KL‘IIII. .lati .\lilne attd l‘rattces‘ Stet eitsott.

Timepieces .\Ion S .\Iai' \Vcd " Apr. A group show of clocks. watches atid

jewellery by Anne I’iitlay. Marianne

Forrest. Roger \lillat' and Sam Wade. STILLS 33 (‘t‘cklttii'it Street. 033 0300 Tue Sat l0aitt (tpttt.

The Queen Is Dead I'I'I 5 Mai Sat :4 Apr. Toby Webster fioitt the Modern Institute tit (ilasgoyy ctii‘ates this group show bringing together artists from Australia and Scotland \\'itlt work by Australian attists Kale ieyiion. l)anttis ls'esiiiitias. (’allttiit \loiton and llany .-\t'tit;tittotts. the shew also features pieces by Scotlaitd‘based aitists \Iatttn Boyce. .littt lantbie. \"ictoria \loitoii. .\Iary Redtttond and (Ittlty \\‘tl' See also (‘ollectiyc (iallery and ’l‘t'aitsztttssion (iallery. See preview


I'iiiyerstty of lidittburglt. South Bridge. (‘50 331 l. 'I‘ue Sal Illant 5pm. Michelangelo lit 5 Star Sat to -\pt. Photographs by Aurelio Antentlola takeit of the sculptures by Michelangelo tn tlte (appella Medicea iii I'lorettce.

New To The University Sat (s .\tat Sat to Apr. A display of tlte I'niyet'sity 's new acquisition of 30th century Scottish paintings.


3o l)tindas Street. 550 (t3oo. .\Ioit~l"ri llatit opttt; Sat [0.30am 4pm.

Laura Harrison t'nul Sat o Star. Recent portrait paintings iit oils.

Celebrating Our First Anniversary Sat l3 .\Iai' Sat 3 Apt. The gallery celebrates its first birthday iit its new space with a mixed tttedia show featuring work by met

50 gallery artists.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Edinburgh Life, page 83.


l-12 (‘anoitgate 53‘) s1l~13. .\lt"|l Sat 10am 5pm. I‘lc'c‘

Bolti Tasveerein - Talking Pictures l'ntil Sat I May. A photography exlttbition looking at the culture aitd lifestyle of South Asian women tit Iidiitltiit‘glt. MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 13 High Street. 53‘) 1H3 .\lon Sat

l0ant 5pm. I-t'ee.

Seen But Not Heard: The Lives Of Victorian Children t‘nttl Sat 24 .-\pt'. An exhibition examining all aspects of life during Victorian times ltoiti schooling attd working children to eitlei'latitnienl and family Illc'.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'cyyltateit Ilai‘botti. 55! s1ltt5. .\loit Sat itooii 5pm. I't'ee.

Photographic Memories t'nul IIIlI 3o Sep. Photographs by Hill aitd Adaiitsott. taken iii the l.\'~1lls and contemporary portraits by .\ltles 'l‘ttblt. linking past and present generations in Newltayett.


Royal Mile. 556 1096. Daily 9.30ain—-1.30pm. £5.30 (£2.60): fantin ticket £l3.

Winter Exhibition: Queen Victoria's Family LIIIIII Wed 3l Mar. An exhibition bringing together drawings attd watercolours portraying Queen Victoria. her husband Prince Albert and members of their family. In addition. there will be a group of watercolours devoted specifically to Scotland.


3 Cltaitibers Street. 347 ~13I9. Mott—Sat l0ant—~5pni thttt Tue); Sittt noon—5pm. £3 H; | .50); children under IS free.

Danish Tapestry Until Stilt 3| .‘ylar. large-scale tapestries by Denmark's leading textile artists. demonstrating the technical aitd artistic range of the medium. Chinese Lacquer Until Sun 28 Mar. A display ofCliinese lacquerware. the earliest of \\ lticli is ntore than 3000 years old.


I.ady Stair's Close. 539-190l. Mon—Sat l0ain 5pm. free.

Naomi Mitchison lfittil Sat 37 Mar. A celebratory exltibition tilt the life attd literary acltieyements of the late writer. Naomi .‘ylitchison.



Batltgate Sports Centre

Balbat'die Park Of Peace. 0l50(t b.3450 l. l)atly 9am -l0pnt.

A Word In Westways t‘ntil Tue :3 Mar. The results of a four ittoittlt art project exaitttiting \Vest l.otltian's cultural life from the perspective of its young people. \\ itlt artists |.is.i I‘Ic'lillllg and Kerry Reid producing photographic ttttages.



l0 (ilasgow \'eiinel.lll3‘)~1375059.

.\lon Sat l0ani 5pm tclosed \Ved ck I‘i'it. Kathe Kollwitz and Teresa Lakey Sat o .\Iar~Stin J Apr. An exltibition of soitte of the best graphic works by Gertttan artist ls'atlie Kolly it/. conipleittented by sculpture by Il'\ the artist Teresa l.akey.

St Andrews


‘13 North Street. 0| 33-1 47-16 It). Mott—Sat want-Spin: Sun 3—~5pnt.

Raku Ceramics Until Sun 7 Mar. A display of raku eeratttics tttade by pottei's in east and west Scotland and the north of Iiitglaitd.

John McLean Paintings 8t Works On Paper L'tttil Stilt 7 Mar. A group of major canvases frotti the 90s with a contextual group of works on paper by the celebrated Scottish abstract painter.

Thomas Lochhead Fri l3 .‘slat'-—Sittt 35 Apr, (‘eratttics by Thomas l.ocltltead. one of Scotland‘s pioneers iii the field of studio ceramics.

Wood Fri l3 .\lai‘--Stiit 35 Apr. Scottish and Welsh wood pieces by .\like (‘andlislt Louise Hibbet't attd .\Iike Scott.

Off The Floor: Scottish Rugs Old And New liri 13 Mar—Sun 35 Apr. A look at Scottish rug making frottt the history of the craft yy itlt traditional examples drawn front tttuseunt collections to contemporary pieces.

Craft Exhibition I‘i'i l3 .\Iar-~Suit 35 Apr. (‘onteitipoi'ai'y' crafts.


lecures & events


Dragons And Uniforms At The Burrell Tue 9 Mar. l0.30aitt. l‘i'ee. Burrell ('ttllt‘c‘lton. 3(l(t() I’tilltikslttms I(ttittl.(t-1‘) 7I5 I. A tltcitted tour with Margaret Anderson.

Donald Urquhart 'I‘lttt II .\Iat'. 0.30pm. I‘ly. I'i'tltiltart talks about ltts new work from Iceland. currently oit show at the gallery.

Krzysztof Wodiczko and Charles Jencks Fri 12 Mar. 1 Iain. Free. Glasgow Film Theatre. World fantous practitioners Kt7.ys7.tof Wodiczko and Charles Jencks talk about art. architecture arid public space. Purl rr/‘(ilrrxgriii' I999.

History Of Scottish Firearms Wed I7 Mar. l2.30pm. £4 includes lunch. Pollok House. Pollok Country Park. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. olo (i-1l0. John Batty discusses the history of Scottish firearms. Degas In The Burrell Collection Wed I7 Mar. 5.45pm. Free. Hunterian Art Gallery. University of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5-13 I. .A talk giveit by Vivien Hamilton. Glasgow Museums.

Interfaces Connecting The Real And The Virtual World Wed l7 Mar. 7.30pm. Free. Goethe Institut. Monika l‘lc‘iSCIIIIIuIIII. research artist and ltead of Media Art Research Studies at the German National Researclt Centre for Information Tecltnology gives a talk on art. computer science arid media tecltnology.


Manifesto Guided Architecture Tour: Robert Adam's Edinburgh Every Tuesday and Thursday. I latit. £5. Meet at the front door Of National Gallery Of Scotland. The Mound. Booking essential. call Manifesto on 332 0829. To coincide with the Robert Atlurii exhibition currently oit show at the National Gallery of Scotlattd. this walkittg tour of architect Robert Adam's Edinburgh reveals the full impact on Scotland's capital and offers many insights into his work.

; Manifesto Architecture Debates Mon 8

debates continue with Herr/tree H(’(ll'(’ll ()r

Mar. (t.30pitt. Monboddo. Bread Street. For further details call 333 083‘). The

Future Hell." which looks at tradition and modernity.

International Women’s Day Mon 8 Mar. 8pm. Collective Gallery. As part of the lingendei' Dialogues season. artists Jane Bi‘ettle. Rose Frain. Clara Lli'sitti aitd

, Saralt .‘yluitt'o will give a brief slide talk on

tlte work of previous artists shown at the gallery.

Don Juan And The Commander Mon 8 Mar. l3.~15- l .ISpnt. National Gallery of Modern Art. Michael Cassin. Head of liducation at the National Galleries talks about Charles Ricketts‘ work. Introduction To Archibald Skirving

' Wed l0 Mar. l2.-15—l.l5pnt. National

Portrait Gallery. Assistant Keeper at the National Portrait Gallery Stephen Lloyd provides an insigltt into Scottish artist Archibald Sk‘ii‘ving.

Public Art In Edinburgh Wed l0 Mar.

l2.30pm. Free. Hittitly House. Jane Warrilow. Assistant Keeper. Touring

Exhibitions. talks about several of the City 1 of Edinburgh's recent projects.

' Parliamentary Questions Thu II Mar.

b.30pitt. £2. Royal Museum of Scotland.

' Tltursday evening lecture with speakers

linric Miralles y Moy'a.

: The Trinity Altarpiece Fri l2 .‘ylar.

l2.-15— l . l 5pm. National Gallery of

Scotland. Colitt Bailey discusses Hugo van det‘ Goes' painting. , Robert Adam Study Day Sat 13 Mar.

l()aitt-—3pttt. £l0 (£5) front the gallery 's sltop. National Gallery of Scotland. A study day to contpleittent the exhibition iit which various aspects of Robert Adams work will be discussed by Professor Tait

and other distinguished Adant scholars.

Manifesto Architecture Debates Mon 15 Mar. b.30pttt. Monboddo Bread Street. For furtlter details call 333 083‘). This

\\ cek's‘ debate looks at Ill/[U ('it\' Art lir'lt't‘l -- [am ()I' (it/[II ’.

Avigdor Arikha In Conversation Mon l5 Mar. l2.-15—l.l5pin. National Gallery of Modern Art. Duncan Thomas talks to Israeli artist Avigdor Ariklta. currently

exltibitiitg at the gallery. - The Byres Family Wed I7 Mar.

l3.-15-~ l . ISpm. National Pottrait Gallery. I‘lllgll Belsey. curator at Gainsborotiglt's llouse gives a talk on Francis/ck Sinttglevicz. Gilles Clement Tltu IS Mar. 7pm. lidinbui'gh College ol Art. The world- renowned landscape architect Gilles (‘lentent delivers the ititttli attnual David Skinner Memorial Lecture. talking otit his vision of gardens of the future.