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Gilbert & George

Danrel Farson dred at hrs desk In November 1997 wrth the manuscript of hrs brography of enrgmatrc Brrtrsh artists, Grlbert and George, In front of hrm. A Portrait retraces therr ascent from first meetrng to their Current status as the (:reeprest duo In the art world. The parr, best known for therr ’Naked Shut PrCtures’, see themselves as East End 'Irvrng sculptures. We reckon It's more Irke Morecambe and Wrse meetrng Andy Warhol down the Lamb & Flags

(Brran Donaldson)

Gilbert 8r George: A Portrait is published by HanoerCo/llns', Mon 75 Mar, [7999.

Starsky & Hutch

Car keys and CIUICh. Starkers and crutch. We all had hrlarrous nicknames for the dynamic duo who (alongsrde Huggy Bear, the wah wah theme tune, and therr red Ford Torrno) gave 703 telly much of Its flarr. Now, srx classic eprsodes' are available on vrdeo to remrnd you of the days when the only coo! way to get Into a car was through the wrndow. (Brran Donaldson)

Starsky <9 HutCh volumes l~~3 are available from Mon 75 Mar, [70 99 earl).

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