V I saw you Mr ChiIIi fingers. shen will you visit my nether regions again? London seems so far and I miss you mucho too! Looking forward to our new start. Monkey girl. Box No U/354/I.

V I saw you Rosie Red. you looking dizzy and confused. me utterly stupefied. are you a fall- en angel. See you around in the City Cafe. Box No 354/l A.

V I saw you Billy from Pollockshields or Shawa. i can't remember. met you fill] Feb in Edinburgh after rugby. I know I was a bitch btit. I'd like to see you again. Box No U/354/2.

V I saw you Indian princess. everytime I close my eyes. miss your everything. Counting the days. Love you. RW. U/354/3. V I saw you at GFVW Sci'eeiiworks launch. l I/2/99. You: blonde hair and white v- neck jumper. Me: thought you looked fabulous. let me pay yu a bigger compliment in person. Box No U/354/4.

V I saw you in The Traverse. I am your Adam and you are my Eve. Would you like to taste my forbidden fruit - Sauza and orange?

V I saw you Paul. all in black at GFT and you wrote to me I‘m just back from a week in sunnier climes so the ‘date' of Wed 3 Feb at GFT was missed. I'm back now so please write again. perhaps ptit your tel. no. or else another date a bit later in Feb. early March? Go on be a devil. Box No U/354/5. V I saw you blonde with cap. giving away balloons outside the BT shop. I look a bunch to brighten our stall please brighten my day again. Box No U/35-I/(i. V I saw you M Kevin. Portobello. always in basement. Don't let the guy who ripped you off over Xmas/New Year spoil my chance of getting close to you. I think I love you! Box No U/35-I/7. V I saw you Jim there were so many things I wanted to say btit couldn't get the words out. you're a very special guy and I will always be there for you. Miss you. M. Box No LIBS-U8. V I saw you wee T part of Team Honda in the car park. mail me and lets go for a spin. Box No U/35-I/9. V I saw you helping your mate choose spectacles in Glasgow opticiaiis. You: small. cropped hair. beard. black jumper. Me: guy seated who tried not to stare. Fancy a pint? Box No U/35-I/l0. V I saw you get on same bus. Jamaica St. l7:|(). l2/2/99. you long. black hair. brown eyes. 'black jacket. grey trousers. scuffed shoes. silver rings under black gloves. you alighted at Albert Drive. Box No L'/35-I/l I.

| V I saw you RCP Sauna. I8 Feb 99. I lost more fluid than

Me. goatee. dark hair and tat- toos. I’d like a longer repeat performance. Box No U/354/l2. V I saw you Me. electric blue eyes. you. well formed. What you ask is true. but who are you? Please leave a clue. Box No U/354/l2.

V I saw you WPC who? Sunday. 21/2 in Candlemaker’s Row. You asked me about the present I’d bought for my flat- mate and said I was ‘a very nice man‘. I wanted to tell you that you were the most beautiful police officer I'd ever seen. but I couldn't. Do I get a second chance? Box No U/354/I3.

V I saw you Lorraine. aerobi- cizing to Radio Scotland of a morning. Well. ok. I haven‘t yet. btit I can still dream (night- mare??). N. Box No U/354/l4. V I saw you Mr Fruit Corner on the leopard skin in Planet Out on Tue 16/2/99. you were talking about fishheads and the. ‘The Unbearable Shortness of Being‘. I was grolshed out by you style. Dinner at my place then? Box No U/354/I5.

V I saw you at Toast demolish- ing and all day brekkie with a Brad Pitt look alike. You're blonde with gorgeous blue eyes (contacts?) I was Brad. Thanks for listening. Box No U/354/l6. V I saw you at Leith. CC meet- ing at JR (last spoke in I987. I was with three other women). Do you remember? Box No U/354/I7.

V I saw you Caledoniaii Union. St before Valentine's Day. You with great smile and sisters left you at Cathouse. I know you’ve got a kid and a great sense of humour. I‘d love to get drunk with you again and perhaps buy you back some cig- arettes. Box No U/354/l8.

V I saw you Kate Mack. PE student of the University of Edinburgh. ever so fleetineg at the Kingfisher some Saturdays back. I felt a rare an special vibe from you. dazzling Scottish babe. Let's go for a coffee to confirm it was not all a dream. Check you e-mail once. Box No U/354/l9.

V I saw you in Henderson's. long skirt and no panties. rhaar! See you in the toilets next time for some meat loaf. Box No U/354/20.

V I saw you iii the Traverse on Friday l9 Feb. You. long black coat and blonde hair sitting against the back wall looking bored with a guy wearing a Christmas jumper and brogues. Me. opposite. black suit. black shirt. black tie. Our eyes crossed once or twice . . . interested? Box No U/354/2l.

V I saw you in Bennetts with your blue eyes. tantalising laugh and stunning nails. I want to hold you all night. Save a space for me (and my ketchup covered hot dogs) in your heart? Box No U/354/22.

V I saw you tending the deaf arid dizzy. Real blonde hair. blue eyes - do you really own bot- tomless black leathers? You intrigue me. Box No U/354/23.

sweat. alone Ithought ‘I'd died‘.

V I saw you Pauline. Valentines Day. Safeway (Paisley). Blink and I‘m in the playground play- ing kiss. cuddle or torture. Wanted to say hello. just too damn shy. Bruises from kicking myself Paul. Box No U/354/24. V I saw you mansions. Monday 22 Feb. You. blonde. long coat. alone? . . . Me. blonde. long face. alone. Your cool composure put me off my writing and all I penned was this. Can we talk? Box No U/354/25.

V I saw you Flat hunting in Livingstone place. 2I Feb. wear- ing orange jacket and a magic smile. me in blue jacket and dark hair. You stole the last schedule after we arrived at the door together! How about we pool resources and buy a palace? Box No U/354/26.

V I saw you the goat god from Dingwall. you can climb any mountain with me. See you at art college. Box No U/354/27.

V I saw you appropriately enough. on your throne. in a back corner of Bannerinans with two friends. Sat 20/2/99. You‘re the very attractive young woman with long dark hair. I’m the man facing you at the next table. lost for words and dis- tracted by the noise. I‘m not always so shy! Want to go for a (quiet!) drink and Iiiid out what would have happened? Box No U/35-I/28.



V I saw you the goat from Dingwall. you can climb any mountain with me. See you at art college. Box No U/3S-l/29. V I saw you tall. blond mem- ber of the fairer sex. on the 13m Feb in the Forrest Rd Shelter shop. I sold you a rug. fancy a cuddle on it sometime? Box No U/35-I/30.

V I saw you in Safeway. Byres Rd. wet Saturday. You - tall. blonde and beautiful Star girl. btit sad. Me - Earth boy. can we be friends?

V I saw you K

C. you've noticed me around. Thanks for the Valentine cards. I‘m intrigued. Here's the reply you requested. Contact R. Box No U/354/32.

V I saw you in Clinton Cards. St James. You very green eyes and cute smile. I want you more! Let‘s eat M&Ms together. Please reply. Box No L’l35-I/33. V I saw you Finger Doctor. widen horizons. cross over boundaries and allay my fears. You stole my cherry. even at such an inflated price. Your background credit is good. so I‘ll let you pay it off interest- fi'ee perhaps for the rest of your life! Fantastic! Baby/Z. Box No U/35-I/3-I.

V I saw you in Aiiibersand. Victoria Street and knew I had to have you. Your commanding voice. ‘There‘s more upstairs'. set a tingle down my spine and a fire down-tinder. Box No U/354/35.

V I saw you why haven't you seen me? Have you gone to London? I liked your dark fringed hair. exsentuated beauty. You're c crazy but. I like it! Please stay Pixie . . . Box No U/354/36.

V I saw you in my future. If I had time with you again. Gunther. I would seize every minute. look at it. really see it. live it and never give it back. Nanny. Box No U/35-l/37.

V I saw you blue-coated. blue- eyed babe on l9/2. You were with a blond girl. hope it's not true. Next time. you're at the Polo Lounge can I buy you an Irn Bru‘.’ Box No U/354/38.

V I saw you HMV. Saucliiehall Street. I bought George Formby CD. you served me and we talked. you're hair. eyes and teeth. what can I say. My ukelele awaits. Box No U/3S4/39.

V I saw you in Gran Canaria iii October. btit haven‘t seen you since. I‘m having a party in my new flat very soon so give me a call. Love I). Box No U/354/40. V I saw you at Corrs concert. Jim CUIT wants his necklace back. How many times do you have to be told womaii!!!!! Box No U/35-I/Jl.

V I saw you James in C(‘s. I had my III.\ on. we agreed to meet at Planet ()ut why didn‘t you turn up? Get in touch. Nick. Box No [7354/42.

V I saw you queuing outside the Dome. 6 Feb. thought I could walk right in. You laughed.s asked if I had a Glasgow accent. I saw you inside at the bar eye contact lets meet tip. Box No [IBM/43.

V I saw you Kevin regular in Basement. You are so gorgeous I'm scared to talk to you. Three

' bulcli angels Ialoo'd on arm.

Please get in touch. I‘m the blonde muscle guy. Box No [,1/35-1/44.

V I saw you Mr Post Box Man. do call me btit second name is other spelling. Clarence. Box No U/354/4o.


V I saw you Stevie. building 22/2/99. looking tanned and toned. complaining about tele- phone bills. Me. black speedos and speechless! We exchanged looks like to exchange more? Box No U/354/47.

V I saw you in.

BD2I4. 25/2/99. East Midlands. You. in. cabin crew impressed by your side burns. Sadly you served economy. Me blonde. in. iii business class. but we managed to exchange glances. Let's meet for coffee on your next stop over. Box No U/354/48.

V I saw you you little Minta Martini girl. I like mine shaken not stirred. Can I have a blast on your Bifta? Box No U/354/49. V I saw you Gary. but you weren‘t at the party on Friday l2. Please tell me you weren’t with your girlfriend like I was told you know how I feel. Box No U/35-I/50.

V I saw you on the deck at Cafe Aquarius. I loved your hairstyle and your music! Call me and we can do 'That Thing' (doo wap)?! Box No U/354/5I. V I saw you in our living

mm 1. You're always getting up late. zlow about a date? Castrate the cows. Mr Sandiman. Box No U/35-I/52.

V I saw you Alisdair with your smiley eyes and your charming ways. We love you and you have too many women but . . . Box No U/35-1/53.

V I saw you foxy red head. hooded T-shirt. moon boots. know you want it! Cul De Sac bar. Friday l2 Feb. Box No li/35-I/54.

V I saw you l).l.. ()rkney chef - so are you back in Athole GArdens or what? Box No U/35-I/55.

V I saw you Spanish star. named Lourdes. complete black angel. Me. Marc. waiting for a sign. Box No U/35-I/56.

V I saw you my red-eyed boy with the tie scruffy boy? Fancy meeting for a cupar??! Where's

java gone'.’ Box No U/354/57.


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