V I saw you black bobbed beauty. legs akimbo. Meet you in the delivery room. nine months time. Dr Snide Ride. Box No U/354/58.

V I saw you and the atmos- phere was electric! l was hig ftving myself all night. many thanks. Box No U/354/59.

V I saw you and you told tne that the Alligator is your friend. he likes to keep fit. The Alligator is your friend. build a bridge and get over it. Many thanks. Box No U/354/60.

V I saw you Achirn - Strathclyde Uni. German stu- dent. at The Arches Love Boutique. Talked of Sub Club. Box No U/354/6l.

V I saw you sitting on the bon- net of your beetle outside the Chipboat. Fancy sotne filthy pil- low talk again . . ? Box No U/354/62.

V I saw you I noticed you around. I find you very attrac- tive. Would you Sauza with me?

V I saw you Tron Theatre restaurant. You small orange skinned and being very petty and unprofessional towards your staff. Me tall. normal looking man who won’t be back. (Is it Peter???) Box No U/354/63.

V I saw you standing in the windows in Fraser. l think you are wonderful with your blond hair and blue eyes. I have fallen in love with you. x. Box No U/354/o4.

V I saw you shivering to death in the Tron bar. Maybe they should fix the heating for us? Box No U/354/(i5.

V I saw you Michelle at the Tron. I‘ve got tnore ice cream. want soe? Can I get you a spoon or do you want a straw? Me -< mmm. Box No U/354/bo.

V I saw you you looked at me. I looked at you. you smiled at me. I smiled at you. lsaac at RS McCoIl. Call me for wild ram- pant sex ~ you know who l am. Box No U/354/67.

V I saw you David

poptastic Valentines night. Eventually you took a number alas t‘weren‘t my seven digits! You cool marble-esque and masculaine like Michealangelo‘s not the bar- tnan! Me Stephen ‘of the stairs'. Let‘s be straight with each other! Worldwide millenni- aI sunsets await us! Box No U/354/68.

V I saw you blondie from the Sub Club! Ditch the guy with the beard and tneet me outside ofAlldays as usual! I'll take you to NYC instead! Box No U/3S4/69.

V I saw you with your flowing blonde hair and cute. cute arse ~ oh Lisa McR. be mine tonight! Box No U/354/7l).

V I saw you boy with the Magic Roundabout name. Let me tell you. your sexy looks are wasted on the radio! Why don‘t you put in an appearance with me in the studio? Box No U/354/7 l. V I saw you beautiful girl in The Glass Menagerie! ‘Somebody ought to kiss you‘. so why don't you let me be your ‘gentleman caller'? Box No U/354/72.

V I saw you at the Phoenix. Brown hair. blue eyes and a body to melt my ice cream. Can l be your 99. Mr Licky. stop me and buy one. Box No U/354f73. V I saw you in the Fmiunarket & Firkin. You had to get a punty to teach the GoldSchlager. Jabba springs to mind. Any chance of ing a pizza of 4. Box No U/354/74. V I saw you with your face in the gutter outside NDA. Liked the way your arse looked at 3am. Sat 13 Feb. Call tne! Box No U/354/75.

V I saw you King Tut‘s. Yang. Attic (in that order). Your my Rae. I'll be your Christian. A fan. Croucher. x. Box No U/354/76.

V I saw you goth behind the Chip bar. Sister of mercy . . . I want to tie you up and gag you! Don‘t make tne wish impossible things. Love Andy Ding—a-ling. Box No U/354/77.

V I saw you little London baby. so earl} m the morning. ail p iff. and fresh. I hope I see

you ' - "3 morning to come. Box -.‘\ 1/78.

V I sat ~ \ Sam spam. I wish l could u more. You are my bt-s :nd. Lesley. Box No LN?»

V I saw you Meline Sykes lookalike. Gorgeous accent and up for fruity t'rolicks. Me: Levi's ad muppet who gets funky to stay press fashion. Why not crumble my creases! Box No U/354/80.

V I saw you agro 80s wannabe. Your binliner girlfriend‘s had enough rubbish. Ooh her hair is beautiful. blondies should have more fun. Woah. I‘m living on a prayer and I‘m half way there. Box No U/354/81.

V I saw you in Cloisters bar at 4pm the day Ireland played Wales. We looked at each other and knew the story w complete the book! Box No U/354/82.

V I saw you buxom barmaid in Drouthy Neebors on H Feb. I was stunned by the good head

. you poured. Let me return the

pleasure. I‘m the horney devil with the eye patch. Box No U/354/83.

V I saw you my Italian princess Grace at Scott's Deli. I like the way you forcefully dealt with the salami. You can warm my baps anytime. baby. Box No U/354/84.

V I saw you guapo hombre. Ollie. Rings can fit any finger. so come pick wild flowers with me. your Polish friend. Box No U/354/8S.

V I saw you in the Cul De Sac restaurant. You always wear Diesel. Well. fire up your engines love god. cos next time I see you you‘ll get more than a big tip! Love table 7. Box No U/354/86.

V I saw you sexy. shave. Kappa jacket. nose ring. drink- ing Miller. Happy now you saw me. Box No U/354/87.

V I saw you having lunch in the Cul De Sac on Tuesday you with red bunches. me with messy dark hair. We sat opposite each other. and opposites attract . . . Box No U/354/88.

V I saw you legs (and your lungs). Let‘s meet for a private concert. I have my own key- board Anselrne. Box No U/354/89.

V I saw you tall waiter at the Tron! l was all in black. you were showing your toes. Perhaps you remember giving me . . . my wine? Box No U/354/90.

V I saw you in Yang. every Thursday Mr DJ! I thought I knew you. but what I didn't know was that your tufty dark hair ‘makes me ha . . .‘ppy!! Box No U/354/9l.

V I saw you startled as you awoke next to tne. You were sober and surprised. forgetting the night before! Hope we can be joined together again soon Jon & Gavin. Box No U/354/92. V I saw you Sobers. holding hands with someone else. Have you been won over by Adolf‘s sweeping side parting and leather pants? Chips and carrots.

Box ND U/S'}. W3.


V I saw you l2.30am to you seems early. to me seems late. For you no hate. Malcy Lea you love me! Do I love you? Yes I do! Box No U/354/94.

V I saw you rolling up cutlery napkins Cul De Sac boy. Me with chums by window. you with your bottle of Jif. See ya! Box No U/354/95.

V I saw you l8 Feb. l().30pm. well built. hunky looking Scotsman in the Bar Kohl. I liked your tattoos. Let me buy you a funky Kohl medina pitch- er. Box No U/354/96.

V I saw you Tarantino looka- like in Bar Kohl (Sat 20)drinking a mission impossible. I hope that my mission to meet you is not impossible. Box No U/354/97. V I saw you but was too shy and drunk to talk to you - you looked like Tarantino you‘re no reservoir dog. I‘d like to be ‘stuck in the middle with you” llptn. l5 Feb. Box No U/354/98.

V I saw you last night (a while ago). You were not foreign. nei- ther was I. You wear your hood well. Janie! Kiss kiss bang bang. Box No U/354/99.

V I saw you at substance 6/2/99. You kept on stealing my glasses. I only take my glasses off in bed. Can you help? Box No U/354/IOO.

V I saw you tits oot Tracy. walking in that teletubbie way! Let's meet for a wee shagette. love sheep. Box No U/354/lOl.

V I saw you little sheep. walk- ing down Easter Road. dark curls lilting in the breeze. Box No U/354/l02.

V I saw you working in Bar Sirius (Fri 12). Your red hair shone like a beam in the mist. Please please contact me. I really want to see you! Box No U/354/IO3.

V I saw you in Sirius behind the bar (Sun 7). Your tight ass and distinguished features droVe me wild. I’m sure I could see your nipple pierced. Would like to meet you. Box No U/354/IO4. V I saw you in your green ‘rep' mobile. power suit includ- ed. Is your name Emma? Box No U/354/IOS.

V I saw you Rik. you looked so sexy with your blue hair. I just can't wait for you to turn me red! Box No U/354/106.

V I saw you Edwyn. in the Tara pub in Amsterdam. You with your Scottish kilt and English accent. Me. Catherine with my nice trainers. Get in touch!! Box No U/354/IO7.

V I saw you veggie boy on Great Western Road. Leave the fruits and join my roots fancy some Borschtsh? Zarah. Box No U/354/l08.

V I saw you in the OFT on Wednesday 10-02. I couldn‘t get my eyes off you; can you tell me the end of the film? xxx a girl in the dark . . . Box No U/354/109.

V I saw you Becky. big Aussie bird. blue Mondeo. motorway bound. l30mph: Racy kid. Box No U/354/l l().

V I saw you Derek. 21-year- old Canadian from London. I‘m the little girl with the bizarre hairdo you met at Edinburgh‘s hogmanay really drunk. Sorry. Please get in touch. Annie. xxx. Box No U/354/l l l.

V I saw you lan shared a passionate kiss. then lost you in the crowd. Remember my ruby red lips and curly side-burns? Baby babs would love to see you again. Box No U/354/l 12. V I saw you sexy architeCt. The Scotsman? Why you look more ltaliano! We‘ve got designs on you Guido. why not check out our French curves! Box No U/354/l 13.

V I saw you ()07 James Bond. 19/2/99. Love ()ctopussy. Box No U/354/l 1-1.

V I saw you R.l... l‘ve noticed you around. I find you very attractive. C. x. Coffee? Mmm (nice). Box No U/354/l IS.

V I saw you DJing Saturday night. Cul De Sac. Your glasses. my eyes. one day we will share another shepards pie. Box No U/354/l 16.

V I saw you the day after you saw me under the spotlights. Spent time together chilling. Pleasure was all . . . mine! Box No U/354/l 17.

V I saw you at the Vic on Thursday and thought you were the viking godess I‘ve always dreamt of. The subservient sweed. Box No U/354/l l8.

V I saw you Wed l7 Feb in Jinty McGinty‘s you had long blonde hair. beautiful green eyes. Like to meet for a drink? Box No U/354/I l9.

V I saw you in Borders. blond Adonis.Me in black mini. you in my drems. Fancy a kiss? Box No U/354/l20.

V I saw you Ross. in the Cul De Sac. You said you were a photogra- pher. but I knew you were THE FANG. Us earth chicks dream in the night of you. Box No U/354/l21. V I saw you bar boy. definitely in control of Cul De Sac. You short changed my flatmate let‘s have a drink on your prof- its. Box No U/354/l22.

V I saw you ‘Do you mind ifl sit here"? I asked him. his name was Jim. I had to warm him. Now he's warmed he's hot to trot to the relentless beat of house music. Box No U/354/123.

V I saw you sitting there. You spoke whilst all listened. You came in at night and changed our lives forever. Box No U/354/l24.

V I saw you standing beneath the Arches. Fluorescent lights lit your hair. You said ‘lt’s great in here‘. I said ‘I know. I'm there’. Box No U/354/l25.

V I saw you in a cheap g-string and a mushroom hat in Iguana. That hippy thing really got me going baby. You know who I am hun! Box No U/354/126.

V I saw you in Iguana. You had plump cheeks and a loud voice. I think your friends called you Rudi. Need a sugar daddy. Box No U/354/IZ7.

V I saw you Tall boy (a‘ con~ coct-a—cocktail I999. You‘ve got me blushin' - Black Russian! I'm totally hung over you. babe. Box No U/354/l28.

V I saw you Cheryl. the morn-

ing after the night before . . . If

only. Captain handy. Box No U/354/l 29.

V I saw you on Fri 12th in your mother‘s tummy. Love you. see you in August. Box No U/354/l 30.

V I saw you Gothic white! Morris Minor owner. long black hair. gorgeous petite features. you parked outside the Tron Bar. l9/2/99 with a bit of difficulty. I would low to meet up with you. Box No U/354/131.

V I saw you Air ()rganic. tall. dark. beautiful girl. me. boy who sent you a Valentine. Know who it is yet? Box No

U/354/l 32.

V I saw you 30 something. blonde and leggy wrinkles are distinguished. Love huggie bear. Box No U/354/l33.

V I saw you getting on the train and wished I could come with you: I always want to travel in your case. Box No U/354/l34. V I saw you at Taste. your friend told me you were called Sadie. you had a whitey and dis- appeared in a taxi - please make it mine next time! Box No LIBS-Ill 35.

V I saw you at GI-T. You sat on me. It felt so good! ‘Fraid its gonna have to be a shotgun mar- riage down the cinema aisle. Be my spouriser. Box No U/354/l36. V I saw you coming out of the changing cubicle a Scotstoun baths. You wore yellow cos- tume. tne. pink speedo trunks. which made you smile. Let's swim. baby. Box No U/354/l37.


92 TIIE HST 4—18 Mar 1999