V I saw you in the ‘Cook's Room‘ talking loudly about Bill Clinton's dilemma. Flailing hands. black hair and a gorgeous laugh. Box No U/354/138.

O I saw you at King Tuts at the Cha Cha Cohen gig. You were serving at the bar. but then you weren‘t? You sat under the blue light and I fell in love. Box No U/354/I39.

V I saw you Borders often at Buchanan Street counter. some- times info. desk. Jeans. blue shirt. silver rimmed glasses. Dark hair. silvery streaks. Me. often bought Evening Times from you. Fancy an evening chat. man 2 man? Box No 354/l40.

V I saw you missing your train to Largs. you asked me the time. l told you I didn‘t have a watch. We laughed and time stood still. Box No U/354/l4l.

V I saw you did you get my card? The love of my dreams cannot compare to the harsh. fearful reality of my love for you. Your long term admirer. Box No U/35-I/l-12.

V I saw you working Waterstone‘s West End. You asked my number for jean Giono. I wish I'd asked yours. Box No U/354/143.

V I saw you Ross at The Polo Lo'unge. the effort you had lav- ished on yourself tired me out. you make Babs Cartland look like Shakespeare. Box No U/354/l44.

V I saw you scrubber. you're a wonder. wonder woman! Cold flat . . .warm heart. Box No U/354/l45.

V I saw you young thesbian foxette. CCA Tues 23 Feb. I'm sure you blew in on the first winters breeze. just to blow me away. Lets get windy together sometime. Box No U/354/l46. V I saw you both of you. You look exactly alike. same hair. same stunning looks. same atire. Either your twins or l have a steely eye. Box No U/354/l-I7. V I saw you Irish Martin looney'.’ in Dundee once/twice? Sent you a terrible card that played the lambada. you play it. 1 dance. sort of. Box No U/3S-I/l48. V I saw you at The Tron. Murdo you struck me with your sparkling eyes and dazzling smile. if only I knew then. what I know now I wouldn't have bothered pee wee . . . Thanks for nothing. Box No U/354/l4‘).

V I saw you dark. short and mysterious. You leaned down to talk to my table about the ethos of Gandolli at CCA. Like to talk more wyman to wyman? Box No U/354/150.

V I saw you 30/40. cur‘vations in combats. Dark hair. quite small. Wandering round CCA with air of authority. Like to come and assert it on me? Me tall. dark and handsome. Box No U/354/ISI. V I saw you well actually. it was more of a smell. it came from your cars which is a shame ‘cos aside from that your a beautiful. young gal. Thought I‘d let you know. PS. Love you. Box No U/354/l52.

V I saw you standing aloft. Long leather coat. long black hair. big chunky boots. ankle . chain around neck. Making up some bollicks about subjectivity. Mmmm . . . Box No U/354/153.

VI saw you lying next to me. you have orangey. greeny. brown eyes. lovely long lashes and a hole in your lower lip. where you put your stud! Box No U/354/154.

V I saw you on the tube at Love Boutique. i even had the pleasure to speak to you on Byres Road. Last seen you in Boots and in the Polo Lounge. I often wonder if we will ever speak again. Only you can decide. Box No U/354/155. V I saw you gorgeous guy. at the art school. being very old school. Tall. skinny and blonde hair. Walk like a panther with me. Solange. Box No U/354/l56.

V I saw you Monkey man in charge of electrics. Stand Comedy Club. me with labrador. Want to feel the fur? Box No U/354/IS7.

V I saw you Brel’s. Wednesdays guitar man. caught your eye. struck a chord, would like to hear more . . . Box No U/354/158.

V I saw you tanned hand. play- ing in the shoe box stand with your backing band. Don't you forget it big yin that I'm your dad and I‘m mad. Love the blond bit. Box No U/354/159. V I saw you in Brel’s. You fake blonde with eyes like an azure sky reflected in a lil- lipond. Box No U/354/160.

V I saw you Big G. You got your leg caught in a bear trap on the stairs and I helped you gnaw it off. I love you my little ginger snap. Box No U/354/l6].

V I saw you little lion you're blonde and cool and beautiful and you make me roar! Box No U/354/162.

V I saw you Jane @ Stand. you wearing sexy animal print suit. Me. working behind bar. perhaps we could drink our 80/ in bed. Box No U/354/l63.

V I saw you at the Festival Theatre. We went to pubs several times. Stephane. if you read me. I am Fabrice‘s French friend - have you got a clue now? Box No U/354/ J64. V I saw you Andrew the Aquarius. old 25! with Andy (ex Perth) and John at Mulligans. grassrnarket. friday. 12/2/99. Enjoyed the chat/laugh. See you again? Felicity (yes - as in Kendall) and Fiona. Box No U/354/165.

V I saw you and your big arse behind the bar (EH l ). Would you like to rub against my ‘BIG ARSE‘ sometime? Love ya! Box No U/354/l66.

V I saw you ginger muffin all alone. Get in touch and we will fire up together. Box No U/354/167.

V I saw you w

Ewan @ Sirius in Leith at Cuban Brothers. You handsome. young man deceptively strong. Me. blonde with large nostrils. Box No U/354/l68.

V I saw you writing out an ‘I saw you‘ card in EH1. You‘re very sad. but so am I. Can we meet? Box No U/354/l69.

V I saw you Kylee at EHl. you lovely kiwi lass. me spotty teenager wiht large wallet. Please fun me. Box No U/354/l70.

V I saw you in the George Hotel. I served you veg. You looked at me and my spiky hair. Is you name Mary? get back to me you minx. Box No U/354/l7l.




Lineage: £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.

Recruitment Display: £10 per single

column cm, excl VAT. Display

(all other sections):

£8 per single

column cm, excl VAT.

Box No costs £6 extra per issue for non-personal ads.


(Box No is

included in price). Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word. .

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This is semi-display It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. Minimum cost is £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £14.

I This is lineage.

Minimum cost is £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £10.

Please note Lineage and Semi-display ads are inclusive of VAT.

DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi-display/Display 2 consecutive insertions 3 consecutive insertions 4 conseCUtive insertions 6 consecutive insertions

20% 25%

10% 1 5°/


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' diSCretiOn and With0ut explanation

i 3 With series bookings, alterations cannot be made and no refunds : allowed 0n cancellations after the first insertion I 4 Addresses and telephone numbers are not accepted tOr publication in

, personal ads


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