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Micro Machines 64 Turbo

(Codemasters) £39.99

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PC Resident Evil 2

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T'ai Fu: Wrath Of The Tiger

(Activisionl £39.99

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Akuji The Heartless (Eiclos) £34.99

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Duke Nukem Zero Hour

Just as comedy buffs will always worship Eddie Izzard and football fans will ceaselessly revere George Best, video gamers will never tire of Duke Nukem. The legend continues in this forthcoming release, exclusive to N64. For those who have yet to meet this iconic figure, Duke Nukem is essentially Rambo in shades and a blonde flat-top. Making good use of a range of massive guns and very bad quips, Duke has kicked alien butt over a series of games for both PlayStation and PC. Zero Hour is, however, the follow up to the blockbusting Duke Nukem 64. But while that title was a first-person shoot ’em up, Zero Hour takes a leaf out of the Tomb Raider

book and opts for third-person action.

The plot, as is usually the case in these matters, veers wildly between the silly and the ridiculous. Duke must save the Earth from alien invasion, but this time the horrid pig-like creatures are attempting to destabilise history and so wipe out mankind. This is little more than a flimsy excuse to have Duke do his thing in a variety of time zones including the Wild West and

Victorian London.

Duke Nukem Zero Hour is hardly innovative, but it does seem to have shifted the emphasis of the franchise. While level completion in previous games was based on the 'kill everything and hit the exit switch’ model, Zero Hour features a more complex series of mission objectives. Sure, you've still got to shoot porcine nasties in the greasy snout, but you won't win unless you scuttle the alien craft, free the voluptuous damsels in distress and so on. Okay, it’s hardly Zelda, but it is an advance.

Duke Nukem Zero Hour is shaping up to be a classic addition to the Nintendo canon. The gameplay is looking enjoyable and challenging, while a multi-player mode involving up to four human players should add yet another dimension. Keep watching the skies. (Peter Ross)

Duke \i/kern /ero Hour rs released on Of /ntera( llW' Ill May; around [49 99.

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"axznrt to l'W‘x too I"ard ll‘e strut tare

rs very linear, \‘.‘hr( h means that you are led by the nose through levels no had tl‘rno with so rr‘.u(h de<ayrno flesh around rPRl

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE: larn Da\.'rdson, Peter Ross



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