NYPD Blue Channel 4, Thu I8 Mar

Eyer srnte Steven B()(II(() treated the Ear‘.dn‘rar'r< \.'.orI\ of IOIUVIStuII gen.t.s that v. as Hr/r’ Street Bra/es, the .anedu es have been. peppered \.‘.!t't ensemble dramas adherrhg to its ground-l)real<rng formula The blueprrnt rs as follows a group of tough, world weary, (ulturaIIy drye'se rndrvrduals Juggle (ornplex persona (rrses surrth the demands of ther' Ir.g?‘ pressure professrons

Steven Sp-eiher'g ar‘d Inlrt'natn Crrtnton adapted the protedure to er't the medr<al nrrrret. for t"e' phenomenal suttess HQ, nahrle ‘e' o‘~.'. I-IoIva./o()d r‘ea‘r.ry\.'.'erget Ba'ry leti'rso" stark to (rrnre to" Horn/(rde [r‘e On

The Streets I\e." Bot'tto reairset: was onto a good thrng, l)"()(llr(r"tl regal drama [A /_a.'./ and, e'\*., another (op shout, NYPD 8/ue

The very tzrst epssode rarset moral 'naror'ty hatkles math that ‘o' Arnerrtan TV was an ortgrnai approat 2‘ to nudrty‘ the (ast were (o"sta"trr,' gettrng thezr arses out and proran'ty

PREVIEW Every Woman Knows A

Secret Scottish, starts Thu I8 Ir/Iar, 9pm.

If you taught PauI Bettan.‘ .n Iy'rda Ia Plante's K///er ’Vet, you may ' ‘(dII n")- as a (It()l.".-S.'".()'r\'r",(;, tortured, murderer In [‘I/(‘/)/ Woman Knows A Serret, a three-part adaptatron ot' the Rosre Thomas novel, not one "uhrg'a'" of tar rs allowed to pass rrito Irs Iangs "That's the may IV ‘.'.o"r<s,' ne oeireues 'If you're a goodre, you don't S"I()K(" Yet, from tne early nto'r‘rerrts, '. appears he I be granted a IF(("'I((‘ to pull hrs way through the senes As Rot) IZIIrs, he rs hrarned for the (I'r'tK—(Ifr‘.rrr(; death of nrs frrend Danny Bat as the truth strrrotrndrng the tragedy oegrns

to s:rr"a(e, he ‘)r()‘.‘.'l‘,/ t'r'tds h s may rr‘to the alfe<trons 'and' oed ot' the grrex'r'rg mother Jess, olayed oy Stolria" Redn‘ond

The age gap rs one thrng, hat the iatt that Rob ‘.' oehrnd the wheel nhen Danny nret nrs death means that 2"er' love mll never be artepted by farmly ant" t'raends 'She Iras so math for nothrng as an at tr‘ess,‘ notes Bettany o‘ Srol)han Redmond ‘She's aIrIe to a((ess he." ernot'ons and It rrra'rtes Me so easy at trng wrt'n someone who's so or'rlirarrt And there's a lot of Ired stenes and they s‘xere huger rrrrpor‘ta'rt '

Mr Paul Bettany, tre role of Rot: \.'.as a r‘rea'rs to esrape the trap ever." a‘.'.’arts all a<tors typerastr'rg ‘Io' a I.‘-."ane I was (()'.'ter':rrg the ‘y’()tl"(l trlorrde arrstot ratr< market and that got

NYPD Blue: top of the cops

(r-':<;e" star l)a'-. d (araso tr‘e'r srarper‘ed tr".<ere'rronrotzs". for a," ;.v~ THING ng srreer‘r (areer None o‘ tn:s seemed to senoasry aftett t.".e shox'. and r'. oegans a sxtr‘ seasor‘ ouihshlr, (on‘rde'tt of tax ".g the ~1rr'r:;"eht depa'ttne o‘ (a''s 'eo ate'ne"t Jr'rr'rry Sr'rrts r", Its ’st'rde

"The onenrng :nsta "rent so‘.'.s the seeds of "HS iea'n'rg '.'.rt'r some rather heam-handed 'et'e'twtes to Detett'.e Sr'rrone's per‘srstent (“est (()I(I There's eve" a t'a"'s3y d sast'ous ngeo". themed p'e ('t‘tI;'. d'ea'r‘‘(e \.'.rhet'ter "e '.‘.rl 'etr'e o" pop r‘rs ( ogs r‘ema "s to he see", out so .()"g as ‘a"s

"axe t"s :rartne' S poster to ("ee' on,

"I t) (r (s st, trrt {<2>( (r t. (r (rm

(1'{ |/(:. ..'<1I):I{I{: “I: (I .zIIr 1:“) (<1): , '

I)” I .' 1' (I rt I {It III! \I '(r "ore t p t'/'\ s,::' ,r 'es .. tie I .'(}(Itl({’(: (7‘) .It\' at" t": (TIM. 'filt'h

Name the; 'e we “g sa-.-:>d 'fr' t"e ;'r '; ;r\rll‘,;.r (l‘

St I‘t()(‘f}(" Rot) I'aser

Paul Bettany and Siobhan Redmond: secret heaven

gt. te “tgtkreg dtrI :erte gtrrtkiy, se rt's "we to "urge arour‘d a tot, he states, ; "rs \.'.'or‘-\ as the I" nte o‘ O'ange re Sharpe ar‘d' Iresrde Jason ()rar‘ge :" la P ar‘te's Wanted hut adtl'rtr'm ta (- o‘ rr‘tuder on trre IIiI()'t’1(I°t o" s:rperlrrgh‘.'.ay Yet, t'1e'e rs sorr‘.etrr ng nt redroy attn < true alroat oiayrrrg Iraddves th don't have to get to her: so early and ool so good rr‘. the rnor".r'rg Arid protrahly Iretatrse ytn.

get to s'rroLe a -ot Is'rran I>ona9dson

PREVIEW Hunting Venus Scottish, Wed 31 Mar, 9pm.

Wrth the Irkes of Human league, (ustu'e (iul) and Howard Jones I()."(r'1(] thenrsehres hatk -nto our psyt‘nes sarth ."eg'ettaole (ornehatxs, the |II()I()I'!()LIS 80s has slowly usurped the prexrous detad‘e as the one that detr'nated taste The one-off T\«’ Irlrrr fr’urrtrng Venus syrl‘ eyoke yet more oest-Io'gotte". Hremones of that tune ‘.‘.rt.". t're retor'natrorr of a 'rar‘rd, not thrt ugh any sad attempt at relrvrng the past, but as a means to fend off ozar KII‘.(‘rII(‘I‘S and polrr e

r’r’untrrrg Venus star‘s I.Ia"trn ('Iurres, \‘.Iro a‘so drrerts, and hrs hadly oenayed tomrade Nerl Morrrssey as a (onman and transsexual, respe<trvely


Martin Clunes: after 805

Jane IIorr‘otks plays the band's oosessrve fan and there are guest aopear'antes from (rary Nurnan, Srmon Le Bon and Tony Hadley ‘Nerl and l were on Chr'dr‘en In Need olayrng tne Ugly Srsters,’ re<aIIs Clunes 'We were done Lil) Irke dogs" drn'ters and that remrnded NKIs (Vryran, the fslm's wr'ter‘ of the Nev. Rt)".‘.d"’.1( era trwotrgh the ext essne dresszrrg ' Who needs panto when you'.e got the 8(Is’

Elna” Donadsorx


880, Sat 20 LIar, I I.25pnr.

'r‘a'a.’ a I'e'rtn xersror‘. of [)o lire rug/7t leaner, I.‘.athre:: Kasso‘.'t/s ‘zz'r‘ postine ‘. ('atsres \.'v.!tr‘ tenszor‘

(rf‘ti "‘.(""(‘ri(‘ to ie extent t"‘at 't nossrnry et 5 pses Some tees r'rtendra'y tiassr use 'ts Amerrtar: (ou'rterpar't, t"e ‘--rr‘. taxes ptate r" the (otrrse o" a s ngée day, as three thends ('tI se a .ar s a" IT()1ISI"(} estate alternately tr‘yrng to get t


o, and stay oat ot,

Ihe'e are r‘ror'tents ot' htrn‘our and ‘.'~.a"‘-rtr‘, out yrolente srrvzrne's heros‘; the s;rr"a(e o‘ e\ery ‘rame as the (()II‘.'Y‘vtI" ty oetomes =r‘tensed at tonsrstent polrte t)"_rta?rt\. and rat Isn‘

La Haine: daft punks

\Tntent (assel, Hubert Kourrde and Sazd Tagh'nao;.2 tar" n ‘at..t ess

oertorrnames, the rnarnry hr!) hop sotrndtr'atk rs \t'onder‘trr ar‘d' ra'ely r‘as t"e

realrty o" young arbavr Izt'e been represented so atrar‘ateTy o" streee ozt "‘ate.

thotrt n, It's 'I( hteous r‘aee tun-("- powers thrs rernar‘kahie ‘rlm \‘Jhat r.'.as ° ,i:>""

Iydon sard? Anger rs art energy


Queer As Folk Channel 4, Tue 16 Mar, IO.30pm

Just when you thotrght Channel .1's (ont'ove'sra. Or/eer As /()/A was shaprng or) to he one Iong party, I s'r‘atks you w: the got) \‘.'=th sorrre serroasiy gut-tarent "'ng (rr'a'na I‘prsode three oroaght the nedo'rrst 'oIIertoaster to a smsernng halt, when the preyrousry drug-free l’hr! \‘.as fed a Ietha| (lose heto'e I)(‘i".(; 'ol)l)ed Sudden‘y the Intessa'rt (rul)l)rng and puIIrng hfestvie of this unrt’or'rrly nandsorr‘re, hut .rItrrr‘ater I)e|re\.rat)le group of gay pals seems less (iIII'(I(Ir‘./t‘, and the (riaratter's too were to get a sooerntg shot rn the arrr‘ [)ornrnated Iry I’rirl's funeral and garrma Nathan's rrrtreasrng ohsessron \‘.'rtlH se'ra? shagger Stuart, eprsode ‘otrr reathed unexperted veyels oT' pathos

As Stuart and sheet Vrr‘te's \.\.r'rI'-they-

:Rol) I'rasev'

Queer As Folk: gay dead

\.\.'on't-tney lrre'rdshrp rs ielt ra\.‘. and exposed by I’IrrI's SL.‘(I(I("‘. deat't, ,ts t we

We're not trst piayrne for Iatrt hs lrke Sttra't, we re ie". I r

trrrre :I-llre ( arr-

gaggreg for new eue'.

~ rrrursrrm