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ACT NO“!!! Fly April 6th - 30th

Must book and pay by Monday March 15th.

Boston Phoenix 229 San Diego 229 San Francisco 229 Mld'nl Tampa 229 Washington DC 186 Bangkok Jakarta 399


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Rio de Janeiro 394 Barcelona Mddlld 108

Hong Kong

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Mon destinutlomi available. direct RTN flights from London - low rates 1mm roglonel airports too.

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US// l i w - 110 High Street. Old Aberdeen. Aberdeen A874 JHE 01224 273 559 (15/! . x (151/ . i-.--». ~. Glasgow University, Dundee Universny the Hub, Students Assocuation. Hillhead Street. Airlie Place. Glasgow 612 8813 Dundee 001 4H0 0141 357 0608 01382 200 412

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Eating & Drinking Guide 1999

Available 15 April

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Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier have been known to DJ at Slam events in Glasgow (see clubs listings for Slam nightsi, and Edinburgh's fortnightly Tribal Funktion nights at the Venue (Calton Road, 0131 557 3073) have attracted French DJ Erik Rug. Still, anywhere decent With a house playlist is bound to drop a few Gallic beats into the mix. If your taste runs to hip hop, you’ll be pleased to hear that the scene is flourishing in Paris. Check out acts like Assassm and Wu-Tang Clan affiliates lAM on the excellent Le Flow: The Definitive French Hip Hop Compilation Out on Virgin.

So they're good at music, but when it comes to film, the French are brilliant. Since the New Wave or, if you want to be pretentious, ’Nouvelle Vague' of French Cinema in the 60s, they have been at the



Hus! Film of 1.9.96: Cesar Awards


cutting edge. Recent French Cinema has consolidated their posmon. For eVidence, tune in to the gritty racial tensions of Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine (BBCZ, Sat 20 Mar, 11.25pm. See Film Of The Fortnight, page 101), ViSit Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema from Fri 19 Mar for Gaspar Noé's harrowing Seul Contre Tous lSee feature, page 17 and renew, page 28) or get a hold of a VldeO copy of Patrice Chereau's Visceral historical drama La Reine Margot.

If after all these options, you still feel the need to head for the real Paris, then don't leave home Without a decent guidebook. Lonely Planet, ROugh GUIde and Time Out all publish excellent goides to the city. Finally, whether you’re actually gomg to Paris or jUSI livmg out the fantasy, make sure you have fun.

Getting there

If make believe isn't good enough, it couldn’t be easier to pop over the Channel for a weekend break. Keep an eye out in the papers, travel agents and on Teletext for discounted flights and you 'll be en route before you can say 'pass the Brie, ma cherie.’

8y air:

from US”:

ldlllblll'qh to Paris ilii British Airways l'l/lb Glasgow 10 Piiiis NH 011 Billiin Aiiwiiys: l 13‘). US” Campus l;(liiil)iii()li: 01.31 608 .3303,

US” (dlllpllS Glasgow: 0141 .357 0008/1353 l8l8, li‘oiii S'lA: l'(liiiliiiiqli to PdllS ilii 011 British Aiiwtiys: 108.

(1|(15(]()W[()P("'|\l[”()n BllllShAlleYHi l l 38. SM l-(liiibiii'qli: 0131 226 7747.

si’/.\ (iliisqow: 0141 .338 6000.

By Eurostar

l-(liiiliiii'qli Waterloo Hit: [34.

WilU‘lIUO l’iii'is ilii: £99.

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