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EDINBURGH’S REBEL INC publishers welcome an international member of their fiction roster to Scotland this month when American author Michael Guinzburg arrives in the country. Unpopular in his native land but lauded in France (does that make him the literary equivalent of Jerry Lewis?) Guinzburg will be reading from his highly acclaimed novel Beam Me Up, Scotty at Waterstones, Glasgow (alongside local boy done good Des Dillon) on Tue 23 Mar and the following night at the Outhouse’s Fin De Siecle night in Edinburgh. The writer has lived a life best described as ’colourful’, so these personal appearances could be interesting.

THE LAST FEW years have been difficult for Scottish Ballet, with internal wrangling and artistic differences aplenty, so it’s very pleasing to report an upturn in the company’s fortunes. The Winter

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1998 shows La Fille Mal Gardée and Cinderella were seen by some 50,000 people, with box office up by 21% on the previous year. Here’s hoping the forthcoming spring season, which includes a Scottish premiere of Kenneth MacMillan’s Diversions, will continue this ascendancy.

THE FIRST PROJECT of TAG Theatre Company’s hugely ambitious Making The Nation programme as featured in the last issue of The List - is looking for first time voters. Co-ordinated in conjunction with Tramway, 18X will record the experiences of young people in the run up to the election

Scottish Parliament in July. Together with four creative professionals a

performance pieces relating to the most important period in Scottish political history for centuries. For full details of how to get involved, see

this issue.

Chekhov he ain’t: author Michael Guinzburg comes to Scotland !

BBC SCOTLAND HAS appointed an editor to oversee Scottish news

5 coverage for all the corporation's

networks. Phil Taylor makes the move from Radio 5 Live as the Glasgow newsroom takes over affairs north of the border from the Newsgathering Unit in London. Taylor first joined BBC Scotland in 1978, and was Head of News and Current Affairs until 1994. The corporation has come under fire in recent months after refusing to produce a separate six o’clock news bulletin for Scotland, but Taylor believes this decentralising move is a step in the right direction. 'The huge changes underway in Scotland are being matched by the BBC,’ he says, 'and we will be providing the best news coverage of Scotland and

bulletins AGENDA

the new Parliament to the rest of the UK and the World Service.‘

JOB SEEKERS OUT there may be interested to learn of a recently established recruitment facility. Employment Service Direct is a telephone operation which has seen 600 lucky individuals find work in the two months since its January launch. For more info at the price of a local call, ring 0845 6060234 between 9am and 6pm weekdays, and before 1pm on Saturday.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR . . . results of the ongoing House of Commons inquiry into tourism in Scotland. Among those giving evidence will be representatives of British Airways and Virgin Trains.

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