Brainbug’s 'Nightmare', the Perfecto mix of Mansun's 'Wide Open Space' and Transa’s 'Enervate'. He's not trying to break any new ground and it shows. With extended orchestral breakdowns, crescendos and vocals, this is an album to dance to, pure and simple. (SB)

ldjut Boys & Quakerman

Life The Shoeing You Deserve (Glasgow Underground) vs: a a Anyone who has tracks on their album called ’Gurner's Choice', 'Frog’s Arrrse’ and 'Tea Tray Formerly Known As Coffee Table’ is fine by us. This happily weird album companions rich, New York style bass-driven house on the likes of 'Pay The Fare' With the fat funky filter disco bass of 'Road Rage’ while casually dropping in easy listening intermissions and cartoon- style stabs. Some of the bass lines are so damn funky you’ll need orthopaedic pants jUSl to listen to them, and as for the parting shot 'Coke ls lt’, iust have a bucket handy. Sick, literally. (RW)

Pressure Funk

Twisted Funk (Soma) vs“

When Slam ‘s debut album Headstates came out a few years back, many expected it to be the sound of the Friday night club, but the guys Surprised us with a much more thoughtful, diverse offering Pressure Funk are Slam's Stuart McMillan and Orde lv‘ieikle, and Tia/istecl Funk is very much the dance floor orientated, uncompromisineg hard DetrOIt-style techno you would antiCIpate from the duo Shut youi eyes and you can almost feel the sweat of the Arches dripping down your brow as the dark, wrat‘nful heats snake through the album Sparse, distorted, brutally funky and not a (luff track in sight (RW)


Paul Bley, Gary Peacock, Paul Motian Not Two, Not One (ECM) a.

This pianist, bassist and druirimer were instrumental in redefining the role of the piano trio aritid the radical Jazz upheamls of the 60s Although they have worked together since, this is the first time these imaginative and instrumental creators have reconvened as a trio They sound as though they have f)(?Vt'l' been apart The music extends their oiiginal approach to free playing, which emphasised space and dynamic contrast as well as underlying energy This pr-tivides an appealing airiness rather than the relentlessly frenetic density often associated With

free iii/x (Kiri!

CLASSICAL Shostakovitch

The Film Album (Decca) ' ' Shostakovnch wrote music for films tl‘iroughout his careei, often shadowmg his 'serious' work in fascinating ways The medium soited him very well, even when political pressures were at their most dangerous in Stalin's USSR This hugely enjoyable album proVides a stirring cross-section, from the thereiiiin-haunted spuridscape of ‘Alone' 41930) through to his penultimate foray into film, 'Sofia Perovskaya' H.967.» Also

included are his best-known themes from The Counterp/an and The Gadfly, alongside less frequently aired gems. (KM)

FOLK Sandy Brechin

Out Of His Tree (Greentrax) s Sandy Brechin's first album was called Out Of His Box, and this follow up from one of Scotland's most interesting piano accordion players proves he is also the craZiest. The sleeve has him dangling by the accordion straps from a tree, as if blown off course in some airborne squeezebox invasion, and the sleeve notes are a hoot. But for all the sense of fun in his music, whether here in his four piece (bass, drums and guitar) or in the bigger Burach lineup, he’s a superbly accomplished player with a distinctive, unusually sophisticated sense of harmony and a great feel for rhythm. (NC)


Timber Timbre (Greentrax) The grainy close up of harp, fiddle and lowland pipes on the sleeve lets you know that yOu're going to hear music played the old way by this well- established group. Also including side drum, flute, Viola and concertina the only keyboard instrument the music is a refined expression of the Sr ots tradition. There is a distinct Gaelic bias, both in the songs by harpist Judith Peacock, and the beautifully paced pipe tunes. Composer James MacMillan is a guest, and though no great shakes as a singer, gives us his take on Souter's poem 'The Tryst' It’s a beauty. (NC)

Dawn Of The Replicants Rule The Roost (East West)

While there is no kitchen sink featured on this Single by Gala’s finest 'and only), listeners shouldn't feel hard done by. COntent yourselves vxith 'lvlarie Celeste/Elliot Ness’ rhyming (applets, references to oxen and bison and a song which sounds like Super Furry Animals playing about with The Rolling Stones’ rootsiest riffs They put Absmthe in the Galashiels water Supply, y'know, tFSi

Freddy Fresh featuring Fatboy Slim

Badder Badder Schwing (Eye Q)

Unusually fora record‘witli a g:;davz-ful title which will probably (alt h on like scabies, this collaboration izetvwen the Minneapolitan OJ and the bal'ly git With the world at his feet is a groovy little number. Unsuipiisingiy 't beefs up a brassy 60s sample If) foriniiuit but irresistible cheesemungus style (FS)

The Nectarine No.9

South Of An Imaginary tine (Creeping Bent)

Quintessential Nectarine No 9 A statement which about four people iii the solar system will understand, owmg to the Nectaiines continuing, ahem, cult l()ll()‘-."/lll’; Suffice to say this is not a situation \‘lliK ii can be tolerated, so here’s an idea buy a

record reviews MUSIC

Skunk AnanSIe .‘ \ Post Orgasmic Chill at a s: v

Come dancing: Skunk Anansie

An altogether more contradictory proposition than 1996’s Stoosh, Skunk Anansie's new album was put together after exhaustive touring, and boasts world influences from trip hop to eastern music. Post Orgasmic Chill reveals a more reflective side of the four-piece who are known mostly for politically focussed, angry, commercially appealing rock that prickles with conviction. However, attitude is something of a given with this band, so strong opinions and language continue to figure.For evidence, check out the rock stomper ’We Don't Need Who You Think You Are', which talks of segregation and race hate.

By contrast, ‘Secretly’ and ’Tracy's Flaw’ reveal a surprising purring gentleness as Skin croons and pleads. Still, the noise doesn’t stay away long. ‘On My Hotel TV' and 'Charlie Big Potato’ riff and holler gutsin while hiding round the back of the bike sheds smoking fags with the lads. '

Although the album has a disjointed feel and some tracks, notably ’And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had' definitely lack edge, Post Orgasmic Chill can be admired and enjoyed for its attempt at expanding a narrow genre and daring to deliver powerful rock music with its vociferous integrity intact. (Mandy Lee)

Steps single, get a snarling, vocal and a certain Jazzy dissonance. sv-Jaggering artpunk single from a i (FS)

largely unknown Edinburgh band as Lungleg

c' )ftl rul.(F l . . l) l,” ( m m l S Maid To Minx (Southern Records) Pigpen its: at”

Stay Low (Human Condition)

Glaswegian group who sound progressively less like Slits wannabees and more like themselves as time advances. 'Maid To Minx' occupies the same sassy stomping ground as Bis and Kenickie which might be anathema to Lungleg, but is as cool as it gets in this playground. (FS)

Aphex Twm

Windowlicker (Warp) at a is

You want to love The Aphex Twin, you really do. Great sense of humour (check out that sleeve). Intelligent. Talented. Best song titles this side of Underworld. But you can't you can only appreciate him. ’Windowlicker' sounds like an Air CD playing up in your machine. End of story. (FS)

in a very good fortnight for ()bsCUre but inventive Edinburgh bands, here's a nifty debut single With undisCIplined guitars jdlltjlllitj all over the shop and vocals sweeping in like the Red Arrows display team Fourth favourable single 'eviexx-J of the fortnight and the fourth

i and not ti) slip me a bottle of tequila as an inducement But l am open to

r ffers iFS;


Big Wings (Too Pure)

New proiect from Blairgowue renaissance man Luke Sutherland, foiiiierly of the idiosyncratic Long Fin Killie and author of the Whitbread- nominated novel Jelly Roll. 'Big Wings' is a total departure from the frenetic folk punk of old, coming on like ambient jungle tiip hop (if it didn't eXist before, it does now, okay7l With a spaced-out female


Simone Baird, Norman Chalmers, Thom Dibdin, Brian Donaldson, Rodger Evans, Kenny Mathieson, Peter Ross, Fiona Shepherd, Rory Weller, Paul Whitelaw

l8 Mar—l Apr 1999 THE UST43