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i- .. - 1 ~ Caledonia/Catalonia Scotland and Catalonia, two cultures positively ., . \ swaggering with self confidence and bursting - i J i' ~ -- _: i with independent spirit, come together for i f , what seems set to be a hot ticket highlight at this year's Edinburgh International Festival. Writers Lluisa Cunille and Scotland's own ultraaprolific David Greig will present their respective new plays The Meeting and The Speculator. Though hugely different. both were commissioned to fuel the mood of expectancy surrounding the opening of the Scottish Parliament. (Rob Fraser) The Meeting and The Speculator open at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, Mon 16 August. See Agenda, page 20 for more sneak Festival previews. '


'//hat /ou can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead

feature, oage 106. Open from Sat 20 Mar.

Video: The Last Days Of Disco Wn t Stu mans rec'eates the “a OJ 3" o‘

and Ed's/arc Furlong 'Sfl't bad either in Tony Kaye's SUOE’F-CODUOVEFSIaI drama 0"

‘Orthcoming aloom The Hart-“oi? o'others may make

Theatre: Geometry 0f Miracles Two Visionaries for the price of one. Theatre director, Rooert Lepage, eprOres the i fe and work of architectura? t=tah Frank Lloyo Wright. Expect 'nspi'ed vis‘aais, movement and :ight. See featwe, page 18 Glasgow: Tram/xa/CODSECC, from Tue 30 Mar.

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A/ai/ab/e to rent now

Film: American History X Edward Norton 3 orett/ f'ly lfor a .vnte Supremac st,

rac a' hatred and brotherly love in Uhc‘e Sam !ahd Selected release from Fri 26 Mar

Music: Orbital FOiioz-iihg

Unoer‘xxorid's receh: I'Q’TiO-“afl'. Barrow-and Show, techno's other Creatzve giants arrve I" G‘asgou'i to oromote The Middle Of Nor/here, their

very Cl'fllCai magic, but they put on an. excellent We Show Glasgow: Barrow/and, Sun 27 Mar

Art: Dundee Contemporary Arts Drop the pte, can the lane and ‘orget aoom the ,ourr‘aism, the fature o‘ Dandee \.‘.ll i surely be associated with a ‘Ioorshihg art scene thanks to this excellent new vehoe. See

Games: Micro Machines 64 Turbo lmagise Wacky Races c'osseo Honey l5hrunl< The Kids and you’ oe pretty c ose to this coiossa|:y enterta " “g game. Up to

e g": 0 ayes can 'ace m n. - V6?" cies aroma 48 novelty CI’Co'tS i"C‘oC"‘g a snooke' as e, a $000! oes< and a Oreac'ast tao‘e. Out for N64, Fri 26 Mar, £39.99.

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