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For the cathode ray generation, who cannot imagine a wrldebeest being gnawed by a lion without a David Attenborough commentary, comes a show with a difference. SuperNatura/ takes the standard wildlife programme format and gives it a very 90s, X-Fi/es spin. Concentrating on animals who display seemingly paranormal powers, the seven part series will attempt to travel to the outer limits of human understanding. Did you know that frogs have mastered cryogenics, that dolphins can see human embryos in the womb (pictured right) or that your pet cat can predict earthquakes? You soon will. (Peter Ross)

SuperNatura/ starts on BBCi, Tue 23 Mar, 8.30pm.

T in the Park

Blur and the Manic Street Preachers will headline this year's T in the Park pop festival. Other acts announced so far are Massive Attack, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Placebo, Beautiful South, Gomez, Mercury Rev, dEUS, Eagle Eye Cherry, Dot Allison, 3 Colours Red and new V2 hopefuls, the Younger Younger 285. In something of a coup, Joe Strummer will perform on the Saturday with a set dominated by Clash songs. Keep reading The List for the latest updates on the deveIOping bill. (Peter Ross)

Tin the Park is at Ba/ado, near Kinross, Sat 70 8 Sun 7 7 Ju/. Tickets cost £58 for the weekend or £32.50 for a sing/e day and are on sale now by credit card on 0747 339 8383. For further ticket detai/s, see Book Now, page 49.


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