They reign in Spain: Paco Pena Dance Company

GREENOCK ARTS GUILD Campbell Street. ()l-l75 723038. [H. WA]

Fame Wed 24—-Sat 37 Mar. 7.30pm. £4.50. The New York High School for the Performing Arts comes to exuberant life in (,ireenock.


297 Bath Street. 387 55 l l. Ill. WC. WA]

The Pirates Of Penzance Until Sat 20 Mar. 7.30pm: \\'ed ck Sat 2. 30pm cc 7.30pm. £5-—£23.5(). l’aul Nicholas stars in the (iilbert ck Sullivan perennial fave. See also Classical.

Guys 8t DOIIS Tue 23--Sat 37 Mar. 7.30pm: Sat 2.30pm c‘c 7.30pm.

£b—£ l 2. Paisley Music ck ()pera Society incarnate Damon Runyon's lovable New York low lilies. ‘And the people all said siddown. siddown you‘re rocking the boat.‘

Pride Of The Clyde Mon 2‘) .\lar-~Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm: Tue. Wed. Thu & Sat 2.30pm ck 7.30pm £(i~-£l2. Johnny Beattie leads an e\ ening of auld fashioned (.ilesga \ ariety.


()8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). [R WC. WA. WAA]

Sexual Perversity In Chicago Until Sat 20 Mar. 7.30pm. £5—£7 1 .5()—£3). David Mamet's funny. foul mouthed and perceptive look at doing the nasty in the Windy Citv. Great play to see on a date. Low Level Panic Wed 24—Sat 27 Mar. 7.30pm. £5-£7 (£l.5()--£3). Now ten years old but as relevant as ever. Clare Mclntyre's play is an exploration of feminine fear and tnale violence. Three flatmates experience the difference between sexual fantasy to harsh reality.


l()() Renfrew Street. 332 5057. [ll. WC. WA] Come Back To The Five 8: Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Until Fri 1‘) Mar. 7.15pm. £5 (£3). lid (Sraaczyk‘s meditation on youth. friendship. gender identity and memory in a Texan diner. You want fries with that'.’

Animal Farm Tue 23—-liri 26 Mar. 7.15pm. £5 (£3). Second year student presentation of Peter Hall‘s celebrated National Theatre adaptation of George

()twell's second most famous novel. Remember. four legs good. two legs bad. The Devil In Drag Sat 27 8: Sun 28 Mar. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). The Scottish Youth Theatre present Dario Fo’s typically deranged farce. Cited influences for this production are William Peter Blatty. Mario Puzo and Cartman. so anything could happen.



2 Castle St.

Under Construction Wed 24 c& Thu 25 Mar. 7.30pm. 7: 8-1 collaborate with youth and community groups from across Glasgow for an atnbitious portrait of city life. Also shown at the Fernan Street Complex.


Finnieston Quay. 287 7777. [R WC. WA] The Geometry 0f Miracles Tue 30 Mar—Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm. £ l()-£ l 2 (LS—£6). ln every sense. the big one. Robert l.epage and Ex Machina return to Scotland for what may be the theatrical highlight of 199‘). See feature. page 18.

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On 'stage and all the rage

Geometry Of Miracles Robert Lepage's decade-long love affair with Scotland in general and Tramway in particular continues wrth an exploration of architecture as seen through the eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright. Glasgow; Tramway®5ECC Bruce Morton The comic; returns for a home town gig, garlanded with rave revrews and trailing packed houses. Comedy as autobiography and a right good laugh to boot. G/asgow: The Arches.

Sell Out Frantic Assembly's Show looks at the internecnie relationships between a close-knit circle of friends. Jea|0usy, paranora and lQllSIOH result from the break-up of a couple at the group’s centre. Ross and Rachel this ain't. Edinburgh: Traverse Wheat/e.

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This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

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Km tn's lied

Ruby Worth ] Kevin's lied

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Ruby Worth Key tn's lied


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(iuys ck |)olls (ittys ck Dolls

Guys 61: Dolls

l’rtde ()l Clyde

l’ritle or (‘lyde l’l'ltlc‘ or Clyde 1

Pride or Clyde

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