It must have been one of Iggy Pop's more bizarre meetings that week. There he was, sitting with his manager in Los Angeles, listening to a tape of a bloke from Glasgow impersonating him, and then following on with a loungecore skit of a Bis song. Bet that situation doesn’t come up very often.

'We got Rik Flick from the Johnny 7 to sing ‘The Passenger' break, and Iggy Pop’s management were convinced it was a sample,’ says Barry Fraser, one half of Fool Boona (along with Colin Tevendale) and co- owner of the Edinburgh based labels Platoon and Uber Disko (UD originally putting the track 'Popped’ out). ’Iggy's management said, "It's definitely Iggy singing", it was that good. We had to send them out the tape before they would believe us.’

‘Popped’ with a Judge Jules and Trevor Reilly remix is currently on the Radio One B playlist, guaranteeing it at least a dozen plays a week, massively high for a dance track. Dave Pearce requested it himself on his drive time show and the record company VC who are now re-releasing it reckon it's going to be on a par with Bamboo's ‘Bamboogie’ in terms of sales.

The track was picked up by VC in no small part by Darren Stokes, who along with most of the other premier league DJs have been caning it since it's release last August. 'He (Stokes) had a hand in deciding it’s fate,’ says Colin Tevendale, Tunnel resident and other half of the Fool Boona production team. ‘He was playing it up at The Rhumba in Perth when VC's A&R guy Andy Thompson was up. Darren was fading the volume down at the break and the whole crowd were singing along, going ’nah, nah, nah nah nah nah nah naahI' That just sealed it for him. VC is quite a cool stable. There' s Camisra, Tall Paul

Currying favour: Colin Tevendale

and Tin Tin Out (Stokes) and it’s pretty good to be on a level with them.’ . Tevendale and Fraser know what makes a good tune, the former being the buyer for 23rd Precinct in Glasgow and the latter for Uber Disko. Together they supply the records that the majority of house DJs in Scotland play. The track was shamelessly designed to cause maximum dancefloor devastation which is exactly what it does. What about Rik Flick, what does he think when he hears his Iggy impersonation played on Radio One in the middle of the day, does it sends shivers up the spine? ’Shivers up something anyway, mate.’ Altogether now: Nah, nah, nah, nah . . . (Rory Weller) & Popped by Fool Boona (VC Recordings) is out 22 Mar. Co/in Tevendale 0/5 at Triumph, The Tunnel every Saturday

Irfi': 2K“;- 3 will. ‘3, 1‘. V‘-

Sounds like Dynamite: Joe Attard and Micky Custance


Explaining the sound system idea, he says: 'We try and give a little bit more. Some peOple call themselves sound systems but are really jus‘. Dng. We bring samples and an echo unit and try customismg the music, taking it in a different direction than if we were Just playing 12ins.'

MaXImum, their own night in London, is currently homeless after vacating its previous haunt, Vic Naylors, the pub seen in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barre/s, due to lack of space. ’That's where we have (ex- Clash gurtarist and ex-BAD frontman) Mick Jones MCing for us, but we found that playing outside London With Mick, people were turning up expecting the Clash or something.’

Big Audio Dynamite Sound System

Edinburgh: Noa, Fri I9 Mar.

’There are too many clubs where you go and people are just stuck up their own arses,’ declares Micky Custance, one half of the DJ partnership, Big Audio Dynamite Sound System. 'The atmosphere at our own night reminds me of old warehouse parties, a real mix of people where everyone's there for

84 THE UST l8 Mar—l Apr I999

one thing the mUSlC. That's what we hope to find in Edinburgh?

Micky and Dng partner Joe Attard have worked under the BAD Sound System moniker since '97, Micky preViously being DJ in the live band incarnation of BAD. ’Joe comes from a hip hop background, I’ve been playing house music since about '89 and both of our styles have evolved and meshed. We call it the Kitchen Sink School of

Renowned for remiXing, they have now turned their attentions to their own productions 'We are in the studio jUSl now working on some material of our own. We'd rather use Our ideas than give them to someone else so we've eased off With the remiXing To be honest, I much prefer being out DJing its much more fun, getting out, having a laugh, haVing a party.’

(Mark Robertson)

Club news

UNDER THE DUVET is set to throw its biggest ever bash on Sat 3 Apr in Edinburgh. Taking over not only Potterrow and Teviot Row but the entire courtyard inbetween, the event will see over twenty DJs, a comedy room and loads of cabaret. As usual, all proceeds will go towards keeping the Names Project going, the Solas HIV Resource Centre and the Crusade Hardship Fund. Tickets are £15 and are available from Virgin, Ripping, Fopp, Blue Moon Cafe, PJ's and Potterrow Box Office. Phone 0131 623 8920 for further information.

YOGI HAUGHTON HAS resurfaced with a new project the revamp of the bar Enaj on The Cowgate. Calling the pre-club ’Jet’, he and The Cuban Brothers will be the weekly residents joined by the likes of Dr Bob Jones, Harri (Sub Club) and Colin Gate who are already booked as guests. The launch night will be on Thu 8 Apr and looks set to rock in true Yogi style.

LAST MINUTE CONFIRMATION that Reds will return this issue. The club at 379 Sauchiehall Street closed in June last year and will reopen to the public on Thu 18 Mar. The new owners Brian Mullen and Grahame Bell (former managers of The Velvet Rooms and Mojos respectively) say that they are hoping to pick up where Reds left off and progress with it. The basic layout remains the same but Reds has undergone what they describe as a ’mini-refit’ making it cosier with cleaner lines. The club will be open every day except Monday, with Alan Ronald on Fridays and Skud Saturdays and Thursdays. For more information call the club on 0141331 1635.

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Bob Jones confirmed guest at Enaj