Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky takes just six photographs a year. While the rest of us are content to be happy snappers, the German photographer clearly believes that less is more. His monolithic photographs of Prada shoe shops or vast corporate office block foyers are freeze-frames of a chilled, clean-cut interior world. Gursky refers to this penchant for ’clear structures' as a ’desire perhaps illusory - to keep a track of things and maintain my grip on the world.’ Gripping is the word. (Susanna Beaumont) Andreas Gursky: Photographs 7994—7998 is at The Dean Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 27 Mar—Sun 76 May. See feature, page 704.

Ben Lee

He’s only 21, but this Australian singer- songwriter is signed to the ultra-hip Beastie Boys label Grand Royal and recently released his fourth album, Breathing Tornados, which sees him collaborating with Sean Lennon, Donovan Leitch and cinema's twisted wunderkind, Harmony Korine. What’s more, his long-term girlfriend is none other than the actress Claire Danes. If there was ever a Lucky Sod Convention, Ben Lee would be the official mascot.

Is it true that you recently got married to Claire Danes?

’No, that’s not true. I am expecting her baby, though}

What do you think of Harmony Korine's film work?

’He’s one of the few people who are doing anything exciting in the world. I know he’s young and arrogant, but what art isn’t pretentious and overindulgent? It should be. What are your future plans?

’I want to name a kid with his middle name quotation marks, like Johnny “The Knife” Le I also want to put together a rock opera calle /’// Soap You Up ForA Dollar about a male prostitution ring operating in a prison.’ (Peter Ross)

Ben Lee plays 92, Glasgow, Thu 7 Apr. Breathing Tornados is out now on Grand Royal. See rock listings, page 45.

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