Belford Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pni. Cafe.

The Opening Of The Dean Gallery Sat 27 Mar. Situated opposite the National Gallery of Modern Art. The Dean Gallery is entirely devoted to 20th century art. Housing a large collection of work by Sir

Eduardo Paolozzi and an extensive range of

Surrealist and Dada artworks. the first floor space will be given over temporary exhibitions. See feature. page l()-t. Andreas Gursky: Photographs 1994-1998 Sat 27 Mar—Sun to May. £2.50 (1' l .50). The Dean (Jallery’s inaugural exhibition features the first retrospective exhibition iii Scotland of the work of German photographer Andreas Gursky. Featuring over twenty large-format photographs created between I‘M-t and l‘)‘)8. the work has been described as ‘inodern life at the end of the 20th century.’


27 ()ueensferry Street. 220 4l5(). Mon—Sat 9.3()ain—5.3()pm tTliu till o.3t)pmi. Vivienne Pooley Until Tue 30 Mar. Watercolours of Scottish mountain scenes by Vivienne Pooley.


(ia Dundas Street. 558 (>363. Mon-l‘ri ltlain—opm; Sat lt)atii-- lptii.

The Sable Gallery at Dundas Street Gallery: Gail Catlin Until Sat 37 Mar. A first solo exhibition of work by leading contemporary South African artist (iail Catlin. Her paintings combine liquid crystal with oil and mixed media.


Lauriston Place. 22| (y()()(). Mon—Thu ltlain—Xpm: Fri ltlaiii-5pm: Sat l()am-2pm.

Sculpture Exhibition Until Fri l‘) .\lai'. Sculpture by 3rd year students.

Drawing And Painting Student Exhibition Until Fri 26 Mar. An exhibition of work by 2nd year students.


I8a Dundas Street. 557 5227. .‘ylon—Ia'i Ham—5pm: Sat ltlam-lpnr.

Jenny Matthews and Douglas Phillips Sat 2() Mar—Tue 20 Apr. A two-person show featuring still lifes and landscapes.


23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue-Sat l()am—()pm.

R.B. Kitaj: Portraits In Print Sat 30 Mar—Sat 24 Apr. RH. Kitai‘s last exhibition was a bitter farewell to Britain after living in this country for .ill years. The show at the Royal Academy's summer exhibition was a montage of pictures and cutting based on his obsession that the critics killed his wife. Two years on. this exhibition looks at Kitai‘s printmaking career from the early l‘)()()s to the present day. His innovative methods employed during the ()0s and 7(ls greatly influenced the medium of screenprinting as a form of artistic expression. See l.ectures a; Iivents.


XX Lothian Road. 228 2088. Daily

l()am— l()pm.

Eighteen Portraits tiniil Sat 27 Mar. Portrait paintings by David Howard.


35 William Street. 225 2l‘)(). 'l‘tie--I‘ri llaiii-5pni; Sat llain- 2pm.

Mixed Exhibition L'ntil \‘v'ed .‘yl .\lai‘. Mixed media works by gallery artists. FRUITMARKET GALLERY ~15 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat “Jain—(rpm; Sun noon-~5pnt.

New Paintings: Peter Doig/Udomsak Krisanamis Until Sat 27 Mar. l)esolate and moody landscapes front I’etct' I)oig (nominated for the Turner Prize in I‘M-I) and intriguing and y isually teasing collages from the Thai-born. New York resident. Udonisak Krisananns.

HANOVER FINE ARTS 22a Dundas Street. 556 2 l S l. 'l‘ue -I"ri lt).3()am—opm: Sat lllani~5pnr

‘4‘}? " r. W “I


.1. m

0n the look out: Avigdor Arikha's self-portrait forming part of an exhibition of the artist's work at the National Galery Of Modern Art

Petro Magro t'ntil Sat _‘ .\lar. .-\ retrospective exhibition celebrating the 80th birthday of this Ill'tllllltlll artist. featuring still lifes and total and industrial landscapes in oils and pastels.


0 Carlton ‘l‘ei‘race. 55b 1le I. Inc Sat 10am opiii.

Patricia Macdonald and Susan Derges I'ntil Sat 27 Mar. :\t‘t' photographs by Patricia Macdonald reyealnig the abstract patterns on the surface of the laiid and sea and photograms by Susan Derges. which are created by lay ing photographic paper on the sea or riyer-bed.

Hylton Nel I'iitil Sat 2‘ Mar. (‘eiaiiiics by Ilylton .\'el inspired by ancient China and ItSIIt century Iziiglaiid.


28 St Stephen Street. 22b 51-1" \lon l'll 9.30am -5pni.

Jill Calder Lilllll .‘yloii l‘l .-\pt. Drawings by .lill Calder. which illustrate Ilonor I-iasei is musings in Si or/uni/ (In Stun/m


l3 Randolph (‘rescent 225 5.1%. .\lon l'ri 9.30am (i.3(lpiii‘. Sat 9.30am I..5llttlll. Paris: Espaces Passes, Presents Vertiges Until Sat 27 Mar. .t\n exhibition of twenty siitall photographs by Philip (ii'oy er. w lio spent a year iii l’aris researching the l.St|i century.


S2 Nicolson Street. (ibS 2212. Mon l'll l()am--5pni.

Oli, Acquerelli, Pastelli t‘ntil I'll t) Apt: Paintings by Renata Rampant

I2 (to ('umberlaiid Street. .55.S MST. .\lon lr: IIJaiii tipm; Sat Illaiii slpni.

Patrick Caulfield l'ntil Thu 25 Mar. .-\ii exhibition of prints by pop artist l‘atiick Catilfield. a contemporary of l )a\ rd Ilockticy. Ilis works niodein still lifes and interiors are illustrated by [web c poems by Will century I’iench poet. .ltiles I.aforgue t lStil) INS".

Eduardo Paolozzi Sat 3? Mai Sat 1 Max. To coincide w itli the opening ol The Dean (iallery'. an exhibition oi scieenprints. etchings and lithographs by l-.duardo I’aolo/li.

KINGFISHER GALLERY 5\oi'tlitiiiibeiland Street I ane. 55— 515-1. .\lon Sat llaiii I lttpnr Kathleen Conboy It! in .\t.n I'll to ,-\pt: ls’etezit paintings by Isatiileea (linboy including work inspired by her recent

tray els to the continent

LIZ Knox It: 2b \la: Iii ?t\ -\pr Recent figurative paintings.

Hamish Gilchrist Ill 2(‘ \lai I‘ll lb .v\pr. \\elded nietal sculptures.


I” lleinaid Street. | citli. lb~ “5"2 Itic I‘l'l li.tlll (rpm: Sat A Sun llalii V 5lll‘lll. Landscapes By Fin t lllll I'll in .\ Paintings by linlay Iseiiny

Mixed Exhibition Sat 2” Mai lllll l .'\pr_ ('onteniporaiy art by local artists featuring paintings. ceiatiiics. ttretalwotk. photogiapiis and stained glass LEITH GALLERY

o5 l'lie Slicie. 55‘ 5255 'l'tie llaiii 5pm; Sat llani ~lpiii. James Watt and Alastair W. Thomson Itie 2“ Mai Sat l" \pi \\at. paints the Rom (‘lyde and siiziounding aieas capturing its many moods, while 'l'lioiiison's work toctises on interesting inteiioi's and the outdoors.

Allison Weightman 't'tit- :1 .\t.n Sat I" _-\pi New ceianiics by -\lllsi‘lt \Veiglitiiiaii.



5 High Street. \ltisselbtiigh. b5l 1-132. lite Sat Illain 5pm: Sun noon -Ipni. Kate Philp I’ntil Sat 2ft \lai. \Vateicolotir paintings by Kate l’liilp

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART lit'lli‘ttl Rthtl. (\2-I I‘lll‘l lt'c'i‘l'tlt‘tl intoiinatioii ‘52 22MH \loii Sat

ltlani 5piii1Sun2 5pm. ('ate

Henri Cartier-Bresson Portraits: Tete-A- Tete l'ntil Sun ‘I .\la_\ 2.: tLl 5”. includes entry to '\\l_‘.'tltll x\llIsl1.i lie tiist eyer retrospective ot Ileiiii (‘atttei litesson's poitiaits leattning oyei l2ll photographs tioiii a caieei spanning till yeais. l'dllly‘tls laces include \latisse. lean l’atil Sai‘tie. .‘ylaiilyn \lontt I iancis llacon. l'iumaii ('apote. \laitiii l titlzei Ising' and I ticiari I'lt‘tltl See ieyiey‘.

Avigdor Arikhal not San ~t \Iay 2.3

ILI 5th includes entry to llenii t‘aitiei liiesson 'I he only show in: outside Israel of

listings ART

this retrospective exhibition devoted to the work of Avigdor :\t'ik’lt;t. The show brings together his childhood drawings of scenes III the concentration camps at Molliilev. t‘kraine. abstract work froin the 1950s and loops. studies froin life and nature and paintings of public figures including Lord Home and the Queen Mother.


'l'lie .\lotind. 024 (i201) (recorded itifoiiiiation 332 22(ioi. .\lon—-Sat

lllam (ipltll Stiii 2 -(ipm.

Robert Adam: The Creative Mind Utiiil Stiii 2l Mar. The work of architect and designer Robert Adam t I72S-—l7‘)2) is celebrated in this exhibition. Adam is best known for his interior at Kctllesttiri Hall in l)erbyshire. and the show features ()7 drawings plus several Scottish coiiiiitissions including a large model of Adam's proposed design for liarnbouglc Castle on IIIL' I'ilt'lll till l'ittt'lll.


Queen Street. (i2-I (i2()() (recorded information 332 22(ioi. .‘ylon—Sat

lllam 5pm: Stiii 2 5pm. Cafe.

Raeburn's Rival: Archibald Skirving 1749-1819 I'nttl Mon 5 Apr. The first ever exhibition devoted to Scottiin artist .-\rcliibald Skirving's life and work. l-eattirnig pastels. miniatures. drawings. oils and prints. the display draws parallels and contrasts with Raeburn‘s career. See lectures iv Izyents.

Kenny Hunter I'l'l It) .‘ytat Sun 30 May. :\l| exhibition of ottisi/ed sculptures by lseniiy llunter. influenced by cartoons and his own collection of plastic figures. Curve: Mark Johnston I‘Tl it) Mar—Sun 30 May. .‘ylark Johnston's photomontage pictures offering a yy hole new perspective on seeing. The aerial. Rot) degree ittiages feature landscape and architectural form ti'ont Scotland and Slovakia and explore a connection between our understanding of the rum ei'se and the way we see.


l-l New Street. 55b 5204. Mott-lat

llain ‘Ittlll‘. Sat ck Stiii noon-r-me. Metamorphosis t'nril \y'ed 3| Mar. Photography by Rusty Shanks looking at the political and racial tensions in contemporary x\tl.\ll';lll;lll society and sculptural photographic works by Duncan Brettiiier. inspired by abstract light and colour.


lia Dundas Street. 557 5222. Mon—Fri ‘Iani lpni; 2 5pm.

Princes Street: Unexecuted Designs 1767—19991'ntil Mon 2‘) Mar. Plans and designs for Princes Street which were never carried out.

OCEANEERING MULTIFLEX BUILDING \'ictoi‘ial)tx‘k. l.c‘lll1..55'.‘ 8897. Daily noon (ypiii.

Made In Leith I'nttl Sat 5 .-\pr. The ()ceaneering .\liiltillex building at Victoria ()uay idue to be deniolisliedi provides an unusual exhibition space for this coniiiitinity protect of work by artists livitig and working in l.eitli. I‘eaturing paintings. sculpture and textiles by artists Kevin llagg. .loanne ('anipbell. l)avid Shearer. t'lnis l)a|y and Simon Briggs among others. the show looks at the changing nature of l.eitli. See review.


"5 "II (timberland Street. 557 l()2().

.\lon I'lll lllani opni; Sat Illani-erni.

Kim Hall l'ntil Thu 25 Mar. (‘onteniporary iewellei'y.

Andrew Hill Iilllll llltl 25 Mar. Ceramic I‘itlllt‘s .llItI boxy ls.

Whyn Lewis I'ntil Illll 25 Mar. ()il oti board paintings of yyliippets.

Linda Farquharson I'titil Thu 25 Mar. l)t‘c‘i‘l'.lll\ t‘ \c‘lt't‘ll ‘t'lttIS.

Deborah Edwar 5 Sat 37 Mar -'t‘|ttt l5 .'\]Il. (‘onteniporary ceramics.

John Kingsley Cook 1911—1994 Sat 27 Mar lhu l5 :\pr. .\ retrospective exhibition ot John Kingsley (‘ook highlighting the range oi work he carried out iltrougliotit his

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