Concentric Cities Throughout the year. into 25" I999. l’art oI‘Glas‘gow I999. this is essentially a do-it-yoursellgtrided tour to the city split into three parts with each strand lriglrlrglrting many significant landmarks to create the largest “exhibition in the world.

Crafty Friends Sat 20 Mar. I0am—3pm. l‘1ee. llilllread I’ublic l.ibrary. into: 954 4'502. This lair is the result oi a trio oI women attending pottery classes only to trail that they didn’t hax e the room in llzelr dwellings to accommodate the items they \i. ere creating. They are joined by other craIt-nraker‘s l'rom the West lind. Glasgow School Of Shiatsu S;i12t)& \an 2.) Mar. 10am 5pm. Lot). St

s Studio. Studio 0. (‘har‘ing time into: 01505 08255“). An Illllrhlllclltnl to shiatsu. the .lapanese :t..iss.:ge Ereairng technique. otherwise kriov. n ..s acupressure.

Grassroots Cookery School 'I‘Iiu l8. Sat 20. Tim 25. Sat 27 Mar. I lam-3pm. Lij‘: (it'asslt‘iils. \Vtitulllllltls Rtitltl. 55.3 i.‘ ‘\ 'l he spring season at (ir‘assroots tr~::i:;.n.-s \\ rm an introduction to

-'et.;::.ir‘. cooking i'lilru IS ck 25) pasta :2...}.n‘.;.' Na! It). .md Indian \eggie e1.rs:r:.~\'.;12"I (Kill the abo\ e number I. ; :arther details and prices.

New Glasgow Society Slide Lecture \lozz .‘_‘ \l.r:'. " itipm. El 50. Renlield St \I.';‘il.‘l.‘s t'huich ('entre. Bath Street. 1;.fu 5 "'i 59 i1 (iutluie Ilutton gives a 1.}. untitled "I'lie l'otlli is (‘lyde (‘arral \..i In: New \Irllermiuni l’roject'. Bright Ideas The Home Interior


Design Show \\e..l 24 l'll:(1.\l;tl'. i?..: kn; Sat 2" k Sun 2S .\Iar. . ‘gim :5 5ll'L3‘. l'ree Ior ....~i:..;‘r.:z.reri under» Ilisr. SliCC'.

I ':.:.:.~sro:: (jun. 257 ""7". See photo

Glasgow Airport's Conversation Pieces I'Iir125 .\ \Ion 2‘) Mar. lpm. l-i t :itsz'. ll.rll. Sauchrehalll Street. 5 55 H l (Illiil-L'l\tllliill l’lc'c'es sc‘l'ic‘s .v :..;:..:.-s 9.1:}: talks Ironi l'ied Drbnah. ::....-s':'..ctrl‘la' Yorkshire steeplejack l?..: .35 .311! Rt Hon lord Steel rl)avid i... .::1 l I'.l‘. r'ernrznscences ol‘ the ' it _:;‘;' luv. a car rally. m which Wappinshaw Glasgow's Wargames Show 5.1' \I.;:. 30am 4pm. £2 r£l ). ‘Jx Hairs. ( ilt'lllaljj Street. into: l..‘ L“ if you: secret ambition is lobe ..ll.llll1':l‘.ll. \Ionly or Alexander '. i. need no longer stay III the -;'l'. 13"» ..rg.nnrng event. Il'you pain. rpatmg. you can still '32: :.-.i|:sZ:t rrrrnlels. Dazzle 5].! \l.u Sun 25 Apr. To. :. '~;‘:r‘. over. until 9, 30pm on .r-...:.::.. lx’oyail'oricertllalI. S E::.'E...fl SUI-ct. iii ooH ()ne In ' I' In lizrts ii.r‘.c bought liom a “ztzon. w Inch is a lot. Among .- rurclrised anything Irom 'K-i; .~.::.i rnezalwork to tea strainers .r:!i:r.I-.s ..r.- Salman Rtishdre. .lulie \.. 2;:~.'.s I l Eton lolrtr. Basketball Scottish Cup Finals Sat Sun 2's \Iar. llam. L3 til ).

lsni' in Hall International Sports Arena. I.Il\‘ . l‘rltlt (illtst'tnk llt)\l\ llll\ show. exent tor the lust time \\lllI an Irnals taking place over the two .l.;-. the . lllll.t\ being the senior rrren

.mrl momen tonrriairrents.

Scottish Computer Fair Sun 3 Mar.

ig‘n. L3 4-2 i. lice I'or under- I()s.

l‘LIIlIi.'\IHII Quay. rnlo: 0170b

.5" ' i‘i‘t liter.~ are over 75 trade stands ii..y 'n Iallrl all your hardualc.

~23 systcms requirements. Salsa Classes \..r;ons xenues. into: 504


W” (is? your strips :noyrng III a Latin- " =:'I. :szz-u- ».i;s.. classes .-\cadeniia \ .;’ l’iirierx Sanclnelrall Street ti *‘ig‘nr in: l!lZ.‘:II|L‘tlI;llt'\L «530ml!

80 THELIST :‘ ' «'e

for advanced: Tues 6.30pm for beginners); Havana at Hope Street (Weds 6.30pm. Sats 3.30pm).


Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove Argyle Street. Glasgow. 287 2699. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun ,I lam—5pm. Free. This line example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell. plus numerous historical artel‘acts and animal displays. Also on show: The Lukulu (I/Im! Dance S/ti/‘I ()Iijet'l ('inemu. I’unmunru (i/uxgmr. I’nixnk/ri Banners and Frank I./u\'¢/ Il’ri‘e/rl The Living City. See Glasgow Art listings. page 75.

Hunterian Museum

University Avenue. Glasgow. 330 422 I. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free. Dating from I807. the Hunterian is Scotland's oldest public museum -- it lost its artworks in I930 with the opening ol‘ the purpose-built art gallery in the grounds. but it is still home to a collection of the university’s treasures. Also on show: The Animal Construction Company and The Histrnjv ()jLS'r'nIIix'lt Bunk Notes. See Glasgow Art listings. page 75.

Mugdock Country Park

Craigallari Road. Milngavie. Glasgow. 956 ()l()(). Free. This country park on the north east side oi the city lras a full programme of ranger activities as well as

numerous woodland paths and walkways.

The visitor centre is open 9am-5pm every day ol‘ the year. ('all lor more details on the opening times of the gill shop and crafts trnit. or for a lull itinerary ol' countryside events.

BurrelI Collection

2060 I’ollokshaws Road. Glasgow. (>49 7l5l. Mon—Sat I()am—5pm; Sun Ham—5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell’s world famous collection ol‘ beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially designed building. Also on show: The 'I'lris‘I/e .4an The Rose. See Glasgow Art listings. page 75.

Calderglen Country Park

Strathaven Road. liast Kilbr'ide. 0l355 236644. Daily l0am--4.30pm. Free. This country park oliers something for all ages. with an ornamental garden for horticultural enthusiasts. an audio-visual display. a children's zoo and a host of walks and nature trails.

David Livingstone Museum

lo5 Station Road. Blantyre. Glasgow. ()Io98 823 I40. Mon-Sat mam—3.30pm: Sun [2.30—3.30pm. £2.95 (£I.o0—£ I .75). This museum. situated in the tenement where Scotland's most famous rnissionary-explorer was born. l‘eatures memorabilia from his life. both in Scotland and in the heart ol'Al‘rica.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road. Glasgow. 334 2422. Daily 7am--dusk t Kibble Palace Mon-Sat. I0am -4.I5pm). Free. This 19th century garden and glasshouses are home to an interesting and educational selection ol‘ plants. as well as l'eaturing in the lilm Jtn/e.

Glasgow Zoopark

C‘alderpark. Uddingston. Glasgow. 77l

I I85. Daily 9.30am—5pm (last admission 3.30pm). £3.10 (£2.05). A popular haunt on school trips. Glasgow Zoopark boasts a varied collection ol' animals. from lions to guinea pigs. as well as a well-stocked reptile house. There is also a full programme of interactive events. such as snake-handling and birds oi prey Ilying displays. plus (‘hildren's Farm. amusements and an orienteering course.

Gruesome Glasgow Meet at Tourist Information Centre. George Square. Glasgow. 772 (I022. Daily 7pm. £5 (£4): children £3. Tales of torture and terror on the streets ol' (ilasgow as an expert guide takes you on a tour ol' the city's cruel past. House For An Art Lover Bellalroustou Park. It) Dumbreck Road. (ilasgow. 353 4773. 1.3500350). l‘iol' opening times. call inlo line 0l4I 353 4449. Art lover s (‘ale and Shop open I()am~5pm daily. This tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh (the building was originally designed by him tor a competition in l90l. but has been liaithliully completed by contemporary architects) has now re-opened alter its r'el'urbishment. Also on show: Ruv li’ii‘lnn't/wn and ('u/neu. See (ilasgow Art listings. page 75.

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. Glasgow. 287 2720. Mon -Sat |()am—5pm: Sun I lain-5pm. Free. A museum crammed with buses. trams. lire engines. ships and other paraphernalia. devoted to the history of transport. Permanent exhibitions include Shipbuilding ()n The River (‘lvt/e. a large mural by- David :\IcFarlane. Ila/king I)rnnr an interactive sculpture by Stephen llealy and l'ir'li/nx‘ ()f 'l'ru/rv/mrl by .lustin (‘arteri

People's Palace 8: Winter Garden (ilasgow (ireen. (ilasgovx. 554 Mon—Sat I0anr-5pm; Sun Ilanr-5pm. (.ilasgow's best-loved institution has recently undergone a nrajor lacelil‘t to celebrate its centenary year. The new displays are set out thematically with subjects including The l’unei; Iii/mix 0/ The (in and (time :l/It/ I’M/iix/r/nent. Pollok House

I’oliok (‘ountry Park

2000 l’ollokshaws Road. (ilasgow. (i l (r o4l0. Daily l0am-4pm. .\'ote opening hours increase to 5pm on Thu I Apr. but you also have to pay an admission charge of £3.20 (£2.20); tamin ticket LSot).

()ne ol’ the most elegant I8th century burldrngs tn the country. this historic house Ieatures some ol~ the linest Spanish

paintings in Britain hour the collection of

Sir William Stirling Maxwell.

Scotland Street School Museum Museum ()I‘ liducation

225 Scotland Street. Glasgow. 429 I202. Mon-«Sat I0am—5pm; Sun 27-5pm. Free. Designed in I904 by (‘har'les Rennie Ivlackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland from [872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a Ilavour oi Victorian. Iidwardian. World War II and I9o0s school days. Also on show: liiixuk/ri Banners. See Glasgow Art listings. page 75.

Springburn Museum

Atlas Square. Ayr Street. Glasgow. 557 I405. ’I‘ue-vln'i I0.30am—5pm; Sat l0am--4.30pm. Free. By use of photographs and artel'acts. arts and crafts. the museum brings to life the social and industrial history of the north of Glasgow illustrated by two permanent exhibitions r'l'lru/e In The A'm'rlr and Spring/nun I’nrk. I’exIeIz/(tv. 'lin/uv .'ilI(/ 'linnm'mrr.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 ("astle Street. Glasgow. 55.3 2557. .\Ion--Sat l()am--5pm‘. Sun [lam—5pm. Free. A rnuseum ol' world I’aiths. l'eaturmg a '/.en garden. priceless art works Irom the world's six major religions. Dali‘s('/1rivl()fSrtintjulrnOf The (run and the story oI‘ religion in Scotland through words and pictures. Also on show Delivering Hope. See Glasgow Art listings. page 75.

The Time Capsule I00 Buchanan Street. Coatbridge. ()l23o 449572. Daily l0am--9pm. £3.85—£5.l0 rL‘3.05 L'3.()0). The pool area corrres complete vx ith way e machine. river rapids. flames and a rubber ring slide.

and you can encounter a lite-sized woolly

mammoth on the ice rink. ()ther attractions include a gym and health laeilrties. plus a play area tor children aged 5 i l.

BRIGHT IDEAS THE HOME INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW Wed 24—Fri 26 Mar. 11am—7pm; Sat 27 & Sun 28 Mar, 10am—7pm. £5.50 (£3; free for accompanied under-16s). SECC, Finnieston Quay, 287 7777. This is Scotland’s first ever show dedicated to home interior design and should provide you with an abundance of ideas to help you achieve your ideal abode. From innovative decorating techniques to cutting edge interior design, there will be live talks and demonstrations in the Art Of Living Theatre and Top Tips Corner, while there will be exhibits from the likes of stencil designers and manufacturers, the Landsdowne Collection (above). There will also be a chance to compare the best that Scotland has to offer

against designers around the globe in the International Design Pavilion.