V I saw you on 21 bus from 0er to Newington You New '/.ealand girl. Sat next to me. I asked you what the time was. Would like to see you again - for more! Box No U/355/l.

V I saw you Rachel. no lo bus. Mon 22nd. Yott got off at Tollcross. I didn't recognise your shorter hair. Reminded me of ice cream amongst other things. Tell me how you are. Gi'rr. Brian. (3/355/2.

V I saw you . . . Charlie. You wanted an I saw you. Box No U/355/3.

V I saw you Sting lookalike. short blonde hair and glasses buying Mayfair lights. lucky dips and Jaffa Cakes with Spanish friend near Commonwealth Pool. I might be your lucky number! Box No U/355/4.

V I saw you at Glasgow- Central. Feb 23 about 10.30pm. gorgeous rounded lady with black hair. I had long brown hair. bushy beard and John Lennon specs. We exchanged smiles btit l was too shy to say hello. Fancy diiiner‘.’ Box No U/355/5.

V I saw you looking lively on the dance floor. Was it the San/a and orange you were drinking or are you always so vibi'ant'.’

V I saw you in the art school tiiiioii. Blue in you body- warmer. I bought you a drink btit was too drunk to talk. you ran away. Was it my dancing'.’ Box No [7355/0

V I saw you sexy. curly haired chef at Blue. I loy ed your par- fait. can I have some Tiraiiiisu mi gtiapa‘.’ Box No LY/355/7.

V I saw you every Wed & Thurs am on North Bridge. You always in ruslt. tisually on the run. shirt ‘ii' tie. bomber jacket. Me in opposite direction. guy with dark hair. Fancy slowing down some time'.’ Box No [.7355/8.

V I saw you immediately as you walked into the reference section of the city centre library. 17th February. Tall. long black coat. short black hair. Absorbed tn your books. two consecutive \‘v'ediiesdays. What's your name? Box .\'o (3/355/9.

V I saw you Neil. III the Attic. Friday 19th Feb. Your brother was in PIiRFFfiCT BLUF. I could drink a case of you. btit I can’t remember your number. Box No lI/355/lll.

V I saw you Super Matt. in Vegas. natural btit shy. blond btit bottled. You have my number and nothing to lose . . . Give me a call and let tiie know . _ . U/RSS/l l.

V I saw you Mal. lI-I‘H looking cool blue zipping around town. Hope your find your knight in shining Peugeot. No more doti- blc dating with 'l.i.\!v'guys though. (is. Box No [7/355/l2.

90 TIIELIST 18 Mar -1 Apr 1999

V I saw you dark tanned beau- ty of a man. so witty so clever. You know me Ari. You have no idea what your charisma does to me!!! Still got crystals? Box No U/355/l3.

V I saw you every Wed morn- ing through the bedroom win- dow - you sleeping beauty in your lilac boudoir - me BIG Jake the bin-man - nice ass babyl! Go on - throw caution to the wind and yer pj’s to the kerb - ye will ye will ye will ye will. . . Box No U/355/I4.

V I saw you Colin - Bennetts - 20 Feb. You wearing sleeveless padded jacket - me. checked shirt. We chatted during Mr Gay UK. I watched you dance with your (boy?) friend you noticed and grabbed my wrist to see the time. You're gorgeous! Get in touch. Box No U/355/15.

V I saw you again. Mr White Leather Tie. gr00ving on the dance floor at Going Places. I‘m

the too shy. wee dark haired girl.

Remember? Maybe the next time. Box No U/355/16.

V I saw you mister Tigger. St Vincent Crescent. You bounced into my life and knocked my stripes off. I love and adore you. Purr. purr. Pussy B. xxx. Box No U/355/l7.

V I saw you Dee Rimbaud. I see you every day iii our wee love nest. You are the sexiest guy in town. Your smile makes my heart do cartwheels. Su xxx. Box No U/355/l8.

V I saw you Planet ()ut. 10/3/99. You. young. tall. thin guy in polo shirt drinking pints with girl your first time out? Me ‘Placebo' hair. nail varnile combat. ‘Sunnydale' t-shirt. Me too shy. Box No U/355/l9.

V I saw you Fri 5 March behind bar at Archaos. you long blonde hair. me drinking Morgans. Can I have your num- ber now'.’ Box No U/355/20.

V I saw you Kevin. regular at The Basement. Three butch angels tattoo. I‘ve smiled at you a thousand times. I heard you talking about the last ad. Please get in touch. Reply Box No U/355/21.

V I saw you My hermit - don‘t tease me. Please. please me soon. Love K. Box No U/355/22.

V I saw you KJ. Duiiibarton/Mull. We were ships that passed in the night. I now live in Glasgow. Will you sing Caledonia to me? Box No U/355/23.

V I saw you F.A.T boy at Po Na Na. 20 Feb. all alone 'cos your friends were ‘drunk and over there‘. I waved at you so come back and hold my hand again! Box No U/355/24.

V I saw you Deb front Adelaide at Joy on 6 March. Can't get you out of my mind. you were beautiful. We kissed! Btit you left before the end. Let's meet up. Box No [1/355/25.

V I saw you Dead by Dawn. Filiiihouse. 5/3/99. You hunky goateed (German?). Me gtiy with friends intense eye contact then again in bar (John Smiths Bitter). Give me another chance to say Hi. Box No U/355/26.

V I saw you Susies Diner lunchtime. 9 March. I caught your glass. You gave me water. Fancy a coffee sometime? Box No U/355/27.

V I saw you at the Esso garage. Gt Western Rd. on Sun 8/3. 2pm. You were about to wash your red golf as I left in my orange Audi. I loved you dark hair. you took my breath away! Why don‘t we get togeth- er and wash the blues away? Box No U/355/28.

V I saw you reading. I saw you a smug grin. You’re the sweetest flapjack in Glasgow. and I love you to bits. Please don't slag my Cary Grants. Stevie boy. Box No U/355/29.

V I saw you Carmen. we danced at the Caledonian Ceilidh. 6 March. You have a lovely smile and I‘d like to see you again. R. Box No U/355/30. V I saw you and your cute boyish hips. You made me dizzy and happy. I baked you sea bass. Love always. Al. xxx. Box No U/355/3 I.

V I saw you my possessive. jealous. sadistic. controlling. piercing blue-eyed. blond preda- tor. I want to sexually enslave you forever. Your bewitching very. very sexy and slightly dan- gerous admirer. PS. Lets keep the games for sex times. Box No U/355/32.

V I saw you still enjoying your passionate kisses. Still dreaming my dreams of you. Have on wonderful day. M.A.T.B. Box No U/355/33.


V I saw you Li's! girl. I'm intrigued to find out more. Write to me! G. Box No U/355/34.

V I saw you Dee. 31st Jan. cel- ebrating our love-filled adven- ture-full. angel-blessed year with beautiful. amazing friends. An ecstatic night. You fill my life with magic. Love. love. love Suzy 8 xxx. Box No U/355/35. V I saw you small. with red 8: black hair. I told you about horoscopes and read your palm. I was wearing flares and floral shirt. You know you want it. Box No U/355/36.

V I saw you in the carpark. You gave me your gloves. Much confusion over this work thing. Nice eyes. Please speak to me! Box No U/355/37.

V I saw you Carl. serving like a true waitress at Red! Box No U/355/38

V I saw you Miss Duff. I heard your piano and I love your tech- nique. It's subliminal. Love Doll Face. Box No U/355/3‘).

V I saw you Huge/1n fresh from the mountain. Full of tequila alas not Guinness ~ do you fancy a piiit so I can sort otit your bits and then your workload. Princess Y. Box No U/355/40.

V I saw you Sinead. your parka sent ma sparks a‘ flying - alive ‘n’ kickin (alive oh!). See you for ladies night - we‘ll have a ball! Box No U/355/4l.

V I saw you tall blonde Julie. dressed in black at the Catwalk. you were surrounded. How about a private audience? Box No U/355/42.

V I saw you gorgeous dark haired man at the Fruitmarket cafe. Do you ever get a day off? Let me know. Box No U/355/43. V I saw you at Blue on Sat 13 Feb. evening. You must be the homophobic nerd in the red sweater with the big nose and lit- tle penis. For your information we are two happy dykes and two happy heterosexuals. What is your problem? Box No U/355/44. V I saw you fat bloke. Wednesday night. Stand Comedy Club. You on stage. not funny. me with friend smiling in white. You go both ways. right? Box No U/355/45.

V I saw you every day. BBC Queen St. You Kerouac auteur. me devoted fan. Presentation my forte - what's yours? Let‘s explore! Box No U/355/4b.

V I saw you and you gave me 'come to bed' eyes. and I thought iiiiiiiii. maybe one day I will - Gary. Box No U/355/47.

V I saw you in drag at the Golf

Tavern. Me in overalls. a scaf- folder. Please play with my pole. Box No U/355/48.

V I saw you on Tuesday 23rd walking up Nicolson St. I took my hat off and smiled. do you fancy taking more than just my hat off? Box No U/355/4‘).

V I saw you Emma at Aquarius Bar. You rottind. me slim and blond. Meet me in gym gear at New Year in Paris. Box No U/355/50.

V I saw you in Teviot. Friday 12th. Tall. dark and curly with sexy accent. I'm Kii'sty btit I gave you the wrong number! Box No L’/355/51.

V I saw you iii the George Hotel. you are the juiciest waiter l have ever seen. you spiky haired god of buttocks. Box No U/355/52.

V I saw you greed boy - I like your sausage. love from your mum. Box No U/355/53.

V I saw you l8/2/99 Stills Napier show. Said name was Neil. I‘ll do the same for you. Box No U/355/5-I.

V I saw you looking hot and hunky. drooling over the birds that come into your upstairs mad camera cafe. you steamy chef. Box No U/355/55.

V I saw you busy brunette. wearing blue skirt and black trousers iii Cafe Graffiti - you paid fora beer; you stole my heart. From Sensitive. brooding poet (Joseph Fiennes look-a- like). Box No U/355/56.

V I saw you ticket-Ripper at the Traverse. You: beautiful curly locks and tiny wee body. with those red trousers you look like Noddy. Me: college profes- sor. I should know better. Box No U/355/57.

V I saw you in the City Cafe. You behind the bar loiig dark hair. glasses. Me. tall stocky. dark hair. I asked you where I should go - you enigmatic. Please be more precise. Box No LJ/355/58.

V I saw you in the Two. Malcolm. is that helmet getting bigger or is it just wishful think- ing? Strangely. my sore leg gets better at the thought of it. Box No U/355/5‘).

V I saw you Brian. behind the bar at CCA. l was very upset after that silly woman didn't interview me. You cheered iiie tip with coffee. conversation and the job pages! Thanks I‘loncybunch. Box No U/355/60. V I saw you Charlie. in the Variety bar on Thursday with your little red back pack atid sexy smile. Leave the old hairy bloke and come back packing with me XXX. Box No U/355/(i I.

V I saw you lycra effect catsuit in Bonkers. Me cool in Nike blub gear and Adidas trainers. Let's do it! (Fri l‘)th). Box No [.3/355/62.

V I saw you funky girl at Test on Friday. I thought you were Kerry btit you weren't. You can move baby. Box no U/355/o3.


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