V I saw you Stisaii. drinking III Bt'el. looking like Bette Davis. Miss you serving iii the Art School. Please cotiie back and treat me mean. Box No U/355/(i-I.

V I saw you girl in a gown. At the (‘ul de Sac bar on what appeared to be your birthday. I think we love yoti. Box No U/355/(i5.

V I saw you at Glasgow Uni. You look like an ancient Greek god. You were wearing a blue fleece with white stripes on the sleeves. (‘an we create the pas- sion of a summer affair iii the mist of a Scottish wititer'.’ An Irish Angel. Box No [7355/66. V I saw you in the Shish Mahal with your Natalie hairdo atid L'IIIIIIIIIIIII; gt in. The corn oti the cob sliotild have been free. Techies may he nerds btit l'ni loaded. (‘oiiie agaiti. Box No t'/.t.<..</o7.

V I saw you tlirotigli the glass. Yotti inviting look made me approach you. Then to make my iiiotitli water yoti botiglit me a Sau/a and lemonade. liancy another'.’

V I saw you Dannie () iii Glasgow Library. Why don‘t L‘ be my study partner tonight'.’ Box No l'/355/(iS.

V I saw you Poliin Alysia iii the edit suite looking fine and foxy. .\lc - secret admirer wanti- ng to get tip close and personal. Bo\ No l'/355/(i9.

VI saw you Viking prince. Ram your horns iiito my lost soul and saute them front obliv- ion; l'll tame your raging heart and melt it into mine. Box No li/355/7t),

V I saw you, you No feisty. alluring sirens. iii the ('ul de Sac - fiery red stripes III my fire - the other fallen star Ii‘oiii heaven - l loy e you holli. Be my brides. Box No [7355/7 l.

V I saw you lnlei'nacioliale girl. Let me inside your cheap I— sllit'l. I3ti\ No l'r’355/73.

V I saw you liutiglihank. fetiiale l).l. You had titan hands. So what. ('onie eat cheese with tile. liti\ No [-1’355/73.

V I saw you \i. llll your hair on fire so remember me when your putting it out. Bos .\'o [7355/74. V I saw you oooli young titan... It was long htit now it‘s short. who know s. Maybe l can find otit. ’I‘ight hottoiii. Box No U355/75

V I saw you eliee/y man in white slItl'l}. l lti\ e Depechc .\Iode too. let's tli‘ink Red Stripe at brunch. Mobile phones are spoonhoppei's, llos No [.7355/70.

V I saw you ()sc‘ul Wilde and yet so much a man?! \Yilde'.’ 'l‘hai's how you tlrtye the. Side burns toli. yesi glasses and long unkempt liair- I get poetic - you "verses" me. I3o\ No [7355/77.

sti sc‘l'ltillS. I .CIK

V I saw you funny btiiii you drive me crazy. Funny btiiii you make life hazy. ()ooh funny btiiii. Aaah funny bum. Show us it. Box No U/355/78.

V I saw you glasses and sophisticated hairdo. White shirt of muslin - could you be my Judas‘.’ I‘ll be your saviour or not... Box No U/355/79.

V I saw you I saw yer spadger. Thought you dyed your hair. obviously not. Do you like dancing'.’ Ya mad bugger. Box No U/355/80.

V I saw you at mass on Sunday. I love how you pray. Let's get spiritual. True love waits. Box No U/355/8L

V I saw you Blondie in the Uisge. top bar. You drink 80 and I will serve you next time with a smile. Love Josie Star. Box No U/355/82.

V I saw you you blonde bomb- shell. It was four weeks ago - so I hope your coat has dried otit by now. Box No U/355/83.

V I saw you, you work at the library at Glasgow Uni. you're a skater. you‘re sexy. you know I atn I hope. Box No U/355/8-l. V I saw you at work in the Garage on the 2nd Saturday of

January - you do look sexy iii

that secttrity top Sttiart!! Box No LJ/355/85.

V I saw you a steward iii the Garage - short blonde hair. blue eyes. car. Come tip and see me sometime! Box No U/355/86.

V I saw you on Saturday mm Jan working in the Garage in

7 Glasgow. I think your name is

Kev - the sexiest Garage bounc- er!! Box No U/355/87.

V I saw you at the cloak room iii the Garage. I think your name is Jill. Your eyes are lovely and I‘d like meet you. Box No li/355/88.

V I saw you Spacenian 7.. Your first big screen appeanmce. Yoti danced iii the darkness zutd l

watched. I'll keep you warm in these 1 winter months and wait to see you in August. A. Box No U/355/B9.

V I saw you my sweets for a

year and a half. I shall tiiiss the

crack. Take care and see you sooti. To all my family with

love. Box No [7/355/90. : V I saw you Kate - Standard Life on Mar 9th. I still love yoti.

ya poxy chickstrel. liven when

l'iii famous. Box No lf/355/9l.

V I saw you iiiaiige-totit. you looked just like Homer. prop- piiig tip the bar with your ettryy body. Oh how I wish you would kiss me like you kiss your dtiff.

I .\I.S. Box No U/355/92.

' V I saw you l)on ft'otii

: l)undonald... haven't seen you ' in almost a year - please get in _ touch. all my love. Laura Belle.

Box no [,7/355/93.

V I saw you Stewart from I)unl’ermline/Iidiiibtirgh in the Polo Lounge. Sat 20th Feb. I know a doctor who knows yott.

' your tall friend kept close. shy!

RCngI not speaking. Box No

U/RSS/(M. ~ V I saw you Gordon. Del‘s.

Yoti used to he barman. seem manager now. You've ptit oti the

weight a hit. it suits. Knocked ; you back last year - not now.

prefer chubby. Box No


V I saw you Friday iii Alaska. Grey cardigan. black hipsters - you were on the guest list. Very cool - please meet my heart and he my eskiiiio. Box No U/355/9o.

V I saw you at ()blomov. the

' Yatig! Can I be your Scottish

lady'.’ Box No U/355/97.

V I saw you last Mon night at Buddha. your beautiful blond hair was draped silkily over your orange robe as you danced away. Our eyes met only once. Please let them meet again. Box No U/355/98.

V I saw you under the bridge that night - when I lost my heart to a starship trooper. Box No U/355/99.

V I saw you with a cookie family. You all theorized about the moon. I saw stars in your eyes. Tron bar Stiii lptii. Box No U/355/ltX).

V I saw you Alan. Astrid. Julie. Ryan atid Lucas at the Tron. You all look knackered bttt I love you anyway. “Troon Man". Box No U/355/l01.

V I saw you languishing on a couch. lidinbtit'gh School of Art. Looking Rubenesque. You came down to look at my ceramic wares! Love 3 Fingered (‘eramicist Box No U/355/IU2.


i V I saw you wee Chris on your . face and green at the gills at Apex would you like to collapse ; on my floor - Mani. Box No

[.3/355/ | ()3.

V I saw you red haired piercer

from Tribe you pierced my heart - ouch! I need some after care! Box No [3/355/104.

V I saw you we saw you. oh

' hold boy on Sat ()Ill Mar. btitt naked iii the dead of tiiglit. in

the middle of Hyndlantl cricket

ground. spotlight on your cute

little white ass - were you doitig press tips or was it something else'.’ Box No li/355/l05.

. V I saw you Iidwai'd at I’otterrow and this little I'd like

to stay for breakfast. Box No

; l.’/355/l()o.

V I saw you US Marine corp! I saw you at the Three Sisters

. obstacle course. I think I may

need to be disciplined. You can march me into your barracks anytime! Box No L'/355/|()7. V I saw you Anna the DJ

f would you like to spin my

decks. Box No l.’/355/l()8. V I saw you Blondie. at the Stills Gallery. I'm the big

. gee/er in the orange comtiiando

outfit. I‘m desperate. you're

sweet as. fancy it'.’ Box No

l_,'/355/l()9. V I saw you serving me at The

3 Salsa Ilut. 25/2/99. blue eyes highlights. you are stunning tiie

- tall. lottd and hungry (to see

; you again)! llot salsa after woi'k'.’ Box No [3/355/l l().

V I saw you standing there. I saw you laying bare. Suzi my heart. my love. I did declare when I saw you sitting there. Box No U/355/I I I.

V I saw you, then I heard you. I smelt you burning and then suddenly I couldn't hear you anymore - wonderfull! Ref - the piano exhibit iii ‘the suns. Box No U/355/l l2.

V I saw you walking up Kilgraston Road a few Fridays ago. We had a ‘stolen moment' of eye contact. I wish I had stopped and spoken. my nisty yellow car hasn‘t been the same since I‘m curious. Box No U/355/I l3.

V I saw you my lovely jojo. when am I gonna get a go-go. you‘re iii my thoughts. you are my Bubba. oh my god how much I love you. Box No U/355/l 14. V I saw you wearing jodphurs. green hair. blonde eyes. hinmni. Box No U/355/l l5.

V I saw you foxy chick iii your work clothes sitting next to your sister. maybe. You're gorgeous. Call me. Box No U/355/l 16.

V I saw you in the Traverse Bar 9.30 Fri by the bar; short dark hair. funky blue jacket. white adidas. phone me. Box No U/355/I 17.

V I saw you Mr Brown Quiff looking dead fit iii a tight blue I- shii't - Pure 20/2/99. Me - bloke iii saggy brown trousers beside you. Were you interested/curi- ous/teasing/off your head'.’ Box No U/355/I l8.

V I saw you sexy man with the stubble iii pizza shop on Pitt St. Glasgow. We like your onion. mushroom and sweetcorn and we like you too. Box No U/355/l l9.

; V I saw you dark. gorgeous.

short with a lovely lovely bum and a big big white hat iii Henry's. Box No U/355/l20.

V I saw you pissed. tall. bald- ing. sexing and beautiful with a lovely Parisienne girl. but I want you anyway. Looking at those big windows in the Candy Bar. Glasgow forever. Box No U/355/l21.

. V I saw you Mr Doanllee

turtling cars on the aircraft bing... ptit your linger iti my ear'.’ Box No U/355/I22.

V I saw you Gav. ()ddbins man. Skirving Street. Wish you were around more often but you will be mine. Box No U/355/l23.

V I saw you groovy cat girl. Get your cat pants on and let's get it on. Like they do iii those 7()s rude films. Traverse 24/2. 7.30pm. Box No U/355/l24. V I saw you Seoul Olympic boy! You were at the Traverse going to see 'Family‘. Call me for athletic trials! Box No U/355/l25.

'. V I saw you sitting at the end

of the Blue Bar doing Friday night (.}&Ts! Looking more like my type of ftill on claret! Dressed in all dark blue denim yott were scrumptious! 5/3/99. Box No U/355/l2o.

V I saw you iii Blue bar/cafe

; on 5/3/99. You wore black. vel-

' vet. ()ur eyes met like velcro. l

was too nervous to talk! Box No

ll/355/ l 27.


V I saw you Doug. You kissed me. then lied. I loved you and cried. Phone me. I had a great night. Box No U/355/l28.

V I saw you in Blue. your smile dazzled me. happy 30th Birthday. You know who I am. Box No U/355/l29.

V I saw you outside Blue on 1/3/99. being sick. You said you name was Doug. I‘d love to see you do it again. Box No U/355/l30.

V I saw you iii Traverse bar. ILISpm. Fri 25 Feb. You said you weren't Natalie lmbruglia but I'm convinced you were. I love you. Box No U/355/I3l. V I saw you Graham iii the Traverse Bar. You held it to your lips and drew iii with such fevour - how I longed to be that cigarette. Box No U/355/l32. V I saw you drinking in the Traverse. Nicky. Your friend said you were tired from filming in your stripey fleece. If you wake up get iii touch from a lovely girl. Box No U/355/l33. V I saw you Gill. you foxy devil. wearing cute purple flow- ers in you bunches. Maybe see you at the Lyceum again. Love always. Walter. Box No U/355/I34.

V I saw you in an Arran jumper. all dressed in beige. You asked me for the time. I want to show you my clock. 7/3/99. IO.50pm. the TraverseXXX Ginger bird. Box No U/355/l35. V I saw you little love cat. You can curl up on my lap anytime. Show tne your electric fur. Bluedog. Box No U/355/l36. V I saw you Jeremy. working iii Negociants. the Festival Theatre. the Cellar bar. and then No l Brasserie I miss you babe: ex-Neg's workmate. Laura the actress. Box No U/355/l37. V I saw you 'Jack Crawford'. guzzling pints iii the Artisan. I atii a mudwrestling beermonster care for a spar? Box No U/355/l38.

V I saw you cute German guy at your birthday party. 20/02/99. Please take me to Rio de Janeiro with you. XXX. Box No U/355/l39.

V I saw you red & black check shirt. mullet. smoking fat cigar. cowboy shoes. I wanna be your cowgirl. Box No

U/355/ l 40.

V I saw you Steve in Citrus club. last November. You were new to Edinburgh from Ireland. Friends sofa was comfy. Deeply regret losing contact. L. Box No U/355/I4 I.

V I saw you Brian Benetton most weekends. Will I ever catch your eye'.’ I'm just too shy. Box No U/355/I42.

V I saw you Funky chicken in Cafe Aquarius looking trendy iii red zippy top. I drank coffee in body warmer. t‘was 26 Feb. Box No U/355/I43.

V I saw you African Prince standing by the cigarette machine iti Bar Kohl. You were wearing bright green. Lets clash - call me. Box No U/355/I44. V I saw you Mark Morrison wannabe by the fag machine iii Bar Kohl. Lets get ‘horny‘. Box No U/355/I45.


l8 Mar—l Apr 1999 THE LIST 91