V I saw you in Bar Kohl.

straddling bar stool. You 1— dark

hair. green eyes. He ~ blonde fi-hair. blue eyes. I.ets meet fora eriiik. Box No [7/355/l-Io.

' V I saw you Andy (ogre). looking at me w ith those deep. blue eyes and tlowing blonde locks. See you Bar Kohl. same time out Saturday"? Box No l’x’fiSF/IJT V I saw you tall. dark. tanned. muscles in places I didn't know they L‘\islc‘cl ck those eyes . . . make me melt all (M er again. I'll be in Bar Kolil this Saturday just waiting. Box No lf/FSF/IJB‘.

V I saw you (‘oolio Ill Bar Kohl at the tag machine. if you giy e me a call I'll give it my all. and before yoti know it we'll be hay ing a ball. Bo\ .\'o l'i’RFS/IJ‘).

V I saw you buxom beauty in Bar Kohl every I‘i'iday. I'm the \H‘II toned tanned hunk always catching your eye. lets get logctlict. Box No [7355/50.

V I saw you working at \Viitei'siones. (ieoi‘ge Street. Me. male. 30s. I loy ed your goatee and blue lips. Bo\ .\‘o l'r’SSS/ISI.

V I saw you titllsttlc‘ T‘iegotiants. bouncing. full ol‘j.oy with your Noddy badge. .\Iy' flake I gaye away. Ilall' you stole from my wee friend. I‘i'idti} 36 lieb. 3am. (iei in touch. I3o\ No l'/355/l52.

V I saw you gorgeous Asian- estpie girl at ('ale (iiall'iti.

l 3/90. You notably single. liit atria/ed but liopel'til. It only I v..isii'i gay and had an .'\ll\llttIl;tll partner. Btu No l‘l"55/'l53.

V I saw you (’Iiiis. in the Iieelii\ e relore (‘lii'istnias. with laime from the Rat ik I’ai'i'ot. I used to see you iii Napier

l ihi‘ary you distracted me - are you sitiglc.’ Bo\ \o i'i‘isS/isa.

V I saw you well-rounded. .lark my \ICI'_V woman bending ouer at the cigarette machine in liar Kohl on Saturday 37 I‘eb. I'll I‘c looking tor you next Iltl‘it'. Bo\ \o l.'/355/I55.

V I saw you gorgeous l)ougi'ay Scott look-.i-Iike t” liar Kohl. I‘Ll 2o I'eh. .-\i'e yott this years hint" I;t).\ Ni) Ih/AFS/ISO.

V I saw you Dave at Bar Kohl till Saturday 27 I~eb and every Saturday . I like the way you work it no diggity'I BKNY (" I' Soot]. KC. Btu \o l'i'SSF/IFT

V I saw you lll liar Kohl brushing past me at the door. You chI like you go It) IIIL' gym and smelt ot "l‘onimy (iirl‘. (Jet lll toticli. Box No b/SSS/ISS. V I saw you iii Bat" Kohl on Saturday 27 I‘eb. You. long dark hair. suggesiiyely drinking a Bacardi bree/ei'. .\le. shaved head watching you drink witli ililcl'csl. I’lL‘thL‘ gt‘l Ill Ititlc‘Ii. Hits Ni) II/ASS/IS‘).

V I saw you Jeremy from air- port look-a—like. working in Bar Kohl. I'll drink lots of Russian tea. ll you decide to be with tiie. Iiiix Ni) II/KSS/Ilill.

V I saw you llll'L‘L' years ago - Ill_\‘ frog. Stick to my lily poiid this \ttllllllL‘l' and you'll be my

prince. luv you always. Box No

II/T’iSS/Ih I.

92 iiiill I I‘KIJI

V I saw you oh denis oobedo. was it destiny? I don't know yet! Picture this. I can‘t wait to touch you in the flesh. mmmagnificent. You‘re ‘my king‘ and I'm in heaven every time I look at you. Call me. anytime. any place. any- where. any day. I‘ve got the blues. please come see. what your loving means to me. You Sunday Girl. Box No U/355/Io2. V I saw you Lion King. I'd love to hear you roar in bed. Your blonde. cool and beautiful pussy cat. prrr. PS. You stole the sun from my heart. Box No U/355/l63.

V I saw you my anti-christ red. white and blue boy. You win. You are fascinating. I‘m waiting for you. please posess my pock- et venus body. mmmm. Box No 1.3/355/l64.

V I saw you Liam working it on the dancefloor @ Joy. Is it true Brazilians do it better? Box No U/355/165.

V I saw you gorgeous! You had long. bleached hair and a smile that could give a man a heart attack at 50 paces and that laugh! Phone me baby! Box No U/355/I66.

V I saw you at the Bridges bus stop. I was having fun with a ‘Help. call the police!‘ sign in a

dark blue VW golf. You were

absolutely gorgeous. Box No

LI/355/167. V I saw you & eye love you already my princess. Please stay

by my side! Box No U/355/I68. V I saw you C

at Negotiants. your cute smile

and puppy dog eyes make me go weak at the knees. Come and curl tip at the end of my bed! Box No U/355/Io‘).

V I saw you Mr Loverman at Tribal I-‘unktion. doing your thang. ilext time strutt your funky stuff in my direction. Box No U/355/l70.

V I saw you Carla. my fruity. kiwi dream. ()ti Friday night you didn't look too bad. Hows about it'.’ Box No U/355/l7l.

V I saw you while I was stand- ing alone at the bar with my Red Bull. You and your brain eyes

just wanted me to fly away with

i you. Box No U/355/l72. V I saw you in the venue. your

name was Lynn and you looked

beautiful. Box No U/355/l73.

V I saw you asleep beside me 4 on Thursday night. Its been a

7 great two months kiddo you

i make tne smile. Box No


V I saw you Jamie at Tribal litinktion. l3/2/9‘). Grooving like no other. I wish that I was you Valentine. Box No


4 Aussie girls at Iguana. You. Irish .

V I saw you talking with

in green shirt and dark pants.

What a spunk! Honey. I want

you. Box No U/355/l76.

V I saw you Gustav. med sina : skitiga dreadlocks. cedde med

‘. sin avklippta mick. patriks tonti-

ga popfrilla ach josetines risi- gaeld. Vilka bilder. vilka vanner. Box No U/355/I77.

V I saw you at some time dur~ ing a good night. Happy Birthday. Love Donna and everyone. Box No U/355/I78. V I saw you in a crowded hazy bar. then in another. and another. I'll see you iii 02. V2. Miss

I you. from your little Irish fan. Box No U/355/l79.



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