Seinfeld: The Highlight Show

BBCZ, Fri ZApr, midnight.

Seinfeld: nice one centurion

tas'. t"e two ’W'i'lOS: eai‘ne's u" t"e ente'ta "‘dastri. were Jerry t ;, :zwu, who 'pet\.'.'ee" Poase'eu mow t"a" SZOO o" l"e s"o'.'. ‘.'."..(l‘~ saw the two spe: ta< afar t);.‘s5l‘-(‘SS was a s iron oea' ng Jer'y's surname

<:"(l ""s ‘xri’ l)’t'\t" \K‘, i)”: i.ll|(lr “(i8

' «=u i":>ut.:eu and ‘.ery o‘ten "ft' o r tra't"ers"ip bass so I} ("-3 series l)(‘(<‘i'lt(‘ a

.\r"e';(a, topping the

'a‘g'Wtrs 'o' 'oa' ;o"se(u.i\.'r‘- years, but .) .s' .e.'.-c-'s an:: 7‘; S('l(‘(it..(‘l'8 were so.‘. .1) <at:" o" lire ;.ps:oe ot tnis is

f"a‘., a Pong" States (re ‘a'ts st.ii


E'rrt‘FOur, .'.lon SApr, 10pm.

: 3 ~ Ewan McGregor: wild-mannered janitor

2" Irre i’ ("‘(t o‘ year poll, Ewan :'.'i:(:re<;o' a'o (a'r‘eror‘ Dia/ stored *‘ g", " not" the s"aga:)rl ty and atting fae". strut-s they appeared .': r‘o'.'.e‘.'er, audien<es at"e" (ool, exen though A l less Old/rag was the latest by the I'ra'r‘srioftir‘g tear" o‘ Danny Boyle, ‘.'.ar<:ona-r: anri John Hodge

' fnougnt the f;irr:

story of a satked ’2: at .or whose ainbit on to

'.I'(' "(;~()

o." returns to the shelf ' :; r:<<- o" a (:"<itlt).'i(; hs ex—poss's eutapiy fails 2n Eove '. f" r~ r»: the road sntarkeo of

100 THELIST ' “;

mourn the show's passing in spring

I998, we still have another two series worth of high (omedy in the (ompany of Kr'airler, George, Eiaine and the Sein to look forward to

The 'best of' (ompilation or 'clip show' (an often be an empty experience, but not III this (ase ea<h s(ene (hosen is a perfett representation of the show's genial writing and performance on offer every week There have been fewer finer ensemble (asts in (athode ray tube history than the one assembled here Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Jerry himself aII dare to portray weak, self-(entred (hararters In totally unrepentant ‘ashroii, resolutely adhering to the show"s ‘no hugging, no lear'ning' manifesto

Many of their greatest moments are retalled in the (purse of thes 45 minutes, in( ludrng near-the—knu( kle knutkie-sr‘euffle episode The Wager in whirh the gang undertake to abstain from solitary pleasure Lon; term admirers will also fondly remember the satrrr<aI masterpie(e whith saw a DIY DIX/(i business serve as a metaphor for the abortion debate lKramer ’It's not a p://a 'ti’ it comes out of the oven' Oveiwrought Italian restaurateur 'It's a DIX/(i the setond you put your hands 3.”. the dough"-

The orin people who could possrbly fail to enioy this br'oadtast are first- time \.'I(“.'.'(’TS, who may lust ki(l\ themselves at having missed the first 99 editions of a genurrze 90s (lassi( ‘Rob Eraser

Admittedly, 't was made and set :r‘ A'nema, with several Hoilywood a( tors :n the (ast i'.at(h out for solo per‘formames tron: the files of Ian IIolm, Holly Hunter and Stanley Tu((: But its b z‘arr'e iuxtaposrtion of ror tame, (omedy, realisii‘. and, most importantly, (inematir fantasy nods in the dirertion of the films of Mithael Powell and Emer';( Pr‘essburger, [)t'()(l;:((‘l' Andrew I\.Ia<(ionald's grandfather For its tintoin'entionality aione, and hrpper thar‘ thou soundtra(k, A life [less Ordinary deserves a round of applause

The fisrn recewes its UK television premiere as part of a four-day sabstription-fiee bonan/a on l‘lllllFOlll Between Friday 2 and Monday 5 April, aII satellite, (able and digital viewers will be able to see a total of 25 films of an unst rambled variety Friday night's fare (ontehtiates on the theme of food with 'Srr'een (.uisine', presented by (elebrity (hefs Nigel Slater and Gordon Ramsay and enr Iudes De/natessen and like Water For (jhoto/ate

Over the follox‘xrng three nights there are suth diverse works as Jeff Stein's ro<kumentary of lhe Who, fire Kids Are A/rignt and Steve Martin's horitage to nasal rinpertet tron in Roxanne

A life Less Ordinary is followed, guite appropriately, by S/ia/low Grave and Trainspotting, and fits into the 'Day'ight Robbeiy' season of (rime movies, whim also includes screenings of Reservorr Dogs and its Hong Kong 'rnspiratron' City On lAiaii I‘vlor‘r:soni


Electric Avenue

Channel 4, starts Tue 6 Apr, 11.30pm.

Despite soaring real estate prrtes, Brixton .s .st'il one of the most notorious neighbourhoods in Britain While some believe that it is in danger of being 'yuppified’ into the new lslington, the multi-cultur'al community still suffer from a good deal of outside preiudke

Electm Avenue sees award-winning inoducer/drrmtor Saul Dibb and his camera crew tra<king some of the area's more extrover'ted individuals over the course of a year The proiett has resulted II‘. a four-part series, eath fo<using on a different Iota? person The openrng programme (entres on the married, if higth (amp, Vinrent Osborne, a restaurateur making a possible (omebar‘k and the d:ft':( ulties he fates from builder's, ba<kers and the like

Electric Avenue: carefree in the community

The series isnt an overt/sew or' Br'zxto.n as a l.‘~.rhole, rather a ‘ly on the wall examination of a few Iota? (haratters who have some pretty interesting stories to

tell «Simone Baird'


SuperNatural BBCI, Tue 30 Mar 'The Steve.” Sptelberg ()5 wildlife film- 'riaking', as John Downer has betome known, (ontinues to revolutionise the genre with thrs follow-up to his gr‘oundbreakrng series, Supersense

The new shoi'. exarnuww the seen‘rngiy supernatural abrizties of flora and fauna pets predrtting earthouakes, ‘isr‘ "arniiig ‘rom the sky, streaming grass Ihis simple (onrept proves onte (l(](lI" that fatt rs stranger than ‘i< tron

Broken down by theme

timew ar p,

Supernatural: senses working overtime

paranormal, (lose entour‘ters, et( the

series opens wzth examples of extr‘asensor‘y perteptron we have dolphins \.'.:th X- i'a/ vrsion, elephants tommunitating vza earth tremors, (ottor‘ plants summoning

wasp swarms to their defente

No effort is spared to (aptur'e the fantastit phenomena on HIV Camera (rews ride elephant herds, (amer'as are strapped to mini-subrrtarrnes ar‘d IY‘()(l(‘l

neiitopter‘s and birds are p'a<ed I" sharks' mouths

Howe‘. er, the phenomenal

visuals aren't ba<ked LII) with analysis and so the introduttory programme feels somewhat gin mrrky Hopefully the series will deve’op beyond pretty pittiires

\l\rlil(‘8 Fielderl

RADIO PREVIEW Cinema Apocalyptica Radio 3, Mon S—Fri 9 Apr; Mon, Wed, Fri 9.35pm; Tue 9.20pm; Thu 9.15pm. The ll()i!()lt of the aporalypse has fas(i.nated ar‘tzsts and analysts for (enturies Hardly surprising ther: that the 20th (entury's main art form, (inenia, has (hosen to take up where the likes of Bosrh, Pitasso and l-useli had reaped their matabre imagery previously In the Apo<alypti(a, Professor Ian Christie talks to dirertors su< h as (ieorge Mad Max Miller and Rirhard juggernaut lester about the end of the world as

fine-part (frnerna

The Terminator: Arnie-geddon

they know ii ‘C’inema was seen as a kind of apotalypse rtselt, as a revaluation of e\.’eiyth:ng that had passed for culture pr'evrously and as an in: nortalrty matnine by those who first witnessed the pr( tur'es,’ C i‘nstie states

And now, as we stand on the brink of a new (entury, (orrrputer games n‘at be taking the plare of film as the new expositor o‘ the Judgerr‘em Day ‘You "eai.y think you're in the grip of a (ytlrr‘al pnenon‘enon whr<h :s bigger tt‘ar‘. us'

lBr:an Donaldson