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PC Tank Racer (Grolier Interactive) £34.99

Turret syndrome: Tank Racer

The tt'ro most popular ra( rng gamzr‘g genres are rn(l:sp-.rtahl§./ (omhat and ra(rng So, if yot. a'e 'ookrng to maxe a (rat ker oi a game, ;t makes sense to combine them in one adrenaline- pa<ketl festrya' of soeeo anti lero< rty Or so you would think Tank Ra(e/, however, sir((eeos rn trn.t rig these themes :n rit(?(l!()( rrty

As you may nave rathereo‘ from he title, the o'orert of the game rs to we tanks There are 2? \.'.'r!(lly (literent tracks to trundle aroano, ranging from a theme park to the moon, a. presented in neat, (olotrrt'trl, (a'toor‘- graphr<s Tltere are nine po\.‘.e.'—;rps \t'rth \.‘.ltl( h to blast yoar opponents and a se|e( tron of over i-t'zee" (aterprftar-trat ked monsters to priot Urif'<)i‘ttrnately, (ontro’Eng these oehernoths (a" he a ranriom experier‘te, ttrrr‘rng on a srxpeme one se<on<l, ,)Lot.ghrng strargnt into a ‘.'.al the next There are also too l(‘\.‘.’ ‘.'.’(‘(tt)0t‘8 to play with and, unless you have an extra hemisphere to yo.."

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PC Silver

(lnfogrames) £39.99

In the pantheon of role playing video games, two titles are omnipotent The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time for the Nintendo 64 and Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation. Now, with Silver, lnfogrames are aiming to make it a triumvirate.

lnfogrames certainly fancy their game as a heavyweight contender. They loudly and rightly trumpet that it has been in development for an incredible three years, that there are 200 fully-rendered locations, and that the game includes 50 individual personalities and 50,000 words of dialogue. Silver has a great deal in common with its Japanese competitors the cartoon graphics, the sense of the epic, and the whimsical plot.

lnfogrames may be in heavy denial when they compare their saga with the tale of Romeo and Juliet or Orpheus and Eurydice, but the plot is engrossing nonetheless. You play David, the proverbial knight in shining armour, whose task is to save 100 women from an evil magician who wants to sacrifice them to a demonic deity. You are aided in your task by a mammoth 60 varieties of weapon, as well as five companions, who you can assume control of.

The very simple and intuitive control system is mouse- based you click on the character you want to control and then click on where you want them to go. More


Woo-hoot I feel precious metal: Silver

complex controls can be accessed by clicking open a pie menu. The combat system sets this game apart from FFVII. In that title, combat was turn-based, but Silver follows a real-time model. Hold down Ctrl, move the mouse around, and watch David slash his blade about in a corresponding manner.

So, have Zelda and FFVII finally met their match with a Western take on a genre the Japanese have traditionally excelled at? Well, Edge, the all-formats gaming magazine, got their hands on an early copy and were decidedly lukewarm in their opinions. Silver might have to settle for the bronze. (Peter Ross)

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Baby, I'm board: Mario Party


Viva Football

(Virgin Interactive) £39.99

Vii/a lootha/l takes a 'efresrirng rev; sa"‘. o" t"e ()‘.'e"(i‘o\.'.oe(i ‘oot'oalt

s r" genre, (é‘oosrng on y to (teat 'i "termrhona. teams, past and preser‘t Staring ‘.'.’~Zli 1958, ex'ery \'.'o" (r C an (raa r‘ying (ampargn ar‘o (na'nptwslirp ‘v‘a; (ar‘ oe néayetl, ‘..' it: the historita teams represertteo as a( ( arate y as possrhve This r‘rakes

your (r‘oite oi :ea'n t'ery ;"‘por'.ant l‘

yoa 22a"! to piay Stotiand r‘ France 98, yotr (ar‘ j;1"¥§) stragnt to the ‘r'rais But if you ‘.‘.(t't°. USA 94, \.‘.ri (h it‘e 8(ots "ever 'ea( 'r‘eo, yot. r" garo‘e tiren‘ t"!‘o.rg'r t'ie goal 7' e's t'rrst l"ere s a so a srrxge tt‘(i'.( " onto". ‘.‘.l‘.( .". a'.o‘.'.'s yoa to ot a"\,' fea'i‘ agarr‘st any ot'ier‘ tron history lr‘e game .tseit rs ri‘o'1s‘.'()r.s ‘, (r ii.(1.‘i°., ‘.'.‘th (“.'("‘,’illt"-(] rely:rr(; on p(>\'.e' l".'("T s mpre passing her omes a (l2(i¥r("‘(}(* as yo.. hate to ,UUQO i".(‘ strengtr‘ (()r"'e( t-y ll()\.“.*(‘\.'("', ti"e (omptrter-( or‘t'oi e(l (Layers s'ioirf hepitir (ir"e( Lows in trie' onto iar:g..age to a. : you Me gr'apl‘its and animation are sntail hot pei‘er try iornreo, or‘iy really larlrng (lil’lf‘t) (orners there (orittisro'r makes (ie‘enti rig :nzpossrhle lhrs rnax'es It‘.(‘ game a'1 the more "e\‘.a."(r‘rng ll)

NHL Face Off 99 (989 Sports) £34.99

Possr'nly the fastest sport you can play an your li‘.‘l)(} room, KO hockey (ontintres to he a fatotrrrte on the (onsoles .N'Hl 5310 Off 99 follot'xs in t"e footsteps of some of the best sports srms :r ".st()"y and has (le( rtletl that :f it's not hroke t‘re'r don". fix rt Anyone '.'.!".o has p'ayeo' rte notkey on any (onsoie xvii! irirrt‘eorately feei at home here, with presentation and gr r‘replay as familiar as a (old ptr<k in the fare Players are easily (or-trolled, passes and shots are rr'imetlrate ano' t'tere's strl! the (“.(‘l'-t)()l)tlldl' fistr( trfls \"Jhat has changed 's the level of (reta'l Al' 26 NHL teams are here, the (onr'nentary rs even more r'ealrsti( and the ptaye's are ee'“i\.i .2‘eirke There are more passing xar‘rat ons, ()LH k—( nange strategies and (lefe'rsri.e ss'lrs t"‘ar‘ eter oef'ore lor‘ those math a n‘alti-tar), .rp to ergnt human players (an take part, so (‘H’tt gran (an get a gan‘e r‘\-HL late Oil 99 is more an (“{OiillIOl) than t(“.()ltlll()". .n f((‘ hotkey games, out rs as aoor< Me and "e‘.'.ar'(l‘ng as yoa (oarrl want ll)’

N64 Mario Party (Nintendo) £39.99

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