Adventures on the wheels of steal: Driver

If you liked the idea of Grand Theft Auto but were made physically ill by it's top-down ZD perspective, then Driver could well be the game you have been waiting for. Similarly, if you find most racing games dull and lacking in structure, then this could be the answer to your prayers. Driver is a car chase game set on the streets of four real American cities. Like GTA, you are at large in a massive, free-roaming environment and, again like GTA, you play a legally-challenged individual - in this case a high-speed getaway driver called Tanner. Driver differs from its notorious ancestor on two counts. Firstly, the game is played in gorgeous 30 and,

secondly, there is no bloodletting.

The bods at Reflections, responsible for creating the two Destruction Derby titles, have put a lot of effort into the look of Driver. New York, San Francisco, Miami and LA have been recreated from thousands of photographs and hours of digital video, allowing for a saloon-load of atmosphere and realism. What’s more, a replay mode allows you to direct your own car chase films by placing and editing replay characters. You'll never need to rent Bullitt again. (Peter Ross)

Drrver' rs‘ released on GT Interac t/t’e rrr 177.2,, around I 39 >9

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Twisted Edge Snowboarding (Kemco) £39.99

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Iarn [)a; clsor‘, l’efer Ross

STAR RATINGS U"r".rssal. (- “.t-r'-, good tor?“ a s"o'. Be :>'.'. a.e"a':t- Yo:r“.e bee!‘ .'.arrtt-(i

Totally wired

The weird we of the Web. This issue: Easter special.

Happy Easter

'nttp: memberstripodcom ~flowera Easterhtml

All you want to know about the holrday season named after Eostre, the Anglo-

.Saxon goddess of the damn, rs decked out here In pastel shades Lrttle bunnies

frolrc across the screen \.'.'hrle terr'rble punnrng Jokes make you want to tear your hare out A cute ancr' colourful srte for the krds, wrth srrnrlar pages on everythrng from St Patrrc k's Day to Hanukkah

The Happy Bunny Sanctuary

http: result/

Deciacatecl to the ‘t'elrc rtous langornorph’ as rmmortalrsed by Disney rn the shape of Thurnper' from Barnbr, thrs rs xx'here you'll frnd plenty of prcs of fluffy pets posrng for the camera The author of the srte also reckons you'll be Interested In hrs musical cornposrtrons

Bountiful Bunnies http:«Alta/\ If the above srte doesn't satrsfy your curros'rty about the Easter Bunny and hrs cotton-tarled c'ousrns, then head for thrs text-based burrow oi rnformatron. Screntrfrc facts on rabbrt behavrour, biology and tracks srt besrde the anrmal's more mythical hrstory rts place rn wrtchcrat’t and the /odrac' Oh, and seemrngly 'kunrklo' rs 'r'abbrt' rn Esperanto

Cadbury's Chocolate


\.'."t(tt's T-aste' {bout a chocolate egg? Cacil)t.r'y's frrst trred out ovord

confec frorter'y 7‘. 18/5, rntroducrng eggs mth cream t'rll:ngs rn 1923. The history ot' the decorated egg irnds rts roots 'n the myth of the phoenrx reborn from an egg " the ashes of a nest, a pagan. goddess, Hzndr relrgron and the CTTTISI'dl‘ corrcet)‘. of' the stone rolled a\'.ay from Chrrst's tomb Drgest thrs, then act lrke a k cr' 7‘ a s\.'.eet shop readrng th \ prornotronal pages on all Cadbury's c‘hocky oroduc ’s

The Good Friday Agreement

http: \.=.'\.~.'\.\.'.rti-assemb| Muir-party hectotrai'cms In Northern Ireland last Easter culmrnated on Frrciay 10

Air '.'-.rt"t the Sl(}ltzll(j of the Belfast .nrc knarned Good Errday't Agreement The

peace :)'ocess has sturnbred 0‘ late, but the entrr‘e text of thrs hrstor‘rc doc urrtent .s cl‘.clrl(ll) e "rere, a'ong \.'.:tl‘~ other rnt’orrnatron on the Northern Ireland Assembly a"; i off c a llansarct reports on debates

The Tate Gallery

'nttp: t'rxt'x'

lggs, bunnies, bonnets and sc r‘eenrngs of l-lollyt.'.'ood reirgrotrs epics aren't the only rco'rs of Easter The c toss has had an ;rttt)()sartg rnfltrence on artrsts down th"ough the ages, rnc ludrng C rargre Artchrson, whose Crt/c/f/xron 9 an orl on canvas from 198/ hangs rr‘. thrs '.'rrttra| Tate Gallery. From the Home Page, clrck o" ‘Collec tron, then on the regurred letter In the A Z Index to call up rndrvzdual artrsts and therr‘ '\.'.orks

Easter Island

http: ‘.".".'\.".'\’.lTetaXS.COTTT ~ trance rapanulhtml

(Me of the great tnystc-rres of the \.'.orid, the gtartt statues ot ‘Rapa Nur' to the natues me the strlrect of

laste' Island

"lac h \'..'et)'t)\,' corrternplatror‘. The hrstor‘y ot' the region rs melt charted here, ‘r.'.'vth lurks to p‘entr’tr- photos by tra\.'e||ers and sc rentrsts, a map, recent 'ie‘x. s there are sesenteen taxrs o" the Island these days and ‘.'.oodcar‘.'r‘-gs to! sale l"ose .'.rth NetSl‘ox‘. can embark on (t'tlitl(l1()-'.-‘stl(tl fl'rl)‘.".|'tll()crl .ea‘.rrtg ‘torrre

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