* "imam Kemch, the Bluegrass State


first man on the moon 1969

first test-tube birth 1978 ‘4’

first common usage of the Internet 1984



eoloni/ation is not just idle speeulation and wishful thinking. hut a matter of long-term sury'iyal ol‘ our speeies.’

This is all down to the laet that we earthlings happen to la” in the eentre of a Very hig shooting gallery. and \y'heney'er any eomet. meteor or big roek deeides to plummet l‘rom the skies. our planet is smaek hang in the firing line. There may he little option but to make the liig Hi! to the Clouds.

But it we don’t laney a trip to the stars and a ripping old spaee dust—up. what will the years 2()()()-plus haye in store on dear old terra l'irma'.’ \\'ell. l‘or

starters. there may he the storage ol‘ human personalities on disk l'or

relrieyal alter death and moy'es loyy'at'ds that old ehestnut. the arriy'al

ol‘ a new generation ol~ hyper- intelligent robots to replaee human beings. And going underground. there is likely It) he the l‘it'sl iny'estigation into the tanning. rather than hunting. ol the seas \y'ith \y'hales as the New ('attle.

'l'hen again. when Y2K and the threat l\'ll()\\'ll as The Millennium Bug

kieks in and the eomputer systems ol‘ the uniyerse snap into inaetion. \y e may regret our oy'er-relianee on new teehnology. ()r we eould just throw in the towel and submit to the iney'itahle that is the next lee Age. Brrrrrrrr.

Edinburgh International Science Festival runs from Sat 3—Sun 18 Apr. For a programme, call 0131 473 2070.


Future Technology: Virtual Reality

lhis is '.'.'ha’. s( ie",(e is all about "tl<i(lll‘t|ll(l ra/y, far-oat stuff The ‘Hoiodetk' is a dome, fi(tional for no.1, what h (reates people, ohjet ts and environments that appear so genuiite tlzat none-of our seiisestau pi(l< upon their artit'it Iality S< lentists (lf‘tl erioi'teers are doing l‘ell for leather tryui‘q to (on(o(t sat in a ‘.'-.'orld. C an it real"; he lappeuiud7 Or ‘.'.'|ll it seem use ,zust another episode from Star Trek?

Old (o/leoe I'oeatre, Sat 3 Apr; .3 don}, [412 50/

Our Dynamic Sun ilze sup. may look like a pea<eful old S()()'.".ll(] soul frou‘ ‘.‘.'he"e y'.'e are, hut l'.S<‘:('...(i5l':,’<il)tll"‘ll1(l'lédSSOi hellfire hit h soe\.'.'s forth .'Y‘('(}<‘:'.().".s oi (iarhaqe to‘v.'.ar<ls the Last? at l'l(ll( ulously lttor‘. soeeds Try and field you" sur‘l)l()( k noun, adamst the "moldy ‘.'.iatl‘ of Ra

Royal I’m/semi), Sat [GA/)1; 2 3pm, {‘1 f.) 30/ Life In Space: Alien Life? Solve of' file <il)l(l!"(l wages of the 20*." (entury l)("l(l.'"(l to .éttle green i()ll\’S .'."o are no "tau; tourards home and

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.ead "t; (ilit‘ti-lNOlOQ st, lat is Cohen, ‘.'.|ll he a":;.. "e: t"at of Ier (“.l!!8(i’.l().".'\ ‘3.le ."a.e s!" .ar attributes to our <)‘.'.i: fur, ‘9 or”. a'Id ()l‘i ailder‘utd heme: juSl three Assemhf, Poo/Y‘s, Sat FOAM;

/ it) 8 30mm, {/1 '[2 50 Ethics: Screening For A Perfect Baby

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Folal .Xlt/SPHI'l, foe {o '14 Mapping The Mind

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..l)'\(‘lil-" ; (if‘(l deeoly )at’t’l'xi human (()"(llii()."s Noun; He‘s. Shillllzf‘q lt‘tlll‘OlOQ‘,’ for il1(*l)'(‘il" is revealed the protesses of out tl‘oudl‘ts, 'ite'i‘ories and desires I". i'.‘u( h il‘.‘ sa'i‘e as an. X-r'av y'. l' sll()\.'. Ids the sl‘afteuiio of a hove l"'s delrate is part of the St look l‘estrgal and ll‘t fades tl‘e author of '.<r'a;)ot/;(; [he {0'41},R:ta(arfe',a"(ltlteOpeil Hotneislty's P'o‘ Steuer‘, Rose i‘S_t)()t1$I-".() llla'1d theL'Ls'e [It/'tlt‘a'se.‘ (la/72",, Died 74' Apr,

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