Ben Sherman

Welcome to the sprrng/Sumrner L()ll(‘( tron from Ben Sherman Menswear thrs season utrlrses quhtweroht fabnrs such as TenCel, (OIIOH and \'rs(ose Wllll prrnts reflectrng the trend towards (olour ertres-rnfluemed optr(al cheCks rn prrrnary colours and oeornetnt prrnts are do The women's range also favours 60s psychedelra alongsrde a defrnrte nod to the Happy Days ornqharn (hrr‘,

Avarlab/e from good department stores everywhere


Glasgow now boasts the largest Habrtat store rn Europe wrth the openrnq on 31 Mar<h of The But'hanan Gailenes much to the dequht of the Interror desrqn- (onsr rous among us The ultrmate In retro (hr( has to he the award-mnnrng Rohrn Day polypropylene arrn< harrs whu h are 0x<lusrvely stocked by Hahrtat

Rob/n Day Arrm‘lrarrs [35 each, (uslrrons [75 eadr at flab/tat, The Buehanan Gal/erres, Glasgow and Slrandwm l< P/a('e, Ed/rrl)trrgl7

Lazy Working Sofa

The ultrrnate Ill form and functron, style and substance, thrs Lazy Workrnq Sofa rs typrr'al of desrqner Phrlrppe Starck’s talent for (ornbrnrng the easy to use wrth the easy on the eye Wrth srde-tops avarlable for the srdes and L)<’l(k, you (ould easrly run your whole lrle from your lrvrnq room

Available at lnHouse, 28 Howe Street, 225 2888, [24 IS

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