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While we don’t want to blind you wrth soence (and there’s loads \Vlih this product), we can tell you that this brand new serum IS armed at the ever-expanding under- 355 market, and contains a whole host of active Ingredients which apparently flghi the vrslble conseQuences of sunbeds, smoking, stress, late nrghts and pollution. Not only that, rt also combats the dreaded ageing process Should come in a drrp, we say,

[27.50 at C/In/que counters everywhere.

frg Designs

Founded In 1997 by

Frona Ross, frg Desrgns

have created an Impresswe range of modern and unique

preces \Nthh incorporate

blood red gemstones, resms, secret compartments and

occa5lonally even fibre-

ODIICS. DeCOurcy’s Upper

Arcade, Cresswe/l Lane,

Glasgow Open Wed—Sun

lOam-S. 30pm, pr/ces start at f 70.


Off The peg

The column that shops around for fashion news

THERE'S A NEW look for Jenners with the complete refurbishment of their menswear department. The minimalist and spacey decor reflects the fashionable labels

stocked: Prada Sport, DKNY, Joop, Moschino and Nicole Farhi all find a home here. Overlooking George Street and the menswear department is Caer, a smart new coffee bar serving excellent coffee and pastries. You’ll note that there have been other changes to the entire store: an exciting designer jewellery section showcasing Scottish and

international talent (look out for the designer jewellery StyleList special in May) and an expanded sunglasses section offering the likes of Armani, Calvin Klein, 0&6, Versace, Police, Moschino and Oakley.

DR JIVES ARE currently receiving their spring stock, much to the excitment of many in Scotland, not least

managing director Gordon Wagstaff. This is the second season they have stocked Marithe + Francois Girbaud, the French designers responsible for ultrafunctional and supremely desirable men's and women‘s clothing and accessories. Also in is their first womenswear range of Final Home from lssey Miyake's group. The

jackets feature loads of zips, based on a functional principle of air pockets. Definitely worth a drool over is the Maharishi range. ’This is the most copied label out at the moment. But the imitations are of a very poor quality,’ believes Wagstaff. Since the label only use their own patented fabrics, the original has to be the only option.

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