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On the eve of their mother’s funeral, a Glasgow family struggle With their grief While a storm rages. One brother is bleeding to death, another is gunning for revenge, the eldest can’t leave the coffin side and their disabled sister is lost somewhere in the city. As tragically black and uproariously funny as life itself, Peter Mullan's feature debut is a prime example of Scotland’s growing confidence in filmmaking.

Simply, Orphans is the must-see Scottish mowe for 1999. To celebrate its opening, the gala premiere will be held at the Glasgow Odeon Quay on Wed 21 Apr. In attendance will be JUSi about all of the Scottish film industry’s movers and shakers from on screen and behind the scenes.

This is yOur chance to win a complete night out to the premiere including tickets, rail travel and overnight accommodation.

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Frontlines Pete: Ross Jazz Ke'irty ltlat'i-esrx‘ Kids Hole" l.l()"a<;'ia" Music Peter Ross Rock Fora S'iezir‘e'u, Rocge' aniis

To be in the running to Win, simply answer this Simple question: What was the name of the red-haired orphan in the famous West End musical?

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((7)1999 i'tel s! L'.(l

Touring Reu'octx ’. 0" .'t '.-.."r>.e 0' ' 3a". .3 ‘orbtiutv‘ t'v‘oa'. (“1' Seven pairs of tickets available for 31“" “0"”- ‘W‘ <>° 3"“

the first night of Sleuth, on 12 . i i , , , l">(* LIS'. (I005 "o. duel). April at 7.30pm. The first person to 1.500.“, so. New ( 1H,


Save £6 With this voucher. Standard menu charge E1650, reduced to £1350 when two people eat together With a bottle

Take along this magazine and present it to the box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

go to claim the tickets at the King’s Theatre "viii" a box office Will also get an excluswe Mobil Rally Jacket and a special souvenir programme.

of Wine. Valid Sunday—Wednesday 1—~14 April (excluding Easter weekend 4/5 April). Excludes coffee. Booking adVisable.

Tel: 0131 332 4476.

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