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Swimming With Sharks ( 15) (George Huang.

L'S. I995) Kevin Spacey. I‘rank Whaley. Michelle Forbes. 95 mins. Spacey dominates affairs as a monstrous Hollywood studio executive who bullies new boy Wltaley. MOvies abotit movies are nothing new. btit like the best . this one gets beyond the glaiitour to say meaningful things about the priorities of work and nightmarish master-and-servant relationships. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Taxi Driver ( l8) (Martin Scorsese. L‘S. I970) Robert De Niro. Cybill Shepherd. Jodie Foster. I I4 itiiits. An alienated taxi driver iii New York is so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around Itittt that he is driven to terrible violence. ()ne of the key films of the Seventies witlt the Scorsese-De .\'iro partnership at its peak. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilitthouse.

Tea With Mussolini (PG) (Franco Zeffirelli.

Italy/UK. I999) Cher. Joan Plowright. Maggie Smith. I I7 mins. Zeffirelli‘s filitt is partly autobiographical. partly fictitious. atid concerns the effect on his own upbringing aitd education by a group of linglish ladies living iit Florence at the time of II Duce‘s rise to power. This particular brew by Zeffirelli aitd John Mortimer has a ntelange of flavours and is deftly poured it) tlte most idyllic of settings. yet it seems oddly lacking iit zest. See review. Glasgow: ()deon Quay. Showcase. Iidinburglt; ABC City Centre. Dominion. UCI. Paisley: Showcase. There's Something About Mary (15.) (Peter and Bobby I5ai‘relly. US. I998) Cameron Diaz. Matt Dillon. Ben Stiller. I I8 mins. The third I‘arrelly brothers movie. following their supremer fttit. bttt dttiiib debut. Dumb Am/ Number and bad taste extravaganza. King/mt. with an even more outrageous comedy about stalkers. 'I‘he conceit says it all: siiiaIl-town geek 'l'etl never makes it to the Itiglt school prom with gorgeous Mary. because he “lips himself up.‘ Years later arid all healed and grown tip. 'l‘ed remains obsessed with the date that

ties er was. Iidinbttrgli: Cameo.

The Thin Red Line ( l 5) ('I‘et'rence Malick. US. I998) Nick Nolte. Iilias Koteas. Sean Penn. I70 ittiits. This is very much a director's film. with the mythic attd revered Malick as the star. Movie A-list types make canteo appearances. while the btilk of the action centres on the boys front Company C. the Itickless outiit charged with taking a vital hilltop stronghold iii the battle for Guadalcanal. (ieiteral release.

This Year's Love ( 15) (David Kane. L‘K. I998) Douglas Henshall. Catherine Mc(.‘orntack. Kathy Burke. II8 ittttts. Kane's deliciously wry roittanttc comedy features star-crossed lovers. 90s-sty Ie six late-1weiitysoittethiitgs w hose orbits coincide briefly over a period of three years. Iinsemble piece that is gratify ingly free of synthetic sitcom contriv ance or cute. sentimental solutions. (ilasgow. ()deon Quay. L‘Cl Clydebank. Iidiiibtirgh: ABC Multiplex. L'CI. Paisley: Showcase.

Tintin And The Mystery Of Shark Lake (L') (Belgium. I972) The youthful hero and his companions. Snowy the dog aiid Captain Haddock tourney to a Balkan country to guard an absent-tttinded professor frottt a criminal mastermind (ilasgow: (iilittorehill Centre. Stirling: MacRobert.

Toy Story(1’(1)t.101ni l.;tsselei‘. L‘s. 1995) With the voices of'l'oiii l-Iaitks. Tim Allen. Don Rickles. 8| ittiits. State-of—tlie-art images distiitgtiislt Disney 's first coitiputer- generated antntation feature. A tale of friendship and self-belief combined w ill) at) exciting rescue atid agaiitst-IIte-clock tension. 'liiv Shirt is sprinkled w itlt comic asides. (ilasgow: (iilittorehill Centre.

The Traveller (PG) (Abbas Kiarostaittt. Iran. I974) 75 ittiits. A young soccer fan front a small town raises the funds to travel to the capital to catch an tittportant match. Supported by the short. T/It’ Ate/ii .S'ut'e/u'r. Iidinbtirgh; l-‘ilittltouse.

Two Lane Blacktop ( 18) (Monte Ilellmait. US. I97l 1 James 'I'aylor. Warren ()ates. Laurie Bird. l0l tttiits. 'I‘wo young hot- rodders travel across the States. pickiitg tip race bets on the side and setting tip ait ott- going dtial with the owner of a Pontiac. Challenge becomes obsession as the landscapes lly past. Rivetiitg. self-absorbed lilittmaking front a one-off creative force. lidiitbtirgh: l:lllllll()lI\C Il'lllll (ittild).

50 THE LIST I . )0 Apt 1999

Urban Legend (I8) (Jamie Blanks. US. I998) Alicia Witt. Jared Leto. Robert England. 99 mins. A group of good-looking. sexually active college students are terrorised by a savage killer. who murders iii sadistically inventive ways aitd targets one young woman for reasons buried iii the past. Ait efficient. if unoriginal stalk 'n’ slash flick in the tradition of Scream. Glasgow: ()deon Quay. Showcase. Edinburgh: UCI. East Kilbride: UCI. Paisley: Showcase. Very Bad Things (18) (Peter Berg. LS. 1998) Cameron Diaz. Jon f-‘avreati. Christian Slater. l00 mitts . Diaz is ntarrying I-‘avreau and nothing. btit nothing. is going to upset lter plans for the perfect wedding. That is. until I-‘avreau and pals Itit Las Vegas for his stag night and inevitable debauchery is cut sltort when they accidentally kill a hooker. An outrageously grim and gruesome black comedy about the extremes of nuptial ltysteria and male bonding. Edinburgh: Cameo.

La Vie Revée Des Anges The Dream LI]? OfAnge/s (l5) (Erick Zonca. lirance. I998) Elodie Bouchez. Natacha Regnier. l l 3 mins. A young backpacker arrives in Lille. Managing to wrangle a menial job. site strikes tip a friendship witlt a fellow worker. who offers lter a place to stay iii the flat she's looking after it) Zonea's striking debut feature. Stirling: MacRobert.

Waking Ned (PG) (Kirk Jones. UK. I998) Ian Banner). David Kelly. Pionntila I-‘Ianagan. 9| mins. Actually. Ned‘s dead. A shame that. because the old fella just won £7 million playing 'Ihe Lottery the discovery of which killed hint. However. wily seventysometlting pals Jackie atth Michael spy a golden opportunity to claint the caslt. Charttting and eccentric with a defiant spirit. General release.

Way Out West (U) (James Horne. US. I937) Stan Laurel. Oliver Hardy. James l-‘inlayson. ()6 iitiits. The comic duo find themselves ‘()n The Trail ()f’l‘lte Lonesome Pine' as they head out to haitd over a gold- ntine deed. Plenty of good gags iii this fast- paced western spoof. Glasgow: (ii'osvenor. Welcome To The Dollhouse 1 I 5) (Todd Solondz. US. I995) Heather Matarazzo. Brendan Sexton Jr. Matthew Faber. 87 itiitts. Heather Matarazzo delis ers an unforgettable performance as Dawn Wiener a lonely. softly-spoken child subjected to constant abuse at school and virtually ignored at home. This Sundance Grand Jury Prizewinner presents tlte world of ltiglt school as far closer to the bone than the usual sanitised version. probing an inner world of frustration and anger with scathing humour and understanding. lidinburgli: Cameo.

A Winter's Tale ( l 2) (liric Roltmer. l‘rance. l99l ) Charlotte Very. Frederic van den Driessclte. Herve Furic. I I4 ittiits. Rohmer's latest offering is a typically downbeat affair. framed around the moral dilemmas of a Itairdresser aiid the men it) her life. Brilliantly suffused with the uitglaittorous atmosphere of I-‘rench suburbia. it may not be to everyone's taste. btit bear with it because it's a very different piece of cinema. Iidtnburglt: Filllllltmsc.

You've Got Mail (PG) (Nora liphrott. US. I998) Meg Ryan. 'l‘om Ilattks. (ireg Kiitnear. Parker Posey. I I9 ittiiis. Update of the Iirnst Lubitsch's classic I940 contedy 'I'lit' .S/iu/t Around The Corner for the electronic age. Ryan aiid Hanks are e-mail correspondents who happen to be enemies it) real life. A sweet btit itot very substantial confection. Largs: Bai'rlields. Paisley: Showcase.

Programme changes,

Friday 9 April

When we went to press. some of the cinemas had not finalised their programmes for the week

beginning Friday 9 April.

The following new releases are likely to be opening on Friday 3. These will replace some of the films running until Thursday 8 April.

Bedrooms And Hallways (15);

A Civil Action (15):

The Faculty (15).



Film Listings are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.


380 Clarkston Road. Muirend. 0I4I 633 2l23. Info: 0l4l 637 264I. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm Mon—Fri). Student: £2.20 (Mon-Thu). Child/GAP: £2.


The RugratstU) 12.40. 2.55. 5.15. The Thin Red Line ( 15) 7.35. Mightyloe YoungtPG) 12.25. 3.10, 5.55. Patch Adamstl2) 8.35.

ABug‘s LifeIU) 12.45. 3.25. Arlington RoadtIS) 5.40. 8.30.

FRIDAY Z—THURSDAY 8 The Rugrats Movie (I!) Daily: I255. 3.25. 5.55. Arlington Road ( 15) Daily: 8.25.

A Bug's Life (U)

Daily: 12.40.

Plunkett 8: Macleane ( 15) Dailv: 3.05. 5.30. 8.30. Mighty Joe Young (PG) Daily: 12.25. 3.10. 5.50. Step Mom ( 12)

Daily: 8.l5.


Progratttitte likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone 0|4I ()37 2641 for details and times.

New film due to open on Fri 9 Apr:

A Civil Action ( 15)


32b Saucltiehall Street. ()I4l 332 I592. ltil‘o: 0l4l 332 95l3. CC. booking: (ll-4| 332 I592. £4 (£3.20 before 5pm). Student/()AP: £3. Child: £2.70.


The Rugratsul) 1.45. 3.45. 0.00.

A Bug's Life (U) 1.10.

Paybackt18) 3.3(). 0.00. 8.35.

Jack Frost (PG) I.l().

Arlington Roadil5) 3.20. 5.50. 8.20. Shakespeare In Lovet15) I.l(). 5.30. 8.15. A Night At The Roxbury ( 15) 3.40. Blast From The Past ( 12) 8.25.


= The Rugrats Movie (U)

Daily: 12.40. 2.25. 4.10. Arlington Road ( 15) Dail ': 5.55.

. Sha espeare In Lovet15)

Daily: 8.l5.

Plunkett 8: Macleane ( 15) Daily: I.l(). 3.30. 6.00. 8.30. Blast From The Past(12) Daily: I.l(). 3.35. 0.00. 8.25. ABug's Life (U)

Daily: I.l().


Daily: 3.30. 0.00. 8.30.


Programitte likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone ()I4l 332 95l3 for details attd times.

New film due to open oit Fri 9 Apr: A Civil Action ( 15)


Giliitoreliill Centre for Theatre. I-‘ilm aitd Television. 9 University Avenue. ()I4I 330 5522. For tickets call ()I4l 287 55 I l. £3.50 (£2.50).


Tintin And The Mystery 0f Shark Lake (PG) 2.30.


Fred, Gromit 8: Friends it!) 2.30.

MONDAY 5 APR Toy Story (PG) 2.30.


. Pippi Longstocking (PG) 2.30.


I2 Rose Street. ()I41 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Matinees £3.25 (cones £2). Evenings £4.25 (cones £3 except Sat evening). All double bills evening prices apply.


1. Gods And MonsterstIS) 1.30. 3.45. 8.45.

Perdita Durango ( 18) 0.00.

2. Central Station(15) 1.15. 3.30. 8.30. Lobey Dosser Event (PG) 0.30.


1. American HistoryXI18) 1.00. 3.30. 8.l5.

Central Station ( I5 ) 0.00.

2. Gods And MonsterS(I5) 2.30. 8.45. Aprile (PG) 4.45. 0.45.


1. Le Confessionaltl5) 1.15. American HistorthI8) 3.30. 8.15. Central Station ( 15) 0.00.

2. Gods And Monsterstl5) 2.30. 8.45.

ApriletPG) 4.45. 0.45.


1. American Historthl8) 3.30. 8. Central Station (15) 0.00.

2. Gods And MonstersHS) 2.30. 8.45.

AprileiPG) 4.45. 0.45.


1. American Historth18) 100. 3. 8.]5.

Central Station ( 15) 0.00.

2. Aprile(PG) 2.15. 9.00.

Gods And Monsters115) 4.15. 0.45.


1. American History X118) 3.30. 8. Central Station ( I5) 000. 2. ApriletPG) 2.15. 900. Gods And Monsters ( 15) 4.15.




1. ShowboattPG) 1.00. American History X I 18) 3.30. Central Station 1 15) 0.00.

2. ApriletPG) 2.15. 9.00. Gods And Monsters ( 15) 4.15. 0.45.


1. American History X ( 18) I00. 3.? 8.15.

Central Station ( 15) 0.00.

2. AprileiI’G) 1.45. 8.30.

Gods And MonsterSII5) 3.45. 0.15.


1. High Art(l8) 2.00. 4.I5. 0.30. 8.45.

2. N0(|5) 2.15. 4.00. 9.00. American History X(18) 0.15.


1. ShowboattPG) 2.00.

High Art(l8) 4.15. 0.30. 8.45. 2. N0(|5) 2.I5. 4.00. 9.00. American History X ( 18) 0.15.


1. HighArt(l8: 2.00. 4.15. 8. .. Dear Diary (PG) 0.30.

2. N0(|5) 2.I5. 4.00. 9.00. American History X ( I8) 0.15.



1. High Art(l8) 2.00. 4.15. 0.30. 8.45.

2. N0(|5) 2.15. 4.00. 900. American History X 1 I8) 0.15. TUESDAY 13 APR

1. High Art(l8) 2.00. 4.15. 8.45. No ( l5) 0.30.

2.No<15) 3.15.

American History X ( I8) 5.30. Made In Britain ( 18) 8.00. WEDNESDAY Id APR

1. High Art(l8) 200. 4.15. 0.30.

8.45. 2. N0(|5) 2.I5. 4.00. 9.00. American History X t 18) 0.15.