What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead.

Theatre: The Caretaker A 40th annrversary revrval of Prnter's comedy of menace. Andy Arnold's Arches Theatre Company looks set to ciaprtalrse on the cntrcal approval whrch greeted therr last Prnter productron, The Dumb Walter, whrch also starred Andrew Dallmeyer and Paul erey See prevrew, page 56 Glasgow: Arches, from Tue 6 Apr

Music: Dawn Of The Replicants Only Scottrsh date for these genre-defyrng rock nutters from Galashrels, who make the trrp to Glasgow to promote therr corkrng new album, Wrong Town, Wrong Planet, Three Hours Late, See Frontlrnes, page 4 and revrew, page 42. Glasgow: King Tut’s, Sun 7 7 Apr.

Books: The Nanny And The Iceberg Anel Dorfman’s frrst novel for four years covers sex, Antarctrca, Che Guevara and the 500th anniversary of Columbus's drscovery of the New World. And an Iceberg Here’s a comrc t0ur de force from a Chrlean who won't be havrng tea wrth Lady Thatcher. See revlew, page 97. Pub/rsned by Sceptre, out now. Clubs: Under The Duvet Br'lnglng together some Of Scotland's frnest talents from the clubs, comedy and cabaret crrcurts —- and all for a good cause too -- thrs extravaganza .vrll have you partyrng untrl Sam See Frontlrnes, page 6, club lrstrngs, page 64 and comedy lrstrngs, page 61. Ecl/nburgh; Potterrow, Tevrot Row and Bristo chrare, Sat 3 Apr.

Art: Evolution Isn't Over Yet Twelve emergrng Scotland- based artrStS tackle that old chrcken-ancl-egg conundrum; what came frrst, art or creatrvrty? Pertrnent to the moment, that other old chestnut devolution Is examrned along wrth evolutron and revolutron. See prevrew, page 72 Edinburgh: Fro/(market Gallery, from Fri 2 Apr

Music: Fugazi The best hardcore band rn the world supplement the release of a new album of sorts) and a

_ ten-years-rn-the-makrng documentary Wrth some lrve grgs Ian Mac‘Kaye's troupe have loosened the tournrquet on then .studro sound In recent

(nasclo'x. l5=lr72 lnc=at."e's 25th Annrrersary celebrations hrt therr strrcle thIs rnonth \vrth an exhibition of work by celebrated loc a? photographer, Alan ‘sA/ylre The collec tron covers ‘c'lylle's two decades of I()()k|ll(] at lrfe through a

leris artg' ‘eatares nornegroz'5n ac trng talent as '.'.«'ell as vrsrtrng stars of stage and screen. Ian l\.lc Kellen, Juclr Denc'b, VON-5 but, m the flesh, [1'5 an Torn S xe“;o"e, Peter l~.'lulla.'r and chharcll (jrant *prc turecl here on the banks of loch lornoncl rn 1998' are among “Home “pm-mum see those canturecl .r‘. sl‘ots ‘.‘."ti( l‘. reflect the snapper's loose, rrnprovlsatIonai style. 'Rob l-‘raser' rcwrew, page 42 Edinburgh: Star a: the (il l, Glasgo'.'/, from Fr; 2 Apr lrgurcl Rooms, Sat 3 Apr

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