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Putting the boot into traditional stereotypes, equal- ender Kick use the standard kit of iddle. flute and pipes, strong rhythmic accompaniment to mine music and song mined from the twin seams of Scotland and Ireland. But, be warned, they play with a powerhouse technique - there are two All-Ireland Instrumental Champions in the youthful line-up. Edinburgh: Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Thu 1 Apr. Part of Shoots and Roots.

I Skeerwud and Feis Dhun Eideann Pleasance Theatre. 2pm. £5. (£3). Edinburgh‘s unique 30-strong folk music outfit evolved from an ALP music project. and trow has an organic life of its own. and an imminent Cl). Some of the youngsters from Edinburgh‘s Gaelic music teaching festival are in support. l’ur/ of Slum/s- (llll/ Ron/x. See Thu I.

I Allan Johnston Pleasance Cabaret Bar. 3.30pm. £5 (£3). The Edinburgh singer and songwriter releases his new album Iirit't't'tt/l and brings along some of his collaborators -- including John Martin (fiddle). Leo McCann (button box) and Martin .Vlcl'lugh (bodhran). Part ()fS/Imrrv tlIlt/ Run/x. See Thu 1.

I Sula Pleasance Cabaret Bar. 5pm. Free. Scandinavian and North Atlantic (Faroes. Iceland. Scotland) music from the fiddle. accordion and guitar trio of Fskil Romme. Iirling Olsen and exiled Scot Rod Sinclair. regular visitors to these shores. l’urr of S/rmrrs (IIIt/ Rim/s. See Thu I.

I In Conversation Pleasance. 5pm. Free. .lulia Lane herself descended from Galloway emigrants to Maine -- and Fred Gosbee discuss the recent discoveries of music and song links between Galloway in Scotland's south west and the most north easterly State in the US. l’uri of S/Imrlx tIIIt/ Rtmls. See Thu I.

I Beginish and Tony McManus and Alain Genty Pleasance Theatre. 7.30pm. £l0. £9 (£7). The major concert of the weekend Festival features one of the most rewarding groups to have emerged from Ireland recently. Beginish's box. flute and fiddle sound is steeped in the authentic traditions of the remote. mountain areas of Kerry and [)onegal. Accordion player Brendan Begley (now also appearing in the Boys ()f The Lough) is also a moving singer in Irish. Scots guitar player McManus is here reunited with Breton bassist Crenty (they collaborated on (Vlcr'ylanus' last album Pourquors Quebec?) in a multi- stringed exploratrorr of cultural connectedness. and support comes from the affecting singing of Bente Kure and her accordion-playirig companion Leif F.rnstserr. I’tII'I u/ Slum/x (IIIt/ Rtmls. St't’ /)I'(’I'f(‘ll'. page 4!),

I Michael Marra Trotr Folk Club. The Tron. Hunter Square. 226 ()93 l. 9pm. £5 (£4). Songwriter par excellence. Get a ticket early it’s a certain full house for Dundee's legendary poet of the pavey. here playing piano in one of his favourite wee gigs.

I American Contra Dance Carlton Highland Hotel. North Bridge. 9pm. £7 (£5). Ceilidh with callers Karen Diet]. and Colin Macl-ennan. Music from New York State residents Jane Rothfield (fiddle) and her Scots husband Allan Carr (guitar).

I Keep It Up Pleasance Cabaret Bar. I().30pm. £6 (£4). musician-iii-residence Simon Thoumire again. playing lleet- fingered concertina in his regular band with Eilidh Shaw (fiddle). Kevin McKenzie (guitar) and Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki/cittern). Purl or .S‘lrrmrs (lllt/ Roots See Thu I.

I All Back To Simon's Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Midnight. Free with club or concert ticket. l’ur/ of Slum/x u/rt/ Room. See Thu l.

I Shoots and Roots Club Pleasance Bar's. l’tII'I (if .S/Itmlx (rm/ Run/s. See Thu I.

I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti. Mansfiech Church. Iiast London Street. I0pm—2am. Tickets £6 (£5). Information 550 37 I6. I)J‘s plus live Latin root s/jazz.

I Ceilidh Dance Caledonian Brewery. Slateford Road. 449 54 I4. Doors open 7pm. £6. Live band.


I MUSIC Workshops I’tlrl of Slum/x and Rants. See Thu I.

I Open Stage Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Noon. Free. Fife songwriter Matt Armour presents new talent. Book a spot on 557 I050. l’ur! u] Slum/x tr/rt/ Run/s. See Thu


I Quilting Pleasance. lpnr. Free. Add some stitches to a traditional quilt being taken from Edinburgh to the Ukraine by the young musicians of Feis Dhun Iiideann. With Marjorie Campbell. l’tll'l u/S/lmils‘ (Im/ Run/x. See Thu I.

I Piper's Ceilidh Pleasance. 2pm. £2. Bellows-blown bagpipes to the fore. l’ttr! (2/57"me tlIIt/ Roots. See Thu I.

I Sit In Pleasance Main Bar. 2pm. Free. Hosting an open session. musician-in- residence Simon Thoumire. on concertina. is joined by guitarist Ross

Martin and singer Iilspeth Cowie. Part of

.S/rrmfx and Rants. See Thu l.

I American Coffee House Pleasance Cabaret Bar. 3.30pm. £6 (£4). A slice of the current Stateside folk scene with young. promising sirrger/songwriter Ina May Wool. east coast traditionalists .lulia Lane and Fred Gosbee. and. returning to their old Edinburgh haunts. fiddler Jane Rothfield and Scots husband Allan Carr. I’ur! (if .S/rtmls tlIIt/ Run/x. See Thu I.

I Wee Folks Family Ceilidh Pleasance. 5pm. £2.50 l .50). Child-friendly dancing. Part of S/ruurx (llIt/ Ruulv. See Thu I.

I In Conversation The Pleasance. 5pm. Free. Sula and Lief Iirnstsen discuss aspects of Scandinavian music funding and North Sea connections. Part of Slum/x (lllt/ Run/x. See Thu I.

I Indian Music and Dance Collective Pleasance Cabaret Bar. 5.30pm. Free. North and South Indian music and dance from the Scotland-based performing artists. Part of Shows (IIIt/ Roots. See Thu


I The Flowers 0f Edinburgh Pleasance Theatre. 7.30pm. £9. £8 (£6). The sequel to last year‘s event. More Edinburgh musicians from the interconnecting traditional. folk. roots. and jazz. scenes get together. in various groupings. to do their thing in short sets. Many of the artists are established soloists. from celebrated bands based in the Capital. or are brilliant players from the legendary session scene. but with over three score performers. it‘s a long concert. Part of Slum/s um/ Rows. See 'l‘hu I.

I All Back To Russell's House Pleasance Cabaret Bar. I0.30pm—around 3am. Free with club or concert ticket. lind-of-Festival blow otrt hosted by the inexhaustible quartet who launched their album here on Friday Last player left upright is the winner. find of S/rrmrv (III(/ Run/v. See Thu I.

TUESDAY 6 Edinburgh I Edinburgh's Youth Gaitherin 99 [)alry School. Dalry Road. 9.45am—4.30pm. Four-day traditional music course for children over 9 years old. run by the Adult Learning Project. Tuition. tasters and workshops in singing and storytelling. step and set dancing. instrumental groups and individual instruments (whistle. pipes. fiddle. flute. guitar. bodhran etc.) Booking and information from ALP Scots Music Group. 337 5442. I Singaround Penicuik Folk Club. Navaar House Hotel. Bog Road. 8.I5pm. £4 (£3). Information 01968 678l53.



I Rankins Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £12.50. Tickets 287 55I I. Tour support from the acoustic rockin‘ roots of two women and an ex-Sex Pistol in Hank Dogs.

I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Kinning Park Complex. Cornwall Street. Kinning Park. 7.30—9.30pm. £4 I .50). Workshops on Scots and Cape Breton fiddle styles. for beginners. intermediate and advanced players. Young beginners classes commence earlier in the evening. Information 779 9047.

I Ian Bruce Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 868I. 9pm. Free.


I Edinburgh's Youth Gaitherin 99 [)alry School. Dalry Road. I0am—430pm. See Edinburgh. Tue 6. I Andy Irvine Edinburgh Folk Club. Pleasance Theatre Bar. The Pleasance. 650 2349. 8pm. £5. £4 (£3); children free. Since his ground-breaking days in 70‘s Planxty. and his current high profile in Patrick Street. the winsome Irishman. and expert singer/mandolin player is no stranger to the Scottish stage. Tonight he‘s solo.

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