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Nineteen Eighty-Four

Clocks strike thirteen, lifts are broken and Winston Smith’s hallway reeks of cabbage as he prepares for Hate Week at the Ministry of Truth, under the watchful eye of Big Brother This sensual opening to one of the greatest novels of the century is rendered even more vivid wrth the publication of George Orwell’s 50- year-old ciassrc accompanied by Alex Williamson's illustrations and text design from Rob lvlahoney. The book's sumptuous visuals combine Sovret propagandISI design wrth the prole art of LS. Lovvry.

tBrran Donaldson)

Nineteen Eighty-Four is published by Secker & Warburg, Thu 7 Apr, £20.


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The Millennium Vinyl Collection

Everyone rs gomg Y2K cr'a/y and recoro (ompanres are re ex<eption To toast the dawning of a new era, Elvll have decided to celebrate their past anu reissue ten classic albun‘.s wth their original analogue s0und. Packaging fetishrsts \.~..rll be thrilled by the thought ot ‘nmvyttergnt vinyl and 'avrsn sleeve desrgn The Millennium Vinyl Collec tron il‘.( ludes Dd‘.«l(i Bome's Aladdin Sane, Talking Heads Stop

Making Sense and The Specrals' classic eponymous debut The most trme:y reissue rs l968's Music F." From Big Pink by rootsy Canadians, The Band. Keyboardrst, (-iar‘th Hudsor‘ and drunnner, Levon Heime

played on Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs album, rnaking tht group ripe for discovery by a new _ generation, iPeter Rossr ' ' _":"'. The Mil/ennrurn l/rny/ Collec tron is released on [fir/ll, Mon 5 Apr 9“, , ex ,_ 3:"?

Dawn Of The Replicants

The sleepy border town of Galashrels rs better known for rugby and knitwear, than high- flying, genre-delyang rock ’n’ roll But all that is set to change With the release of bonkers C-iaia band, Dawn Of The Replicants' saperlative new album.

l/'-./rong Town, Wrong Planet, Three Hours Late is such a thrillineg Off-the-wall romp t'nrotrg'n styles and moods that we made guitarist Roger Simian srt down and explain himself

Is your music too bonkers to ever be a hit?

You can understand why Oasis are so popular they are easy to understand and sum up. But \xhat's good about us rs that we're not as simplistic. We all want to get on Top Of The Pops, but we also like being a cult band.

You're known for using bizarre props on stage. What can people expect at your Glasgow gig?

Our singer Paul used to have a th.ng like a bus conductors ticket machine Now he has got a nevi. device called life. It's an orb wrth little knob controls and a flashing light. It looks very st rence f;ct:on, but it's a basic synthesrser‘.

Is it true you all live in a haunted house?

lyly parents ()\‘.ll an old conxerted (hurch house, and Just about every member of the band has lived tnere at one point. One of my pals saw a floating purple r‘irghtre, but none of us have eter' seen anything iPeter‘ Ross)

Wrong loaf/n, l/r/rong Planet, l’h/ee Hours Late rs released on EastWest, Mon 5 Apr. See [UV/(“.14 page 42 Data/n Of I'he Replicants play King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Sun 7 7 Apr See rock listings, page 45

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