Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Touring shows are listed at the end of the drama 8: dance section. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama & dance listings compiled by Rob Fraser. DISABLED ACCESS KEY

Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA 2 Parking to be Pie-Arranged. I. 2 Level Access. R = Rainped Access. ST: Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: \\‘(‘ = Adapted 'i‘olieiisi. WS : Wheelchair Spaces. ‘\S :- Adiaceiii Seats. H = Induction Loop System. IR : lnl'ra Red System. (.i : (luide Dogs Allowed. R : Restaurant .-\ccessib|e. C :: Catering Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.

Help: A = Assistance Ay ailable. AA = Advise Venue in Advance,


Tickets for mayor venues in Glasgow are available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon —Sat l0.30;iiii until 6.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on (ll-ll 387 551 l. Sunday opening is noon-5pm. Any Ticket Link hos tilTlCc‘ can SCII lic‘kt‘h I'ill' Ulilc‘l‘ \L‘llllL‘S. THEATRE TOKENS

TT indicates venues \ylieie 'I‘heatre Tokens can be exchanged for tickets. Tokens can be bought Il‘tilil Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Glasgow (ll-ll 387 5910'. most branches or W.H. Smith. John .\ieii/ies and James Thin Booksellers: or by credit card i'roin Tokenline. 0l7| 3-l0 8800.


THE ARCHES 30 Midland Street. 33! Jill”, ]\\'(‘_ WA] Begin Again t‘iiiii Sat .1 Apr. spin. £7 tut

Fluid movements: Liquid Oxygen at the Traverse


2 Gilmorehill Centre. 287 55] |. Puppet Animation Festival liiiill Sat 17. See Kids listings.

and takes place among a grotip oi‘ pals celebrating intitially at least- liogiiianay More lllli‘l'llltllitill in Stage Whispers. page 50.


messrs ()rblson. Holly. Cochrane and the King himself come together for a fantasy meeting. All the hits and more. including two of the greatest songs iii history. the Big ()‘s ‘In Dreams‘ and ‘lt's Oyer.‘ Pride Of The Clyde Until Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm; Tue. Wed. Thu & Sat 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £7—£ 12.50. Johnny Beattie leads the celebration of all things Glaswegian in an old-fashioned variety spectacular. Bob Downe Sun I 1 Apr. 7.30pm See Comedy Listings.


New Street. Paisley. 887 10I0. [Accessz PPA. L. R. Facilities: WC. W5. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

The Tempest Tue l3 Apr. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Actors Touring Company present a revolutionary interpretation of Shakespeare's l'iiial play. with music by internationally acclaimed avant garde composer Laurie Anderson.


ill Reiil‘ield Street. 332 1840. IP. WC. WA]

Paras Over The Barras Until Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm: Wed & Sat 2pm & 7.30pm. £6~£9 (£7). Nostalgiac look at Glasgow life during wartime.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Stiii 4 Apr. See Kids Listings


l‘iiiiiieston Quay. 287 7346.

The Geometry 0f Miracles Until Sat 3 Apr. 7.30pm. £10—£l2 (£5—£()). Robert Lepage‘s latest work combines theatre and. this being Glasgow in I999. architecture iii an exploration of the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Genuinely unmissable.


COTTIER THEATRE 93 l-iyndland Street. 357 3868. [H. WC. w-xt

KtC present a non iiii'ltienced \ ision of Me COTTIER THEATRE Campbell Street. ill-175 333038. Ill. WA] Dances In The Glasgow Style Sun ll lived in the immediate .iiieimath oi\\'orld 93 liyndland Street. 35” .§.\‘(i.\'. Ill. \VC. On The Piste Sat 10 Apr. 7.30pm. U150 , Apr. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Studio Dance War II. A de\ ised piece. with te\t by Day id WA] it'bi. Typically earthy John (lodher f (ii‘otip take Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Harrower and direction by (luy Hollands. The Caretaker Tue (i Sat 34 Apr. spin. £7 (£4). The Arches Theatre Company have a reputation tor presenting Pinter as well as anybody in Scotland. making this a virtual must see. Andrew l)allniyer. Paul Riley and Ross Siennotise star in a 401haniiiyersary production.

Delirious Until Sat 3 Apr Spin. {S 1‘5). Wildcats musical coniedy ronip through a mind anti a culture on the brink oi~

. collapse. See review page 57.

Friends In Love, Sex And Death Tue

()r-liri 9 Apr. 3pm. £5 i£3i.Writer-director

Bryn Uwen‘s play is the Ill‘SI production by the thrusting young Beacon company

comedy set in the world oi" predatory instructors and nursery slope \ irgins. KING'S THEATRE

297 Bath Street. 287 55 l |. [IL WC. WA] Four Steps To Heaven Mon S~Sai l0 Apr. 7.30pm; iii s Sat 5.30pm ck 8.30pm. £5--£20.5(). A rock ‘n' roll dream team of

i as the inspiration for their new show. 5 cheekin subtitled ‘A Load ()liOld Tosh.‘


Hope Street. 332 9000. TI". [Accessz l’l’A. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. liel i; AA]

i nlg TLiFe Thti l5«Sat l7 Apr.

James Arnott Th

\c‘t‘ Kltls

Your at-a-glance theatre guide

Thursday 1 Friday 2 Saturday 3 Sunday 4 Monday Tuesday 6” V _ Arches ' ill-JESS “it-ailftglui' “' " it... and...” I -n...c............ s.~.7it..i§' ta. " ' " Kalil.WW

I)L‘Illlt‘lls I)t‘Ill'li‘ll\ j v ' Intends In Lost: . .. 1 Friends in Love . ..

Cottier Theatre


H - I’i itlc ( )l The ('inle

l’iid.‘ l' lit. ( Ind.

l l s . I \ I l:i...- t i! lli.-( 't J; loin Steps lo Heaven I‘Hlll' Steps lo lleaycn l-oui Steps To Heaven

Paisley Arts kids .. r it _ _ pail—{65” ' ""“""‘.,;..:.;1,.';'v;.::'.'..;;1:;”"it....3...i..;$...;.;.;' 'i:._....."tl..-} iiil'iiji..[§" s..- MIC m" u WW— _ *“ F {Eff-mm "killiifiiifstate-I“I;.:.i.......r§kiistasis '........._...'..,.‘;;.;...i.;;: 3 ' ' " "T i u ' ] Theatre Royal 'W"s’II-Til'lliliH " l " " ' Brunton liliil' lilil/‘ mil/.9 Festival Theatre H " KJne‘thsatre ' l " " é _ _ \‘r‘ Kl“ I. I \‘s‘ blih s.~,- bulsv w » Tse-e- kart—-mmw “misc; mat a " ""' " ’“ - _ _-.,_m__‘_-_~»_ ,____ _A-___ g Playhouse _ . Swlswkkl’nii \scl<~ci.simp (iiiis\i~:hl(liit I tiiiitsigiiioui... I (iii‘lsNightUtil... :9; Q_y_een's Hall ' i ' ' g

Bgyaltyceum n Traverse 1

Inst Yoi. ic' Ii-iiil

Traverse 2

Learning 'I lie l’.is.i li-ible |.c'.iiiiiiig 'I he I‘.is.i IIHIiIc“I.L‘.lllllllzf 'l h.- |’.is.i hold.~


‘2‘) All itm