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Cottier Theatre

EDINBURGH DRAMA LISTINGS continued Liquid Oxygen Fri <)_Sat 10 Apr. 8pm. £7 (£3.50). A world premiere by Fight Or

Flight Dance Theatre Company. directed

g h mummy out.“ a gamut,“ ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE and choreographed by Jane Howie and . Grindlay Street. 22‘) 9697. "VT. [Accessz Malcolm Shields. Video pTOJCCIIOTTS and 'l be best in mils“. COUNT”. “WM”: 4”“! dimu‘ “h P. L". Facilities: WC. \\’S. H. (i. C. 'l‘ surveillance cameras combine with four but" A" restaurant ~ in ( iizisgins 's \\ est lind Help: A. AA] Closed Suns. performers to create a frenetic sense of STIFE! Thu l5 Apr 7.45pm. Free pace and movement.

New comedy drama with Dave Anderson until 3 Apr

Preview. Fri lo Apr—Sat 8 May 7.45pm. 0 O 9 £5—£ l6. Forbes Masson's ambitious new in c musical. mixing easy listening with hard choices. as a stonemason does deals with MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE

University of Stirling. 0l786 4(il08 l. [R ____-... ..._ H. \VC‘. \VAI

' . TRAVERSE THEATRE Begin Again Mon )2 Apr. 7.45pm. £6

r m’s SC. C' b'dv‘St'Ht “S1404 ll’ll 'l'l' £1) K(‘ ' (l ' "d len‘e ow am ii gc. rec .__t . . . . . ( I. t presentation in Ucncc vision

WC . WA] ol lile lived in the immediate altermath

Begin Again Wed l4—Sun IS Apr. ol’ World War II. A devised piece with The smgmg sensat'on 0‘ the 605 (the '3605‘) sat '0 Apr 7.30pm £7 (£3.50). KtC present a non Q text by David liarrower and direction by

O I influenced vision ol~ lil'e lived in the (iuy Hollands. s immediate al'teriiiath of World War ll. A Q "The ’l‘empest Wed l4—l5ri 16 Apr. devised piece. with text by David 7.45pm. £(i (£3 l. Actors Touring

Sun I | Apr Harrowei‘ and direction by (iiiy Hollands. (‘oiiipany present a revolutionary i First You're Born Sat .‘w Apr. 7.30pm. £4 - interpretation ol'Shakespeare's linal play.

. (£2). Scandinavian writer l.ine Knut/on’s , with music by internationally acclaimed e a e romantic comedy about the ; avant garde composer Laurie Anderson. A I I T I 8T National Connections Thu X—Sun

8 - .0 Apr the devil. See l'eature page I3.

The man from the moon in the appliance of science

interconnecting lives and loves of six young neighbours. ll Apr. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). liight youth Learning The Paso Doble l‘ri 2-—Sun 4 theatres perform in a l‘estival of new

Thu '5 Apr Apr. 8pm. £9 (£4.50). l)il_vs Rose takes a ; writing.

E'V'S Pres'ey s 'egenda" gmtanSt break from fiction and poetry writing to : Kevin’s Bed Until Thu | Apr. 7.30pm. £7 ' enter the dramatic arena w itli this tale of (£3.50). Riotous comedy distinguished & at family unable or unwilling to cope with by a knowing turn t'i'oni Michael

the death of their mother. : Mackenzie.

Windows On The World San l0 s Sun Terry Neason Wed 7 Apr. 7.45pm. £6 Go 0‘" av a bit of a knees up! Tue 10 Apr ll Apr. 3pm (k 7.30pm. £l. weekcnd (£3). Cabaret performance of songs and

leaturing workshops and perlorniaiice gags in lull-on one woman show style.

from visiting l‘rench writers and r as directors. The gallic types in question I

were UliCUliiil'lllcd at time ol‘ going to MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE

press. so interested parties should call the

The "5'08 Stars 0' F'amenco gu'tar" 23 8‘ 24 Apr i box office for more details ' University of Stirling. 01786 461081. [R . 3 ll. wc. WA] F emu" Duo mmsumu mung . Spirit or The Dance \Ved l4 Apr. 8pm. £l5 (£13.50). 'l‘i‘aditional li'ish dance TRAVERSE THEATRE ; collides with jazz. tap. ballet and \,i./ Sundays are jazz days Tickets from Ticketlink - 0l4l 287 SSI l Cambridge Street. 328 I404. [l’. ll. 'l'l‘. llamenco in a show which took the US a. (on-.9, . mi. Cottier Theatre - out 357 3868 (noon ~8pm) WC. WA) J by storm. \ .

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PA...“ marches



By Harold Pinter

Directed by Andy Arnold

Tue 6 Sat 24 April (no Sun 0r mon petfs)

8pm 27/24

2 tickets for the price of 1 on Tue 6 Apr



‘Andy Arnold's Arches Theatre Company produce a range of plays and a standard of production which puts many of Scotland’s wealthiest theatres to shame The Scotsman


. _ . Thu 15 Sat 17 Apr 8pm 27/24 apnl lune 2 tickets for the price of 1 on Thu 15 Apr

Box (Wine 01412214001

for a free brochure call

0141 887 1010

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