Nick Holder According to Sub Club resident Harri, Nick Holder is a 'dead nice wee guy’ and he should know. When Holder plays at the Sub Club this week, it’ll be his fourth time there, and he’s played out quite a few times at Harri's weekly residency at Plastic People in London.

The 30 year-old from Toronto reckons the Subbie is one of the best clubs in the world. ’It was like, crazy man,’ he says. ’It was really underground and the attitude of a the people was fantastic. Tribal “'1 V Funktion too, it’s really hype. Scotland really seems to have it's own sound going on and a lot of the stuff that comes into the record shops in Toronto does really well. I'm really looking forward to coming over to Glasgow, everyone is so friendly and open minded. I wish Toronto was more like it.‘

Not content to just sing the r praises of our country, Holder has gone a bit further to show his appreciation for the scene. The first single - ’I Once Believed In You’ off his forthcoming album From Within has remixes by George T from Edinburgh's Tribal Funktion as well as one from DJ Q from Glasgow.

Holder is one who appreciates people doing their own thing. His own label that he set up six years ago is fittingly titled DNH, standing for David Nick Holder. He may as well have called it All My Own Work as around 50 of the label’s 55 releases have been by himself. Fans of his work include Miles Holloway and Elliot Eastwick, Nick Warren and of course local lads George T, Harri and DJ Q. He set up the label after getting ’screwed' by his first label Hi Bias and after his second label Strobe went unden

He also records for Kruder and Dorfmeister’s K7 label


as well as the label run by fellow Canadians The Stickmen. Although he still stays in Canada, he's not overly keen on the way the indigenous club scene works, saying that he finds it real hard to get gigs there. This is a weird state of affairs as he’s well known on the European circuit for the versatility of his DJing. You're as likely to find his name on a flyer next to Sasha and Digweed playing tech house as you are to get him up beside Harri on the deeper tip.

'There's just too much attitude out here,’ he complains. 'People are constantly stabbing you in the back and talking you down. That's one of the reasons it was cool to get these Scottish guys remixing my tracks.’ (Rory

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Clouds Revival

Edinburgh: The Cavendish, Sun 4 Apr.

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Club news

SCOTTISH 8r NEWCASTLE have confirmed that they have sold The Rocking Horse on Victoria Street, the main venue for alternative and rock clubs in Edinburgh. We understand that the venue will not continue to hold clubs and many promoters are relocating to other venues. Watch this space for more details.

THE POTTERROW'S FRIDAY night clubs will stop for most of April duduring Edinburgh University holidays. They will resume Fri 23 Apr. Saturday nights will remain throughout.

THE PESKY VARMINTS’ (TPV) debut release ’The Super Human Colloseum EP' is out this month on In Demand's CID Records. Catch the launch parties at Yang, Sun 4 Apr and Scratch, Sat 24 Apr.

DJ KID AND The General's ’lnvaders' has been picked up for use on DJ SS's album The World Of Drum & Bass due out some time in May. DJ Kid is also looking for Scottish drum & bass demos for his new label Invade Recordings. Send to PO Box 14049, Edinburgh EH9 TWV.

FOOL BOONA’S ’POPPED' (as previewed in The List last issue) is doing very well indeed. The funky house track was made Dave Pearce’s Tune of the Week on his Radio 1 show. Expect it to chart big time.

GLASGOW'S TUNNEL CLUB are using the technology they’ve had since the refit back in 96 to exclusively ’beam back’ Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold’s set live from the Homelands Festival in Hampshire on Sat 29 May. Sound and visuals will come in via the Tunnel ISDN line and Tong and Oakenfold’s happy faces will be projected onto a screen in front of the DJ box. The event forms part of the BBC Music Live festival.

THE APARTMENT CLUB in Glasgow is currently being expanded from its 186 capacity to around 400. The work will be completed in early July. Insiders at the club don’t want to give too much away as yet, but they are saying they may be extending up, down, sideways or out the back, possibly even all four. Ultimately there will be a new entrance too. The changes fit in with the new Apartment policy which is going along a more credible, clubber- friendly line.

Virtually underground: Pete Tong

l—l‘jApr 1999 THE UST53