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CLUBS listings


I Eden at Alaska. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Alan Ronald moves his night that used to be at The Velvets with lritnself in the white roorrr playing student classics and Scott Mc Kay upstairs for funky ltotrse.

I Garden Of Eden at The Velvet Roorrts. I [pm—~3anr. £3 (£2). Happy Itouse irt the nrain roorn pltrs student pop in the front room.

I Porn Star at Reds. I lpni—3arn. £3 (£2). Weekly. DJ Tam Coyle plays an eclectic mix of student musical madness. I Pump at Archaos. l lpm—3am. £3 (£2). DJ Vance with a poppy midweek mix of good time vibes.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. llpnt~~3arn. £4 (£2). Insane. drunken shenanigans eased along nicely by the char'ty choons of Gerry and Iain it) the rtraitr room.

I The Shimmy Club at Benrret's. ll.3()pm 3am. £3 (£l.5()). Raytrrond Davr'en's party-(y pe affair at the straight night itt tltis gay venue.

I Hot Traxx at The Lime. l lpm—3am. £3 (£2). Classic 7(ls tunes from Bob Peck pltrs cheap boo/e.

I T.l.T at Trash. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). Sttidentish night featuring DJ Rory with house classics and future anthems in the rrrairr room and (iralrame with full-on student faves in the second roortt and an invisible DJ playing across the board in the cave.


I 705 Wonderland at The (‘athouse

I lpm--3anr. £2 (£l.5()); free before ll.3()prn. Silly 70s disco and funk.

I Bennet's at Bennet's. I |.3()pm—3am. £2.50 (£l.5()). DJ Sara with upbeat dance. (Say. I Big Daddy at The I3th Note Cltrb (upstairs). llpm--3anr. £l. Big Daddy ensures as he's presenting a ‘half-nelson of ftrtrk. tau. hip hop and petite beats' every week so there you go. make ofthat as you will. I Bootie at Plattet Peach.

llpnr--3. 15am. £3 (£2). Night of R628. hip hop. tunk. soul and swing from Martin lleskcth.

I Chopper at Archaos. I [pm—3am. £3 (£2 ). (.‘orrtmercial house and disco from Matt Morton. I East Village Pharmacy at Yang.

optn midnight. Night of hip hop. breaks attd beats from Stewart and Leon. held in conjunction with Concrete Skates. Pre- club.

I FAB at Baba/a. I Ipnt—3anr. £3 (£2). DJ Skud with funky house and garage grooves for a cheery crowd. Probably the busiest club in town tonight.

I Ghetto Flava at Reds. I lpm—3arn. £3 (£2). Weekly. DJ Paul N'Jie plays a blend ofcool house. garage. soul arid R&B.

I Jengaheads at The Living Room. 9pm llpnt. Free. Jengaheads playing nu- sehool breaks. electro. breakbeat and house. Pre-club.

I Kraze at \‘ictoria‘s. l().30pm—3am. £5. Massive night olcornmet'cial dance tunes from Kerrsitas Club DJ of The Year Steve Lockte and Day e Young playing to an up- I’or-rt club crowd.

I Relax at The Linte. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Your chance to relive the 80s in this comtnercral venue.

I Rio at The Asylum (Caledonian l'niversrty I'nton). l()pm—2am. Free. (’Iassic 80s night from DJ Paul with cheap cocktails.

I Shu Hirita at The Cul De Sac.

ts- llpttr. Free. New ja/./.y drum 8.: bass pic-club from fresh ttarne to the circuit Shu llirrta.

I Souped Up at The Garage.

t().3()pni 3am. £3 (£2). Iain Hanlon with poppy student good time patty tunes.

I Two Tons Of Fun at Club Btrdda. llpm— 3am. £3. (‘hunky garage and vocal house from (ieoff Montford and Chris Harris.

I Universe Sculpting at The Cross Bar. 9pm nudnrglrt. Free. hip hop. breakbeats and jungle. Pre-club.

68 THE LIST I -I‘)Apt I999


Edinburgh listings

I Beat at The Vaults. I0.30prn-3anr. Free. 8 Apr. Fortnightly. Hard house and funky techno with J. Cammera. Stamper and Ollie. Don’t forget. it's free.

I Black Projects at The Honeycomb. l0.3()prn—3am. £3 before midnight; £4 after. 8 Apr. Monthly. A quick date change sees Black Projects on tonight. DJs Jamie Watt. Ross Duckering atrd Richie Ruftone playing a selection of hip hop. trip hop. drum & bass and ftrnk.

I CC. Blooms at CC. Blooms.

l lpm—3am. Free club downstairs at this popular gay bar. playing a mix of commercial dance and Hi-NRG house. I Catwalk at Catwalk. ()prri—lam. Free. Open decks session. Phone 225 5583 or 04 I I 807925 for more information.

I Chicken Noodle Soup at the Venue. lem—3arn. £6 (£3). | Apr. Monthly. Techno with guests The Space DJz. Colin Millar and Alan Dunbar.

I Chroma and Pollen at The Bongo Club. l().30prn—3am. £5. 8 Apr. DJ Mim offering ‘dancing tunes' joined by live acts Chroma. Pollen and other locals with trance-jazz (apparently) and the like.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte. l()prn—Iam. Free. Weekly. Various DJs playing Latin sounds.

I Digital Science at The Venue. 9pm—3am. £3. I5 Apr. Monthly. An impressive quality litre up. check this out: Steven Brown (Real Time Recs) and Kasbah (Pull Recs) playing live. DJs J.Cammera. Jochem Hertzog (Ptrre DJ squad) and Ollie (Australia yea!) it) the main room; The Method playing live down stairs joined by a burd called ger. The Dribbler atrd guests playing hip hop. big beat and house. And all for for only three quid.

I Don't Panic at The Tap ()‘l..auriston. 9prn—lam. Free. I & I5 Apr. Fortnightly. Techno and trance sounds.

I Dust at Studio 24. l()pm-3am. £2. Weekly. Please note change of v enue. Popular alternative club offering tip a selection of metal. industrial. goth arid a bit of punk to an appreciative crowd.

I eh1 more at ehl. ()ptn—Iam. Free. Weekly. Pre-club. House grooves.

I El Segundo at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 22 Apr.

I Flares at Flares. ()prn—Iam. Free. Weekly. DJs playing 70s tunes.

I Funk at Bannerman's. 9pm-lam. Free. Weekly. Preclub. Funk. soul and hip hop. I The Funky Underground at Revolution. l0pm—3am. Free if in ()()s or 70s costume: £3 before I lpm'. £4 after. Weekly. Cheesy disco night.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Leeds funk- soul outfit Hunnybag play a one-off( 1 Apr) with the Grits ‘n' Gravy Trio/Quintet re-asserting their chromatic tones on 8 & I5 Apr.

I Jet at Enaj. 9pm—3am. Free. 8 Apr then weekly. Pre club. Yogi Haughton revamps this central bar bringing in pals Dr Bob Jones and The Cuban Brothers to rock the Cowgate.

I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar. downstairs. 9pm—larn. Free. 8 Apr. Fortnightly. Easy listening. mellowjazz. Iii-energy disco and tasty cheese.

I Love Breaks at Po Na Na. l lpm—3am. Free before I lpm; £2 after. Weekly. Membership available. Various funky sounds with Simone attd Dr Jon.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. l()pm—3am. £3 conc arid before I Ipm: £4 thereafter. Weekly. Sir ()ssie runs with the best it) hip hop. swing. funk. soul and R&B. One of the longest rtrnning nights in Scotland and still going strong.

I The Manga Sessions at Iguana. ()prn—Iam. Free. Weekly. Pre-club. Headlining residents Kid and G-Mac selecting a special blend of hip hop. R&B. nu skool breaks. big beat and drurtr & bass alongside Manga visuals.

I Mode Organic at The Citrus Club.

I Ipni—3am. Free. Weekly. New night of ska. rrrod. Northern soul and 60s beat with Kaiser George. Simon and Brian.

I Pants at Wilkie House. l().30pm-3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Zoology vs Pants—good and roper debauchery. truff said.

I P actory at City Cafe 2. Monthly. Next date 29 Apr.

I Republic at Wilkie House. l0.30pm—3ani. £tbc. 8 Apr and weekly. New rock. heavy rock and indie rock club.

I Red, Hot And Cool at Noa. l0pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Sotrl. hip hop and old school.

I Ripped at The Jaffacake. I lpm-3am. £2. Weekly. A mix of pop and indie.

I The Salsa Hut 7— l().30pm. Free. Cool little Mexican restaurant jointing the dots between great food and great music. With DJs.

I The Ska Club at The Venue. l()pm—3am. £4. l8 Mar. Fortnightly. The ska revival is back. A mixture of original atrd 80s Brit ska. 'Rude boys. skinheads and mods. your time is rtow.‘ Proi play live.

I The Subway West End at The Subway West End. 4pm—3am. £l. Weekly. DJs playing chart music.

I Thursday Night Fever at the Liquid Room. l().30pm—3am. Students free with matric card before l2.3()arn or iii 70s costume; £3 otherwise. Weekly. Disco and chart.

I The Unspoken Thing at Negoeiants. 9pm~3am. Free. Weekly. Freestyle break beats.

I Vibe at The Tap ()‘l.auriston. 9pm-lam. Free. 8 Apr. Fortnightly. Hip hop night.


I Al's All Night Joke Shop at The

Bon 0 Club. Monthly. Next date to Apr. I A pha Beat Soup at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 7 May.

I Apex at Studio 24. IO.3()pm—3am. £7 (£5). 2 Apr. Monthly. A happy birthday to the Apexers they've reached one. To celebrate. expect a big night of hard house arid hoover trance madness with guests Skol and Roosta (Lorrdort) playing a two hour back to back set. Phil Zero (Stay Up Forever) also guests showcasing his longoawaited live set.

I Arakataca 2 at La Belle Angele. llpm—3am. £5. 9 Apr. Monthly. A night of salsa. African. Latin and Caribe music to the highest common denominator with DJs Zuppar lnglese and Jaffar.

I Barry Cabanas at Wilkie House. Next date 28 Apr.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cafe Aquarius. ()prn—lam. Free. Weekly. Tribal Funktion man the decks at this very funky bar.

I Camel Beats at The Venue. l0.3()pm—3am. £7 (£5). 9 Apr. Fortnightly. Techno. Special guest Hypha (Chunk Recs) drops by to offer tip a live PA. supported as ever by The Arabian Knights.

I Catwalk 8prn—lam. Free. Weekly. Joseph Malik from Lizzard Lounge.

Club bite

midnight blue

Where? Midnight Blue at Cafe Graffiti. When? Fri 19 Mar.

Highlight? An eight-piece Latin-Jazz band, filling the Sizeable dance floor wrthrn two minutes of appearing on stage.

Lowlight? Duffle coats are go! Crowding around a candle in a bottle for heat It's well Chilly

Ahem, excuse me? Those y0ung men who, after a few sherrtes, think that holding therr hands in the arr and wavmg their butts on the dance floor makes them Latrno sex gods We think not. (Mark Robertson)

Blacka’nized and the East Coast Project l spins a selection of the best music from around the world.

I Club Latino at The Bongo Club. IO.30prn—3am. £6 (£5). 2 Apr. Monthly. The finest Latin rhythms played to a very friendly crowd. one of the best of its types in the capital. Carlos Petra is live on stage joined by guest DJ Lubi Jovanovich (Leeds).

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte.

l()pm— lam. Free. Weekly. Flamenco trio Flamenco Puro live with DJs.

I Different IS Good at Iguana. ()pltI—lillll. Free. Weekly. Pre-club. Popular Scottish DJ Gareth Sommerville lays down the choicest disco artd hip hop tunes. I Divine Divas at The Venue. Monthly. Next date In Apr.

I eh1 more at eh I. ()pnr—lam. Free. Stylish pre-club bar with house and big heart DJs on rotation. t I Esteem at The Vaults. l().3()pm—3am. ' £8. 2 Apr. Monthly. Andy Ford (Regular ; Musiclloins residents TJ and Neil l Ferguson playing harder house. Make sure you check out the cah-razy decor! I Evol at The Liquid Rooms. I().3()pm—3am. £4. Weekly. A hardy mix covering indie and pop to ()()s and datrce. j I Flares at Flares. 9pm-lam. Free. § Weekly. DJs playing a range of 70s disco. 5 I Frontier at Revolution. l()pm—3am. £5 before i lprn; £6 between llpm—midrright; £7 after. Weekly. Residents are Kevin Jones and Vanessa j Motion. Chart and house night with enormous capacity.

I Funk Train at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date 23 Apr. 2 I Higher Ground at The Honeycomb. , I lpm—3am. £6 (£5). 9 Apr. Monthly. ()ne of the capital's best clubs arid the ; essential party experience for many. extra special backroom guests Keb Darge and Mark Linton joitr Dr Arjun. Mr Todd.

Briatr Hunter. Lyley and Gitto playing

real deal deep house arid garage in the

main room. rare groove. disco arid soul of the highest factor.

I House at Bannerman's. 9pttt—lilttl.

Free. Weekly. Local DJs spin house


I Intergalactic at The Potterrow.

Monthly. Next date 3() Apr.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. l()pm—3am. £5 (£4). Hot London trio

God Catcher return (2 Apr) followed by soul & blues from Basic Collective (9


I Jet at linaj. 9pm—3ani. Free. 9 Apr I then weekly. Pre club. Catch Yogi Haughton with the very best in garage. rare groove and ftrnk.

I The Komodo Club at Wilkie House. The Kotnodo Club has now finished.

I Lift at La Belle Angele.

l().30pm—3am. £7 (£6 NL'S; £5 members). 2 Apr. Monthly. Techno. Chris Liberator (Stay Up Forever) returns to Lift after his storming set at The Vaults last year. He joitrs residents LI‘T and Paul

I Lost In Bass at Studio 24. Next date 7 May.

I Lucious at The Ark. l()pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Mainstream party music.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. l()pm-3anr. £3 cone and before I lpm: £4 I thereafter. Weekly. Make tracks atrd hear ; an array of reggae. ragga. soul. ftrrrk. swing and R&B sounds provided by Sir ()ssie.

I Manga at La Belle Angele. Motrtlrly. Next date to Apr.

I MIB Presents South Central at Walker's. l().3()pm—3arn. £5. Weekly. Edinburgh's 'R&B defenders' Mr H and TNT present sessions with guest DJs. dancers atrd freestylirrg.

I Midnight Blue at Cafe Graffiti. l()pm—2am. £5. Weekly. Jazz atrd soul. Kevin McKenzie will be ftrtrkirrg it up with the vibrant Sttrart front Big Beat (2 Apr); vocalist Subie Coleman returns

joining the MB Players and DJs Derrrus

and Joseph Malik (9 Apr).

I Miss Moneypenny s at The Honeycomb. l().3()prrt—3am. £ |() (£8). 2 Apr. Monthly. The rrrost glartr and sexy of all super clubs now resides in the Capital.