Upper Colquhoun Street. 0|436 673900. Daily l.30—5.30pm.

New Perceptions: New Directions Thu I Apr-Sun 3l ()ct. An exhibition of cutting-edge contemporary dotnestic design by up-and-eoming artists.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 0 I 786 47936 I. Tue—Sat I lam—4.30pm.

Kevin Hutcheson and Claire Stephenson Sat 3 Apr- Sat )5 May. Hutcheson's work quotes the textual Iangttage of literature and film whereas Stephenson uses visttal grammar. drawn from the illustration of leisure pursuits.


lectures & events


Artists Workshop with Ryan Exidore and Russell Stout Sat 3 Apr. 5pm. £2. Street Level. 26 King Street. 552 2l5l. Ryan Iisidore and his sponsors \Vlntespace demonstrate the techniques tttyoly ed in his current exhibition /.ilt'lm‘/H.

Michael Donnelly Tue l3 Apr. 6.30pm. £4.50 (£2). ()ueen's Cross Church. Charles Rennie Mackintoin Society. S70 (iarscube Road. 946 6600. The author of Smitty/t S/(IlllUll (i/(Iss -- .I/tlk‘illg' l/It' ('n/tlttl'y XII/IQ talks abottt the work of ()seat' Paterson and George Walton. both contemporaries of Mackintosh.

V5 9 :i” “I. I i . .~/ ' .51

' if I ' p:


Triptych Fri 2 Apr. l2.45- l . l5pm. Free. National Gallery of Scotland. Bill Hare talks about Bernardo Daddi's painting. Avigdor Arika: A Life In Art Mon 5 Apr. I2.45--I.I5pm. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. Duncan Thomson gives a talk on Israeli artist Avigdor Arika. whose work is currently on show in the gallery.

J.M. Barrie Wed 7 Apr. l2.45- l.l5pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Susan lidwards talks about Sir William Nicholson's painting.

Portrait Of Gianlorenzo Bernini Fri 9

Apr. l2.45vl.l5pm. Free. National Gallery

of Scotland. Timothy Clifford. Director of the National Galleries. discusses the work

of Baeiccio.

Cartier-Bresson And French Humanist Photography Mon I: Apr.

l2.45 l .l5pin. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. Peter llatnilton talks about Cartier-Bresson‘s work. which is currently on show in the gallery.

Rev William Robertson \y'etl I4 Apr. l2.45—l.l5pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Stana Nenadic discusses Sir .loshua Reynolds' painting.


Prime Gallery Discussion Sat 3 Apr. 2«3pm. Free. Dundee Contemporary Arts. John Burnside and Paul Nesbitt take part in a lively discussion about the work in the current exhibition.

Prime - Introductory Talk Mon 5 Apr. noon— l 2.45pm. Free. The art centres

curator Katrina Brown discusses the art in


Meet The Artists Sun I | Apr.

2.30 4.30pm. Free. (‘allum lnnes and Sarah-Jane Selyyood talk about their work currently on show at the centres inaugural exhibition Prime.

2' Wm...“ M“ “MW (”“’ "'"mwkflbw f {'t ,' u ,.‘.‘."m..,_~~ . “x.” '1, - A a .i 9 \- t I \‘ & ‘i I 1. ’7 -~«: a . «a ‘1; I 2’, . . I, x" 7" .. , I H. " ~ 3 , N s as.“ My" / t ' ‘r "

Surreal for real: Picabia's Subtlety on show at the recently opened Dean Gallery opposite Edinburgh's National Gallery Of Modern Art


We welcome submissions for this section. but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Activities And Fun

Easter Children's Activities Thu l Apr 6’; Tue 6—Fri 9 Apr. I0am—noon. £ l .50. Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Kibble Palace. 730 Great Western Road. For details call ()l4l 287 3836. Easter arts and crafts. games and treasure trails on an envircmmental theme.

Easter Events At The People's Palace Fri 2—Mon 5 Apr. noon-4pm. Free. People's Palace & Winter Garden. Glasgow Green. . 5540223. Faster-time fun including face- paintiug. arts and crafts and workshops.

Mr Boom‘s Science Show Thu 8—Sat 10 Apr. l lain & 2pm. £3. Cottier Theatre. 93 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. Wonder at Mr Boom's amazing display of the appliance of science.


Magic Bob Unplugged Fri 3 Apr. 2pm. £3 l .50). Govan PALS. l9 Nethan Street. 445 6000. Ages 5+. Magic Bob continues to amaze with an astounding selection of tricks.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Sun 4 Apr. 2pm & 6pm. £6.50. The Pavilion Theatre. l2l Renfield Street. 332 l846. Children's panto classic and these days you don't even have to wait until Christmas.

Folk Tales and Aesop's Fables Sat l0 Apr. 2pm. £3 (£2). Scottish Mask 8; Puppet Theatre Centre. 8— l 0 Balcarres Ayenue. Kclvindale. 339 6l85. Ages 3—8. Kidglove Puppets present a selection of well-known tales and Aesop‘s fables.


Vampire Storytime Sat 3 Apr. I lam. Free. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Blood-sucking stories with the storytime team followed by tales from the Brothers Grimm on Sat l0 Apr.


Even Better Crack Club Sat to Apr. l0am. £l. Lansdowne Church Hall. 420 Great Western Road. For further details call 0l506 847935. Michael Kerins and l-Lwan McVicar host this regular storytelling session for all ages.


Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42 I9. Free entry to museum for visitors aged 18 and under. Ten-minute talks for children held every Saturday at 2.15pm antl every Sunday at 3. l5pm. Topics include The ('uinel on Sat 3 Apr and The Til/ell! l’u/e on Sttn 4 Apr. The following week learn about ('I'ttt'tit/i/c's tiIIt/ TINT/(’3‘ on Sill I0 Apr and The Heron on Sun I l Apr. Easter Playscheme Tue (T—I‘Tl l6 Apr.

£ l . l5 per session-£2.50 per session. Mcadowbank Sports Centre. I39 London Road. 66l 535 I. Keep boredom at bay with a host of activities to choose frotn including climbing. trampolining. roller disco. badminton and play sessions.


The Wee Folks Clubs Fri l—Sun 4

Apr. I |am~— l pm & 2-—5pm. Free. The Pleasance. 60 The Pleasance. 650 2350. Children‘s events including singing. dancing. games and quizzes. Part a] Slum/y A'- Rtmlx /"c'.\'lii'tI/.


Activities And Fun Easter Eggcitement Fri 3— Sun l8 Apr. Ilium—4pm. £2.20 (£l. l0); family ticket

listings KIDS

£5.50. Almond Valley Heritage Centre. Livingston. ()l506 4 l4957. Springtime games and crafts. egg painting and bonnet making. plus the chance to meet the new arrivals: lambs. chicks and other baby animals.

Easter Egg Specials Fri 2—Mon 5 Apr. ll.20am—3pm. £3.90—£2.60 (£I.90). Bo‘ness 8: Kinneil Railway. Bo'ness Station. Union Street. Bo‘ness. 0l506 822298. Meet the liaster Bunny on a spectacular steam train journe .

Easter Puppet Making Workshops Sat 3 Apr. 1 lam—3.30pm. £8. Biggar Puppet Theatre. Broughton Road. Biggar. 01899 22063 I. Ages 7—l2. Let the professionals show you how to create your own puppets iti this fttn workshop. followed by a performance of Silt/nit] The Sui/0r at 2pm.

Easter Egg Hunt Sun 4 Apr. 2.30pm. £2 l ). ’l‘raquair House. lnnerleithen. 01896 830323. Come and hunt for the 3.000 mini eggs hidden in the Traquair Maze. Grand Easter Egg Hunt Sun 4 Apr.

l lam—4.30pm. Free. Calderglen Country Park. Strathaven Road. East Kilbride.

()l 355 236644. Solve the clues on follow the trail in this cracking egg hunt.


The Singing Kettle Until Sat 3 Apr. Wed 8; Thu I lain 8; 2pm; Fri I lam. 2pm & 7pm; Sat l lam. 2pm 6’; 5.30pm. £8 (£7): family ticket £23. Adam Smith Theatre. Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 0l592 4 l 2929. Come dressed as your favourite animal and join the Kettlers‘ sing-along fun at the farm.

Sing And Dance Along With Mr Boom Mon 5 Apr. 2pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Rothes Hall. Rothes Square. Glenrothes. ()l592 6l l l0l. Ages 3—8. Mr Boom and his one- man-band arrive frotn the moon for an afternoon of music-making.

Know Nothing Norman Fri 9 Apr. 2pm. £3. Albert Halls. Dumbarton Road. Stirling. 0l786 473544. Ages 3—6. Wee Stories Theatre present the tale of Norman. the boy who knew nothing at all.

The Singing Kettle Sat 10 & Sun I t Apr. Sat l lam & 2pm; Sun lpm & 4pm. £8 (£7); family ticket £23. Mothetwell Concert Hall. Civic Centre. Motherwell. 0l698 2675 I5. See above

The Happy Gang's Castle 0f Adventure Join the Happy Gang as they look after Professor Nincompoop's Castle of Adventure in this fun show for 2—-9 year-olds.

Thu l Apr. l latn (SI. 2.30pm. £3. Village 'l'lteulre, .I’IUTH't‘l/ Drive. Iz'ttx! Kil/n'it/e. 0/3552 48669.

Fri 2 Apr. 2pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Rut/res Hit/I. Rul/It'.\‘ Square. (Neural/tar, 0/592


Tue 6 Apr. 2.30pm. £5; family ticket £13.50. Albert Hulls, [)HIII/Hll'ltlll Road. Stirling, ()l 786 473544.

Thu 8 Apr. 2.30pm. £4.50; family ticket £ l6. Bur/flielt/s 'I‘ltetttre. (Ireenm'k Road. Lanes“. 0/475 689777.

Fri 9 Apr. 2.30pm. £4.50; fatnin ticket £ l6. [Wag/11ml 'I’ltettrre, Hurhuttrsit/e. Irvine. 0/294 278387.

Wed l4 Apr. 2.30pm. £3.75. Tim-n Hull. .I’lctl‘x/Ii/I. A //()(l. 0/259 2/3/3l.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet Theatre. Broughton Road. 0 l 899 22063 1. £4.90 adults: £3.90 children (reductions for parties of over ten). Shows this fortnight are as follows:

Pips And Panda And The Magic Egg Fri 2. Sun 4. Wed 7. Thu 8 Apr 8: Sat l0 Apr. 2pm; Wed I4. I lam & Thu l5 Apr. l0.30atn. A magic egg causes no end of trouble in Pips and Panda's latest adventure.

Sinbad The Sailor Thu I. Mon 5. Fri 9 & Stm l l Apr. 2pm; Tue 6 Apr. llatn. The magical story of Sinbad The Sailor performed in UV light.

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