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Edinburgh International Science Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival information

Sat .i—Sun l8Ap/: Various Venues.

For further information call 473 2070 or pick up a copy of the official festival programme. Highlights of this year's festival ate listed below. by venue.

A World Of Science at the Assemny Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 4349. £2 entryfee.

Forensic Trail Mott 5—Sun II Apr. 9.30atn—5pm. £2. Ages 9+. If you fancy yourself as a forensic scientist. then go along to this science \yhodunnit with real techniques to examine hair samples and fingerprints.

Starship Eureka Mott S--St1n I 1 Apt. 9.45am. 10.45am. noon. lptti. 2.15pm. 3.15pm 8 4.15pm. £2 pltts entry fee. Ages 8+. See photo caption.

Up Yer Hooter Mon 5-—Sun 11 Apr. Every half hour from 10am until 4.30pm. £2 plus entry fee. Ages 5+. (‘limb inside a giant-size nostril. brush past nasal hairs. go through the windpipe attd then enter a lung! .All before being sneezed out onto a giant handkerchief.

Dr Bunhead's Magical Chemistry Cookbook Mon 5y-Sun l 1 Apr. Ill—10.45am. £2.50 pltts entry fee. Ages 8+. 1313(“s I-‘ttl/t litmkt't/ star brings science to life with exploding custard. bionic bananas. slimy gtuige. toasted tonsils arid much. much more.

Curiosity Circus Mon 5 -Sun I I Apr. 9.30am--5pm. £2. A drop-tn centre of science goodies including a bed of nails. a tightrope bicycle. circus skills workshop and Mr Darwin's ('uriostty Shop.

Little Giants Mon 5 Sun 11 Apr. l()am. 11.30am. 1.15pm. 2.45pm 8' 4pm. £1.50 plus entry Ice. Ages 5 «S. Follow the larger-than-life honey bee lrom the hive to a giant flow er.

Royal Botanic Garden. lnrer/eitlt Row. 248 2979/29.? 7.

And Now For The Weather l-‘i-t 9-Star 11 Apr. 10am 5pm. Free. Find answers to all your questions abottt the weather. try your hand at forecasting and use the interactty e displays to find otit where it's raining.

Life And Times Sat 3~- Mon 12 Apr. 10am -5pm. Free. If you've ever

wondered how we know the age of dinosaurs or what they ate. then come along to Mr Wood’s Fossil Shop to get the answers.

Otsi The Ice Man Sat 3—Mon 12 Apr. 2-3ptn. Free. Join ()tsi as he searches the gardens for essential plants to make tools. medicines and outdoor gear.

Edinburgh Zoo, Corstorphine Road, 334 917] (Box Office 473 2070).

Easter Treasure Trail Sun 4 & Mon 5 Apr. Sun 9.30am—6pm; Mon 9am—6pm. £2.50 (if you bring your Science Festival progratnme with you). Ages 4—12. Follow the animal clues around the zoo and find a chocolate surprise at the end!

Cats' Whiskers Tue 6 & Thu 8 Apr. 10.30am— 1 2.30pm. £4 (including zoo admission). Ages 6—8. If you're interest in cats. then go along to this fun workshop featuring talks. craft activities and a chance to meet some of zoo's big cat inhabitants.

Technopo/is, Adam House. University Of Edinburgh, Chambers Street. 473 2070.

5 £1 entry fee.

Making Waves Sat R—Ft-i 9 Apr. 10am—5pm. £1. Ages 12+. A look at how waves fortn and what makes them break. Astrodome Sat 3—Fri 9 Apr. 1 Iain (except Sun). 1pm & 4.30pm. £1.50 plus entry fee. Ages 12+. Take a guided tour of the night sky inside the silver astrodomc. Egg-ceedingly Good Experiments Sat 3-—Ft'i 9 Apr. 1 lam (except Sun) & 3pm. £1.50 plus entry fee. Ages 12+. Learn more about the proteins. emulsions and the chemistry of cooking the humble egg.

Royal Mile Maths Trail Sat 3. Mon 5. Wed 7 & Fri 9 Apr. 2—3.30pm. £1. (Meet at entrance to Technopolis). £1. Ages 12 +. Find ottt how maths has contributed to

. the architecture of Edinburgh's Royal

Mile on this conducted tour.

Royal Museum ()fScot/and. Chambers i Street, 473 2020.

- Sci-Spy Baysday Sat 3 Apr. 10am—5pm. £5 (£2.50). Ages 6—12. Hands-on science j day featuring experiments and problem

solving. all on the theme of colour.

- Making Airwaves Ht 9 & Sat to Apr.


l()am. llatn. noon. 2pm 8; 3pm. £2.50. Ages 8+. Write and record your own radio programme using music. news. interviews and adverts.

r! various venues see listings for selected highlights. Meet conefiead aliensCaptain Zogon and Ensi n Thuff from Planet Bong, just two of the partiapants in Edinburgh's 11t annual science festival. As always, there's a host of interactive, science-related events for children and families plus, making its debut at this year's festival. a venue exclusively

for teenagers (Technopolis).

The Puppet Animation Festival

THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR See listings for dates and venues. Ages 3+. Meet the caterpillar who just can’t eating. He eats and eats all day long but instead of getting fat, something else happens to him. Rod and shadow pup- petry, animated projection, storytelling and music combine in Dynamic New Animation’s delightful adaptation of Eric Carle’s much-loved classic.

Puppet Animation Festival information

Until Sat 17A,»; Various Venues“. Puppet performances and workshops are listed below. Tickets can be purchased from the relevant venue. For a copy of the festival brochure contact the Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. Edinburgh. 0131 556 9579.


BIG AGGIE'S PEARLS Ages 3-—8. Sylvia Troon‘s Kenspeckle Puppets present this humorous Scottish fairy tale about Aggie the Giantess who will only release Catriona from her clutches once Jamie has fetched her a string of pearls froin the bottom of the sea.

Ladywood Leisure Centre Ha )tII'I'UIt' Court. l’t'nit'u/k. 0/968 6 78473. Thu 1 Apr. 10.15am. £2.50 (£1.50): family ticket £5.

Dalkeith Community Centre a ll’tttttl/n/I'It /\’ttt/t/. Dulkt'i/lt. (//3/ 663 3445. Thu 1 Apr. 2.15pm. £2.50 (£1.50); faintly ticket £5.

Netherbow Arts Centre 43-45 High Street. Edinburgh. 0/3/ 5.56 9579/264 7. Sat 3 s Thu 15 Apr. 2pm. £3.50 (£2.75). Easttield Community Centre Dukes Rmul. ('a/n/ms/a/te. ()/-/I 64/ 83/9. Fri 9 Apr. 10.30am. £2 (£1 ).

TIGGERS DON'T CLIMB TREES Ages 4+. Richard Medrington‘s Puppets recreate the world of Poolt and pals.

Carnegie Library /2 .ttum .S/I't’t’l. At): 0/292 286385. Fri 2 Apr. 1 lam. £3.50 (£2.50).

Wynd Theatre .I/U/I'UM’. o/s'oo .s'2.t.s54. Mon 5 Apr. 3pm. £2.50 (£1.50): family ticket £6.

Burgh Hall /’('t'/)/t’.\. 0/72/ 720/38. Tue 6 Apr. 3pm. £2.50 (£1.50); fatnin ticket £6. THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Ages 3+. See photo caption.

Netherbow Arts Centre 43-45 lite/t Strt't't. lz‘t/iIt/nt/je/t. 0/3/ .556 9.5 79/264 7. Thu 1 Apr. Ham 8 2pm. £3.50 (£2.75). Girvan Library Alt/Illt'tt/Ilt’l‘lt’ .Sll't’t‘l. (iit't'an. 0/292 6//222. Fri 2 Apr. 2pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

Drymen Village Hall //2 .l/t/III sm't't. l)t'\/Il(’l!. 0/786 47354-1. Sat 3 Apr. Ilatii. £2; famin ticket £5.

INDIAN TALES Ages 5+. ('ly (lebuill l’uppet Theatre present two l];ll|\t‘ American tales from the lroquot tribe. Victoria 'IV/It’ Hit/I .S/I‘t't'l. Sells/ll. ()/75() 20842. Fri 2 Apr. 6pm. £2.50 (£1.50); family ticket £6.

Hawick Town Hall Han-it-k. 01750 20842. Sat 3 Apr. 3pm. £2.50 (£1.50); fatnin ticket £6.

Gilmorehill Centre 9 U/tiversityAvenue. (i/asgmi: 0/4/ 28755//. Thu 8 Apr. llain. £3.50 (£2.50).

THE LITTLE RED HEN Ages 3—7. Shona Reppe brings this traditional Scottish tale to life using shopping baskets and colourful glove puppets.

Paisley Arts Centre New Street. I’at‘s/ey; 0/4/ 887 /0/(). Sat 3 Apr. llatn & 1pm. £4 (£2).

Govan PALS l9 Net/tan Street. Glasgtm'. 0/4/ 445 6000. Mon 5 Apr. 1 Iain 8: 2pm.


Tait Hall Kt‘lSH. ()/75() 20842. Wed 7 Apr. 3pm. £2.50 (£1.50): fatnin ticket £6.

Cowane Centre Coivane Street. Stirling. § 01786 473544. Thu 8 Apr. 1 lam. £2:

family ticket £5.

McLaren High School Main Street Kill/n. Stirling. ()/786 476544. Thu 8 Apr. 2.30 )m. £2; family ticket £5.

Fair ill Community Centre Hamil/on. 0/4/ 646 I770. Fri 9 Apr.

1 2pm. £2 (£1).

1 Regal Community Theatre Bull/gulch 0/505 433634. Sat 10 Apr. 10.30am & , 2.30pm. £4 (£2.50); fatnin ticket £12

(£7.50). PETER THE PIRATE BOY Ages 3—8. A

lonely little pirate boy has to be brave in

- the face of danger as he saves the 3 creatures of his island in this new show

from Kenspeckle Puppets.

Netherbow Arts Centre 43—45 High

Street. lit/t/t/n/tg/t. 0/3/ 556 9579/2647. Sat 3 Apr I lain; Tint 15 Apr. 11am. £3.50 (£2.75).

; LANDSCAPES Ages 5+. Mitnika

' 'l‘heatre‘s visually exciting puppetry is

. performed wttlnn a canvas dome. Usmg 1 special effects. transformation and

puppets. we are taken on a journey into

the desert. a raitt forest. a Coral reef and i Antarctica to witness the sights and

smells of the natural world. i Gilmorehill Centre 9 University

.'lI'(’lIlI(’. (Hawaii; 0/4/ 2755/]. Thu 1 Apr. llattt. 1pm & 3pm. £3.50 (£2.50). MacRobert Arts Centre University of

' Stirling. Stirling. 0/786 46/08l. Sat 3

Apr. llatn. lpin & 3pm. £2.50.

Howden Park Centre [Jr/nestmt. 0/506 4336.34. Tue 6 & Wed 7 Apr. 10.30am. 12.30pm 8 2.30pm. £4 (£2.50); family

ticket £12 (£7.50).

Haddington Corn Exchange Cum-t

. Street. l/(It/t/lll‘t'lllll. 0/620 827827. Thu

8 Apr. lpni & 3pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

' PUSS IN BOOTS Ages 7+. Puppets.

original music and audience participation


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