Concentric Cities Throughout the year. Info: 287 I999. Part ofGIasgow I999. this is essentially a do-it-yourself guided tour to the city. Split into three parts. it highlights many significant landtnarks throughout Glasgow. to create the largest ‘exhibition' in the world.

Dazzle Until Sun 25 Apr. l0am. Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 332 6633. One in every l.000 Brits have bought from a Dazzle exhibition. which is a lot. Among those who have purchased anything from jewellery and ( metalwork to tea strainers and cufflinks : are Salman Rushdie. Julie Andrews. l SiObhan Redmond and Elton John. so i you’ll be in good com any.

European Junior Ba minton Championships Sat 3— l0 Apr. lOam—9pm. £I—£ l0. Kelvin Hall. Argyle Street. info: 445 l2l8. Team and individual events make tip this week-long competition comprising the cream of Europe's under-nineteen badminton stars. Scotland's squad is led by Commonwealth Games representative Fiona Sneddon and are aiming for a large medal haul on Finals day. Sat I0 Apr. Clyde Maritime Centre Open Day Mon 5 Apr. l0am—4pm. Free. (‘Iyde I Maritime Centre. Yorkhill Quay. 339

063 I. See photo caption.

Grassroots Cookery School Thu 8. Sat l0. Thu l5 Apr. llam—3pm. Grassroots. Woodlands Road. 353 3278. The spring season at Grassroots continues with Kathryn Hamilton‘s Introduction 7}) Vegetarian (Tm/vine (Thu 8 ts 15 Apr) while Michael Antoniou brings a Greek flavour to the proceedings on Sat l0 Apr. Call the above number for further details and prices.

Glasgow Book Fair Hi 9 Apr. noon—7pm; Sat IOApr. l0am--5pm. Mitchell Library. Moir Hall. info: 334 3245. Dowanside Books present ‘Scotland’s Bi 'gest Book l~‘air'. Glasgow 800 Market Sat l0 Apr. l0am—5pm. Free. Hillhead Baptist Church. Cresswell Street. info: 0|5o0 600349. Vying for customers from its competitor at the Mitchell. this fair features rare and secondhand hooks. maps and vintage film magazines. plus valuations for arty tomes you may wish to bring.

Scottish Cup Semi-Finals Sat l0 s Sun I I Apr. Various venues. info: 332 (i372. It's all building tip nicely to the first ()ld Firm final since I989. though you may find the fans of Dundee L'nited and St Johnstone having something to say about that. Celtic take on the men from Dundee at lbrox (Sat I0 Apr. 3pm) while Rangers clash with Pattl Stttrrock's Perth outfit at Parkhead (Sttn ll Apr. b.05pm).

Orchids For Beginners Thu l5 Apr. . 2pm. £2.70 (non-members); £ l . H) (members). Botanic Gardens. Great Western Road. 334 2422. The Botanics‘ resident orchid guru David Ivlenzies presents a workshop providing beginners and the more advanced with tips or) purchasing. growing and showing this most florid of flowering plants.

Salsa Classes Various venues. info: 564 I983. Get your limbs moving III a Latin style with these salsa classes Academia de Salsa is at Porters. Sauchiehall Street (Mon b.30pm for intermediates: 8.30pm for advanced; Tue b.30pm for beginners); Havana at Hope Street (Wed 0.30pm. Sats 3.30pm).


Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvingrove Argyle Street. Glasgow. 287 2699. Mon-Sat l0am—5pm: Sun Ham—5pm. Free. This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as

82 THE “ST l—l‘)/\pt I999

Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell. plus numerous historical artefacts I and animal displays. Also on show: I’tt/turumu Glasgow; I’uixuklti Banners and I-‘rmt/v Lloyd Wright. See Glasgow Art listings. page 74.

Burrell Collection : 2060 Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow. 649 I 7|5l. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun ; I lam-5pm. Free. Sir William Burrell's ' world famous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe. housed in a specially designed. award-winning btiildittg. Also on show: The 'l’liixt/t' Am/ The Rose. See Glasgow Art listings. page 74.

Calderglen Country Park i Strathaven Road. East Kilbride. ()l355 236644. Dain l0am—Xpm. Free. This country park offers something for all ages. with an ornamental garden for horticultural enthusiasts. an audio-visual display. a children's zoo and a host of walks and nature trails. Expert staff are on hand in each section to answer your questions. and South l.anarkshire Ranger Sery ice provide a fttll programme of countryside activities.

David Livingstone Centre

I65 Station Road. Blantyre. Glasgow. 01(st 823l40. Mon-Sat I0alt)--l.3()pllt; Sttn l2.30—4.30pm. £2.95 (£l.()0-£I.75). This museum. situated in the tenement where Scotland's most famous missionary-explorer was born. features memorabilia froin his life. both in Scotland and in the heart of Africa.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Road. Glasgow. 334 2422. Daily 7am—dttsk (Kibble Palace Mon—Sat. l()am—4.45pm). Free. This l9th century garden and glasshouses are home to an interesting and educational ' selection of plants. as well as featuring in the film Jude.

Gruesome Glasgow

Meet at Tourist Information Centre. George Square. Glasgow. 772 0022. Daily 7pm. £5 (£4); children £3. Tales of torture and terror on the streets of Glasgow as an expert guide takes you on a tour of the city's cruel past. Also rtmning is ‘Ghosts And Ghouls‘. at 9pm daily.

Holmwood House Cathcart. Glasgow. ()37 2 I 29. Daily l.30—5.3()pm. £3.20 (£2.20). Designed by the famed l9th century architect. Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. this house is an excellent example of his classical style. Investigation is also underway to recover the original interior decoration. again based on classical themes.

House For An Art Lover

Bellahouston Park. l0 Dumbreck Road. Glasgow. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.50). I‘ot‘ opening times. call info line 0l4| 353 4449. Art Lover's Cafe and Shop open l0ant—-5pm daily. This tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh (the building was originally designed by him for a competition in l90l. btit has been faithfully completed by contemporary architects) has now re-opened after its reftn'bishment. Also oi) show: Ray Richardson and Ctr/net). See (ilasgow Art listings. page 74.

Hunterian Museum

University Avenue. Glasgow. 330 422 I. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free. Dating from l807. the Httnterian is Scotland‘s oldest public museum ~ it lost its artworks in I980 with the opening of the purpose-built art gallery in the grounds. but it is still home to a collection of the university's treasures. Also on show: The

A quick

look at the Clyde Maritime Centre

What is it? The Clyde lvlaritime Centre is Glasgow’s newest vrsrtor attraction and is opening :ts doors for one day only as a hint Of things to come when It opens

for real

What's happening on the open day? You can View the sailing vessel S.V. Glenlee (born (896), meet those working on the restoration and take in a

qtnded tour

Tell me more about the Glenlee The ship is being restored to its original appmraix’e tr.’ the ("y/tie {slantinie Trust, She was built in Port Glasgow and is one of oniy ‘m- Clyd-z‘o—btult sths still afloat - the others are bobbing around in

Finland and the USA

What else is there to see? Tl‘e Pumphouse is being renovated to house a VISItor

tentre (()ll‘~;}lt’,‘l(" ‘. :entre

anti) exhibition gallery, shop, restaurant/cafe bar and study

Who is behind the project? £4: ‘. is the centre's capital cost and has been

in: die Develoornent Ftnizi, (lllC ti litil'll)?’ a)? ljfi'.<il'i‘ I)t"lli“i<i(i£)l'S. When is it officially open? 'i'

Clyde trans/m: Curr.» om;

lit-(pet: le().".'.} Int,-

Mar/tune CenIre, Y-III'A’H/H Odd): 339 063]

Heritage Lottery Fund, the European Regional tf‘e {ilisttoyv Development Aqency, Glasgow City COunCiI

ne qrand Iatint it comes on Fri 13 Aug. Day: Mon 5 Apr, 70am-4pm Free Clyde

.'lllfllltlf ('u/iilriit'I/o/i (‘u/iiptmv and The MIA/(HT ()f .Vt Hilly/I “(Ill/v .Villt’). SL‘L‘ (ilasgow Art listings. page 74. Mugdock Country Park (‘raigallan Road. Milngavie. (ilasgow. 950 ()I00. I’rce. This country park on the northeast side of the city has a full programme of ranger activities as well as numerous woodland paths and walkways. The visitor centre is open 9am 5pm every day of the year. (‘all for more details on the opening times of the gift shop and crafts unit. or for a lull itinerary of countryside events.

collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell.

Scotland Street School Museum Museum Of liducation. 225 Scotland Street. Glasgow. 429 I202. Mon—Sat I0am—5pm; Sun 2—5pnt. Free. Designed in I904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh arid now home to archive material on education in Scotland from 1872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian. lidwardian. World War ll and l9o0s school days. Also on show: Iii/.wtklti Banners and The Three l-i'ltgt'l't'tl l't’lt'll. See Glasgow Art listings. page 74.

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall. I Burnhottse Road. Glasgow. 2S7 2720. Mon Sat |0ant—5pm; Sun l lam 5pm. l-'ree. A museum crammed with buses. trams. fire engines. ships attd other paraphernalia devoted to the history of transport. Permanent exhibitions include Slii/t/tuilt/r/te ()1: The lt’it't'r (‘/\'t/t'. Hill/ville Drum. altd lit {I'll/v ()I Nuns/mu. Also on show: /.(llIt/Illlllt’\.' '/'/it' HIIIIltI/I' (int. See (ilasgow Art listings. page 74. People's Palace & Winter Garden (ilasgow (ireet). (ilasgow. 554 0223. Mon- Sat l0am 75pm; Sun llam 5pm. Free. (iIasgow 's best-Im ed titsltlutiou has recently undergone a major facelift to celebrate its centenary year. The new displays are set out thematically with subjects including The l’urlt'i; ITUUIM ()1 T/It‘ ('i!\' and (Time rlllt/ I’ll/livlllllr’lll.

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park. 20o0 l’oIIokshaws Road. Glasgow. ()lo ()4 l0. Daily

l0am «5pm. £3.20 (£2.20); family ticket £8.60. ()ne of the most elegant ISth century buildings in the country. this historic house features some of the fittest Spanish paintings in Britain from the

Springburn Museum

Atlas Square. Ayr Street. Glasgow. 557 1405. 'l‘ue-lu'i l0.30am-5pm: Sat Wain—4.30pm. Free. By use of photographs and artefacts. arts and crafts. the museum brings to life the social and industrial history of the north of Glasgow illustrated by two permanent exhibitions. .Ilut/t' In The an‘l/l and Spring/mm Park. Ii'slt'rt/uv. ’Iiit/uvxlltt/ 'Iimturnm'.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 (‘astle Street. Glasgow. 553 2557. Mon- Sat l0am—-5pm; Stm Ham—5pm. l-‘ree. A ntttseunt of world faiths. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art works front the world‘s six major religions. Dali's ('ltrisr ()fStlflll Jolt/i ()f The ('rusx and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures. Also on show: Delivering Hope. See (.ilasgow Art listings. page 74.

Tenement House

I45 Buccleuch Street. Garnethill. Glasgow. 333 0I83. Daily 2~5pttt. £3 (L2). This typical Victorian tenement flat of IS92 provides a fascinating look at Glasgow life during the first half of the 20th century.