Scotland has produced heroes and herornes In a huge varrety of drffer‘ent pr'olessrons One thrnr; they share rn (:ornrnon however rs therr undyrng passron for then country And that's Just the krnd of person we‘re lookrng lor to represent Scotland In the Mrllennrurn

Vrllaqe at Epcot‘. Walt Drsney

World" Resort rn Florrda. USA The

event opens rn October l999 and

runs for 15 months In that trrne the

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asked to explarn everythrng from the henefrts of the Scottrsh

educatron system to the rngredrents of haggrs Are you the krnd of ambassador for Scotland were lookrng for'7 If you thrnk you are then apply Instantly on lrne. www.seothrandreorn or alter'natrvely call 01369 70 80 30 As part of your applreatron we want you to answer three questrons whreh wrll demonstrate your paSSIon for Scotland. srte hear them when (:all

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the nurnher ahove Closrng (late for applr(:atrons

rs Tuesday 6th Aprrl