pERSONM I Successful, sometimes busy I Independent, intelligent. _ I Guapo inglés 34. rubio. ojos sometimes not. professmnal fun-lovmg female (30s). looking azules) le gustan musica. Edinburgh man seeks relaxed. for a fun to be with guy (28-40) bailando. comida. bebida y easy-going. attractive. fun to enjoy night life. red wine. compafiia amable. busca guapa woman (n/s) to share time with. eating out. movies. watching morena. 22—35 (no fumadora). Arty. films. swimming. days out. rugby and laughter. You: con brl’o. para diversién dentro y nights in. Sensitive good. Edinburgh based. tall. broad- al aire libre. aventura. amistad y sensual better. Box No 356/2. shouldered. GSOH and not (dedos cruzados) amor. I Gemma I’m still counting looking for commitment. Box Escribeme - y perdone tni rivets and Jasmine still waits No 356/14. espal'lol basico! Box No 356/25. somewhere. If you're reading I Hi, Glasgow motorcylist 35. I warm, genuinely caring these ads ou should call me. I 5’5. short hair. hazel eyes gsoh . ,, - . . ~ - - 3'3 “3 wad‘y .male bla bla miss you.yStirling was the best seeking slimish med female 27- 3:53VCZriplggsailcgaigzzafiii° 305‘ b'a “3 ("WWW- b'a b'a day of my life. Box No 356/3. 35. Honest. reliable. trustworthy mm figfm‘g‘i’ona‘l Naniene QSOH‘ bla bla travel' bla bla I tall, dark, handsome for summer runs in the country. deggfh rc'a‘qonab'lc looks Cincmat bla blatlallguagesi bl“ stranger (well. being German is So if you like bikes write ALA. p‘hygicafi 'm fun lovin [6'31 bla bla' seeks “mm” bla bla pretty strange) smart. solvent. Box No 356/l5. gupbormi mend tactileg' y ' female; 30" No 354/11 , sensual. in Glasgow. looking for I Words outstripping years 'gcmual geeks. gin'cerc u' to I You '9 ma'e' 35,45 and “kc a woman to teach me a sense of make still/ too small a window hur‘lurc'giomeilfiin g 653)]! An been books‘ “(3' hills‘.0pcms' humour. Photo? Box No 356/4. for true likeness/ to draw a flea BO"x N0 “(g/g8 ' y GET Rad") Pom" “35'3" I Are you a sensitive woman stepwise into dance. ‘. Ppofessionéi séohish gay mePP- 5313“ 0" SCO‘USI‘ . imaginative male over 30‘? This trust./ lust laughter and (,u . 16 now“.ch lmcrem dénclngt Paslag curry. gamma-“t sensual. 50-year-old female is reflecting in warm arms and filcyl'uac‘mmic‘. Cinéma th‘ea‘lm [hmng pos‘llwt "avenmg and looking for a lover cum friend. heart./ Edinburgh. Box No I Happy, easy-going gay .md travel ‘Wc'kq “mm.” 9445 Workl'lg?! wmc ‘0 "w! 80" NO to share in a mutually satisfying. 356/16. female (32) enjoys good food. Em liming; friendship Lc'mhdoA/H 354/20‘ . stimulating relationship. Box No I Squad! Attention! You are Tai Chi. nature. art. a bit of Glaw‘OW/Aymhir‘c B'ox No I meess'onaI ‘9."‘3'9 30‘. 356/5. male in uniformed job. Me travel. Looking for similar “6):, ' Wm,“ other fun'l""'"g (“lemme I Edinburgh-based male attractive female looking for women for friendship. Gl‘as'gow gay woman prom‘is'onals i.” go pUbb'"g' young 50. 6ft. flt. good-looking. someone to bend me to their interesting conversation and g (my cat lover b0 igh 31 y“ CIUbb‘"g' emcmas' prosperous. educated. will. Photo in uniform gets laughter. Box No 354/51. 5%" 'OHAC fu'nn y gh' reS‘auranls' theaim' Concerts and professional. sociable. wide enthusiastic reply. Box No I Cute, oriental (28) Glasgow WI T'M no” f'c'mncyirér hg any other fun [hmgs Y0” ‘hmk interests and a sense of fun. 356/l7. intelligent. slim. smooth. fim' (mime [-11 BOX NE " gigglllc 10 me Please! 30" N0 Happy with life. but looking for I Mel Gibson lookalike athletic. adventurous. lnto 56);)1” ' ' .' . a committed relationship with a except he isn't 6‘ l. or living in sports. music. cinema. travel. - | ! Sira'ght' Edmbmgh “Tale younger. intelligent and . West Lothian. or as attractive. or conversation. Seeks tall. ~7~ bllbbl)“ f’Ul801ng~ "9 “LT. attraCtive lady preferably wnh sell-deluded seeks woman masculine. straight-acting. W , cm” :03), fad 13 New [0 L90kmg ‘0 improve 59‘3"“ "f? family ambitions. Photo preferrably. Still breathing and genuine man (27-45) for i ,)'l i‘kcgifiwma 1'“;qu Fnends mamw‘ :‘cchng Stralgh‘ appreciated. Box No 356/6. not allergic to cats for friendship/relationship. Ph0to C1355" , :md coqy'nigfim 'in female-5t 3.3—37- '0" Pllbss ClUbS- staggering amounts of appreciated. Box No 355/52. 1 00km? gm. qi'n‘ilar exciting lad keep ms “"90th l'QSlaUl'aF“ and naughtiness. Box No 356/l8. I Gay guy 28. Tall. well built 1;) thfmm'c of Fdinbur htg 200‘! Old 'g'r'lc friend-“mp! 80" I Single male (30s) slim and Toto good looking. Likes Rio'hl‘. Ml)th gccin‘ Box io‘ NU H356”: attractive wishes to meet nights ill and out. cinema. eating “Cb/e} ' g. ' F“""9V'"9 female: 30 seek-‘3 inspirational female. lnto blues out etc. Seeks similar s/a s/l Héhbily eccentric lively “C‘Y soc'al‘Plali’mc [on'cx‘ male music. photography. art. flne male for possible relationship. in( [Mime lcgbian imo Cine'ma 0'. immic‘ imimgm‘“ 0‘” imd food. Attitude more important Photo appreciated. Box No bog)“. .md .llicrnm‘iveg looking. "guy Livy things. Box No than looks. Glasgow area. Box 355/53. W t-L‘m‘lm,i‘ng honw‘ imly “336/3- . . I Attractive 30 something No 356/l9. I Six foot hunk 3 l. very well- . minded fem]; for n‘ew I, 5"“99""9 writ" and athletic. passionate. positive. I Glasgow based media man. built and good looking seeks i .ldwmurcg Box No ggb/S‘; h'bemalmg mil-9'93" (one male' spiritual. open-minded and enjoys playing devil's avocado 1 hairicst men in Scotland. WI.TM ; 37 yeaf'old'sdinbhrg'h 'gay one WM?) lmkmg to." . much more female. Seeking seeks female sparring partner 5 straight acting men. 20-40 with i "m, n“ dark handqome “0m “"Comm'Qna' “9w mend“ '” similar. genuine. honest male. (35-45) for bouts of chunky bodies and short hair. ' full}; rbfcggi'onal “3mm 'hean Glasgow “(mid “kc u.) Share a Box No 356/7. unconditional fun. Box No Edinburgh or anywhere. Photo i imkmg [0 {new Mr Right! Ma‘ny illiifxiiilli)ixpfllilfgci)c \filotllnoihers I Get pals hm making f0, 356/20‘ . "P‘m’ml- 8‘“ N0 355/55 5 variedginterests All full letters ' .‘ee e ' z . ,o - . - - different planet; people with lomance. Me too. Thirty I Deceptiver qulet . answered mm photo. Box NO

something female. politics independent. imaginative female

OPP" mind“. 30‘“ .13”me and graduate. enjoys idealistic chat. (33) into cinema music. 35mm. aller‘im'vc ‘“S‘°V‘[‘CS‘Y'c‘/Sla‘¢‘ travel and shopping. seeks conversation. Looking for 0t ""nd' BOX NO H356/3' , socially aware. unattached male bright. sincere. communicative I I WW3" cxgcuy m”? 80" m with a sense of adventure and man for fun. friendship and i dancmg‘ "Hell'gcm‘ W'uy' humour. Box No 356/8. exploring possiblities. Box No l

LlSTy woman (25—35). who would never dream of replying to this ad. Reward: Exactly the

I Glasgow patter merchant 356/2 l. . (30 something) with a salubrious I Laid back professional

. . attitude to life's furballs or is Glasgow guy. (30s) is eager to I 50” 0f .Edmburgh'basc‘j' that foibles. seeks female. 25 to hear from girls (25-35) with mnm'mc mail WI“) Cpuid "cw" 35. for a detailed analysis of gsoh and an interest in cinema. have placed "' Resui'wom: pubs. clubs and life. Box No theatre. music and intelligent

need "0! apply' 356/9- conversation. Definitely worth a T R E P L T “i” ' ° ' 35 22. Y ‘, . Ayah.” country boy m I Thirty something female iLlIU Box No (i/

- into trains. bikes. hills. aintinO. heart. Brandy and log llres. any p c

dancin and sta in in. Bored female (30—45). want to keep with may ever tiieegting B N U M B E R r. ') l 'I ,

:agl‘;:g'gw:afl”:a:: 3’4' partnered men. looklng for

. . .v interestlng male company looks 30s. Searching for inclined towardg calm adventurous. fun-loving female napping“ and Achy"); Box NO Q to be tied up in a fllll time 156/10 H ' relationship that only two can Youhg professional more

S I I. i ' V. y z m” Ln-wymi‘ mum ll James Stewart than James Dean.

sll'tlogles. Box No 355/l6. seeks screen ' . t.- . . . . goddess to star m or at the CCA' 350 saUChIeha" St, I Fortysometh'"9 woman B-movie life. shot in and around I Romantic weekend breaks.

It:1:33:22?!“'Jm‘g‘d Glasgow. No script so good activity holidays. wilderness GLASGOW G1 2J2 . . " . 3‘ c . impromptu dialogue a must. adventures. mysterv tours'.’ . ' ' “"W‘m’" del‘gh‘ "3' ‘Pcc'a' my Box No 356/l l. Intelligent. nt fun - blll- and We W'” forward 't'

All you have to do is address your letter to:

THE LIST CLASSIFIED. 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

griffin:tip?!“ £2111”; I 'l'all. dark. handsome male. sensible woman seeks mall 35- l Remember to write the

.ze. .. 't'CS. 32‘ 4- , 5 , ,.i .

plat-5 Box setrbtfimii‘oy'é’tl“3332333?” fin3.?Si;:k‘..it2‘i'l,‘.‘iil33i-ca - 3°” Numb“ C'ea'w

N0 356” looking for a special girl for also staying ill and complete in the TOP LEFr‘HAND CORNER- holding hands. Please be tall. sloth. Box No 356/23. , attractive and intelligent. Photo I Presentable fit male seeks Rephes WI” be Iorwarded once a weEk’ appreciated. Box No 356/l2 sensual adventurous woman ' If you send several replies, :Vllgglndeglqrpawchgre (lam? wrthllttlexb'aggzige for fun agd send them m one large enve|ope

au .. c t s n un lmes passion. rep les answere . , -

ahead. Thirty-something with Please enclose frank letter with Don t Stamp the rephes' bUt do wme the more than something to offer. photograph if possible. Box No appropr'ate BOX Number on each envelope Box No 356/13. 3.56/24.

90 THE IJST l~l 5 Apr 1999