V .I saw you in Berties. 12/3/99. Me: celebrating my birthday iii a drunken fashion. You: tall. dark hair. gorgeous. teachert'.’) rugby player( 1’) Mat‘kl'.’l. My birthday wish —- your phone number. Box No [l/356/l.

V I saw you you dizzy freak. .lengaheads. Air ()i'ganic. Stilt 7 Mar. ()tir eyes met as banjos duelled.'s rock. Box No [l/356/2.

V I saw you Marissa. I'll help you eat your Turkestan. Let's leave our mums ill St James Centre! ‘Young niati’. Box No [l/356/3.

V I saw you Del's. then Polo lounge. Sat 13/3. Brown leather jacket. sideburns. black tea cosy. constant pint. believe your name is John. Me -- taller. wider. white top. can't keep my eyes off. You know who I am. Get in touch. I want to see more of you. Box No [7356/4.

V I saw you he gave the necklace to me. stop whining! Now 1 use it t igenerate power for Belgiumll One more thing. ifl fall will you catch me'.’ Box No [1/356/5.

V I saw you in the (‘atwalk serving Satiza. It came in a tall glass with lemonade and a slice of little. It was a refreshing change. so were you.

V I saw you Delectable guy from Preston at Subway. (‘owgate. 12/1/99, We got chatting and chatted some more at my mates house in New Town. .\Ie gorgeous. wearing hat. which you admired. Box No [7/356/6.

V I saw you at the Are-hes. Sat 6 Mar. Yoti led me astray. 1 let you go home to Fast Kilbride alone. I won‘t Ile.\l time. promise. Holly (ioliglitly. Box No [7356/7

V I saw you cute girl. You held me close arid I thought 'I've found her". Hope I never lose you. Rttig me again sometime. I think 1 might love you. Box .\'o [7356/67

V I saw you III the Blue Moon. sometimes. Yoti. male biker. tall. fair. open e‘ipl'essltlll. .\1e. quiet. fair man. 'l‘oo quiet. never said Ilello. 'I‘oo late'.’ BIN No [7356/9

V I saw you at 'Bully For You' 111 our school. \Ve loved II but we loved (irahaiii at the back more. Pity he didn't smile. Love ‘the teachers' who setit the chocolate. Bye. Box No [7356/10.

V I saw you when we

shared leg room on the

(‘athcart inner circle. 10/3/99. Discovered you were not a pensioner or an entrepreneur Care to tell me itiore'.’ Bo\ .\'o [7356/11.


92rn£usrr Vianuuu

V I saw you Murdo from the Tron. We danced and laughed the whole night long. You struck me with your sparkling eyes. My Scottish highland haggis . . . Dave. call me. Box No U/356/l2.

V I saw you cute sttit boy doing lunch and lrn-bru. Filmhouse. Tue 2 Mar. Will you do me . . cute boy diagonal front your corner cubicle. Box No U/356/l3.

V I saw you Thursday 1 1

Mar. Beautiful girl. all iii black. long brown ponytail at Salisbury Place bus stop waiting on No 5'.’ Black Mondeo driver would love the chance to take you otit. Box No [1/356/14.

V I saw you 7.)? Roots 'n' Fruits. Sat afternoon. Is it really you‘.’ 1 like my beorisch beany! Box No U/356/l5.

V I saw you James from London at Venue. 27/2/99 on stag night with friends. Me with friend. We danced. shared small kiss. Never had chance to say goodbye. Contact me. Box No [9356/16.

V I saw you Ed. with friend John (Trash. 16/3). ‘Mtizzled' by your iiititii with a stud in tongue. Sell me a trip and I‘ll show you my sequins. Box No U/356/17.

V I saw you BROOKE gorgeous. Sorry I couldn’t meet you. 1 have your necklace. Please contact box number or email jmsone(a"hotmai|.com. James. Box No [9356/18.

V I saw you I see you everyday Cat. Are you too lost in art to notice I'm on the turn'.’ (again). Love the Captaiti. .\ Box No [3/356/19.

V I saw you Glen. You had me in a spin! You're ggggggrrreaaaat. tiger boy! captain H the lion queen t‘ooar? Box No [1/356/20.

V I saw you Andrea. communication student at the Cally. I loved your German accent and would love to hear it again outwith my dreams. You took my number in Russels. Please phone! Box No [5/356/21.

V I saw you Glasgow Central. 14/3. London Fuston 16.05 departing. You wavy bob/black bodywarmet‘. the noisy brown shoes/daft green hat. You have the prettiest face. I'd loye to fill it with food. Box No [.‘/356/22.

V I saw you blue berry tiitiffiii in the book shop. You looked scrtiiitiiiy. long to eat you all tip. 1.o\‘e fluffy bunny. Bos .\'o [7356/23.

V I saw you dancing at

The Ii 'g. 13 Mar. Yoti stood oti my bag and I smiled. Me

long brown hair and green poloneck. You dark handsome man. What was that sticking out of your trouscrs'.’ Box .\'o [7/356/24.

. lunch unsuited“? ()ther


V I saw you at the Lumiere cinema on Sat afternoon (20/3/99). You sat behind me. We exchanged pleasantries (all too briefly) after the film. 1 know I shouldn’t ask . . . btit . . . ‘do you believe iii fairies'." Box No [1/356/25.

V I saw you lovely female steward at Myreside. Fri night international. 19/3/99. Remember phoning me taxi'.’ Thanks for being nice. Would like to speak more. any chance of another meeting‘.’ Box No U/356/26.

V I saw you Big Little Sis- to my front door. Sorry I was green iii the face! Why is it I miss you the most when you go‘.’ Little Big Sis. Box No [7356/27.

V I saw you Missy Abril and you ain de bidness! Yep you am de bidness alrighty. Box No [7356/28.

V I saw you well your friend actually. Planet Peach. 23/3/99. Had a chat. ditch the redhead .lohn. get iii touch. Box No [7356/29.

V I saw you Helen Alison arid Stephanie Friday 19th March after Wee Red Bar. It’s a pity you didn't call. Whenever you come to Berlin 1 want to make it better. I wish you all the best. Kai. Box No [7356/30.



V I saw you fosy' lady working at tli at unitiipressive framing store tn I.othiati Road. ()ften iti dark-rimtitcd glasses. always looking good. Can I buy you a bagttette‘.’ Box No [.7356/31.

V I saw you smashing. short. dark-haired guy working at The l-ruitmarket atid often at 'l'ackno arid Baroque. You're groovy - mme’s a cafe latte. Bos .\'o [7356/32.

V I saw you Andy. cttle new barman at Po ;'\‘a ;\'a.'s get together. Box No [7356/33.

V I saw you (let‘i'ard. ('(‘s a few Fridays ago. You gave me your number. I lost it? Contact me and give me a reason to be beatitifttl. From Indie ls'id‘.’ Box .\'o [7356/34.

V I saw you my (iranton star catise I gave you my star and yott lost It. Was it rose-coloured glasses or were you it [all of alright'.’ Bos No [7356/35.

V I saw you Phantom at Karen's Ilatwariitiiig party 20.3.99. You looked so lttsli Ill your kilt. Wish I could feel your ghostly kiss. Box No [7356/36. V I saw you with my Bette Davis eyes. contemplating Jumping tables iii Paris. It's the things in life we don‘t do that we regret... live for the ittoiiteiit? Boit .\'o [7356/37.

V I saw you Simon Rose. I lost your number ages ago and have been trying to contact you other ways. Get in touch. Soon. Caroline froin your class iii Dundee. Box No [1/356/38.

V I saw you Glasgow ceramics teacher on Cam A Chlamhain. You said thanks for the steps iii the snow. Thank you for the wonderful smile. The next day was too long without it. Box No [7356/39.

V I saw you Trophy Rootn then at Bennets. Sat 20th March. You cute. dark blue shirt; me small. older. black shirt. Keen to meet. Box No U/356/-I().

V I saw you Chopper Chick! You are my \‘I’ondem'oman even if you're short and ginger arid wear pants with firehydrants on them. I'd loye to be your tension toy btit then 1 am hopelessly Blonde! Box No [V356/41.

V I saw you at Iguana on Sat 19th March. 1 was at the bar. You were gorgeous and asked for a light which I didn't have. (iot one now. Do you want to meet up'.’ Box No [3/356/42.

V I saw you Big Blue 20/4/99. You with cool dark hair. heart arid key around your neck. Me with mates at etid of bar with brg eyes for you. Rendezvous? Box No [7356/43.

V I saw you Sat 20 Mar. bus stop top of llolmlea Road. Waited for a 5 btit kept an eye out for 66. You dark hair. black leather jacket. Book III pocket. ll;\.\£1)S().\lli. Box No [7356/44.

V I saw you arid we talked tiytilas and \ulvas. Babe Ruth you're ntiiiiantiml I follow you to stardom and back. Love your Booboo. Bo\ No [7356/45.

V I saw you at the Cul de Sac restaurant: yellow moped. blonde hair. small goalie "Kevin" are you a natural blonde? Box No U/356/46.

V I saw you in Italian takeaway shop 25th March around 1pm Bank Street. The Mound. You Tartan trousers. dark hair and speaking the lingo. me short brown hair dressed in blue. Cosa fai sabbato'.’ Box No U/356/47.

V I saw you Gordy oh Lordy. with your tuft of blonde. sent me beyond. you were Crusty Musty. the DJs mate. JD & coke. Luv Michael. Box No [,1/356/48.

V I saw you at every gig in town. Tall blonde love-god! I'm sure you play bass. Emancipath Henna-head with tequila waits impatiently! Box No U/356/49. V I saw you in CCA nibbling a lettuce leaf - let's hope we can have a nibble together soon! 13th March. Box No U/356/50. V I saw you at the CCA in the bar at 7 o’clock on Fri 19th March 99. liven though we hardly spoke. your eyes caught my eye! You were with some girls btit you should be with me! Box No U/356/5 l.

V I saw you CCA. 20/5 beautiful barmaid in blue with a boat on your cute l'ill nose! Sail iitto the sunset with me. Box No [7356/52.

V I saw you Callista

Flockhart lookalike.

with long scarf. striding

out past National 1..ibrat'y.

2 Feb noon. Me: smiling cltap. glasses. black jacket. camera. get iii touch‘.’

Bo): No [7356/53.


By phone: Cat!

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