V I saw you - Sat night in CCA. You three gorgeous supervixen bartnaids. Me gay love-god - but I could be converted! Stop pulling pints - pull tne! Box No U/356/54.

V I saw you wotttan of thy dreams at CCA. You Queen of the night. Me yottr dedicated slave. Let me be your fantasy. Box No U/356/55.

V I saw you Sat night itt CCA. You auburn beauty in tight white top. Would like to meet for coffee possibly more? Me - your knight in armour'.’ Box No U/356/So.

V I saw you - barman in CCA. 20/3. Dark stallion with enormous bulge in trousers. I'll show you mine if you show me yours - 1’“ kiss it quick and squeeze it slowly. Box No U/356/57.

V I saw you have you seen me'.’ I am 6' Swedish sex bomb. you small Scottish cuddle monster. Meet tne on Sunday 5th April at CCA. I will wear a bandana. Box No U/356/58.

V I saw you Sauehiehall St. belly and king Rob. Me forever laughing. Box No U/356/59.

V I saw you at the Garage - George Michael lookalike: show us your pork pies mate. Box No U/356/60.

V I saw you Golden Girl at the RAC club'.’ Will you be tny Bond girl'.’ Box No U/356/ol. V I saw you in the Vic cafe. You smiled at tne - you looked like a Norwegian angel. How are your armpits. Love Suzy. Box No L.‘/356/()2.

V I saw you Reg ‘Voodoo‘ with your box of tricks. You make me laugh. How about a bit of slap and tickle. Box No U/356/o3.

V I saw you midget with ‘cheap‘beard. Blackfriars. Why are you so close to the management. Don’t you ever come tip for air'.’ Box No U/356/6-I.

V I saw you adorable door girls at the Comic Club. Blackfriars. Sundays are my fundays. Lets make it a threesome. Box No U/356/65. V I saw you dozy barmaid itt Blackfriars. Come and unruftle your feathers on the couch - we love you. Sydney Feldman. Box No U/35()/()b.

V I saw you Gary from

Leith - we had a one night stand before Christmas - now I want more - call the blonde bird - it'll be good. Box No U/356/67.

V I saw you Keith. every day. I love you so much that my bumhole contracts. You are enthusiastic and marvellous. Be mine always PIE! Box No U/356/68.

V I saw you Nature's Remedys. You male sewing. nice voice. Would like to see more of you. Box No U/356/69. V I saw you in the Lost Sock Diner. filling your face with a monster choc cake. How ‘bout spreading some chocolate on tne Baby! Box No U/356/70.

V I saw you kid. as in drop dead gorgeous. Joy. Sat 6th. lifting tne up to your face - Supernova. l’ll flourish in your orbit. your eyes starlighting my heaven. Box No U/356/71.

V I saw you sexy Jane from Glasgow. in Bar Sirius with your tnagnificentjugs... of cocktails. Get back to Edinburgh soon. Box No U/356/72.

V I saw you Margery at the Malt & Hops looking gorgeous. sponing mighty fine muscles! Hi Ho Silver... Box No U/356/74.

V I saw you Slim Jitn Mark in Bar Sirius... where's the proposal? eh‘? Box No U/356/75.

V I saw you Danny Boy. at La Banda. a few weeks ago. short blonde and definitely toned body. fit for me. You will be! Box No U/356/76.

V I saw you Gary with the gorgeous gap in your teeth. salsa dancer extraordinaire. in Leith's La Banda. Hope the fall off your chair wasn't too hard. Box No U/356/77.

V I saw you at Bar Sirius. looking oh so wonderful in your fantastic checkered shirt. The real man of the bar. Box No U/356/78.

V I saw you Stuey. The doorman remember the young lad in the green t-shirt. they build them well in lnverness. Love and kisses. Box No U/356/79.

V I saw you doorman at Bar Sirius - your dark hair and slender figure gave tne a semi - let‘s meet for a night of gay loving. Box No U/356/80.

V I saw you standing on doorstep at IO. 15am. draped in Japanese silk gown. 60s porn star in the making. Oh what a 'bone' structure. We must meet. Box No U/356/81.

V I saw you Nova. Swingin‘ it on down at Fetntne Fatale nite. Shakin‘ it. groovin‘ it and struttin' your hunky strut - get it on honey! Box No U/356/82.

V I saw you getting a psychic reading at Wildwood on the High Street Thursday 30th March. Hope I was in your cards -30ish blond lady. Box No U/356/83.

V I saw you with your archaeologists in the Pear Tree. Your hooded eyes and curly hair turn tne on. Is your name Jif? Box No U/356/84.

V I saw you walking down Cockburn St on 25/3/99 at about 12pm. You - spikey hair and wild clothes. Me ponytail and long black cardi. I think you‘re great. Box No U/356/85.

V I saw you grabbing all the money at Atomic spying youngsters with short skirts. you work-shy mong. Will you be my baby? Box No U/356/86.

V I saw you Ewan drinking Virgin Marys at the bar in EH1. Is that the only virgin you been ‘experiencing' lately? Box No U/356/87.

V I saw you glam Bond girl with a catsuit which left just enough to the imagination. Squeeze my water pistol and leave your wig on baby (mushrooms). From your late great bambino. Box No U/356/88. V I saw you a tall dark goddess with a Mickey Mouse watch. You winked at tne. Please reply. Box No U/356/89. V I saw you cute barman. Filmhouse. on 12/3/99. We all lusted so take your pick. Box No U/356/90.


V I saw you sexy petite blonde. dancing tango at Cuba Norte last Sunday. Share your passion with me! Box No U/356/91.

V I saw you at Christmas Tackno - you were a fairy Juliet - l was your black toothed admirer. I'm ready for Muriel‘s Wedding - are you'.’ Box No U/356/92.

V I saw you coffee cup Morningside male. blond. glasses. yellow anorak. Me blue eyed blond. Box No U/356/93. V I saw you looking regal and a little too confident. strutting about the Traverse bar like a stallion on heat. Next time make sure your zipper's up. Box No U/356/94.

V I saw you fresh from the States with your vest shifting friend. Sorry couldn’t make CCs. Hope journey back was fun. Box No U/356/95.

V I saw you Ali - skate boarding about. What have we done wrong. I don‘t believe you‘re just hungry. Give us a call. Box No U/356/96.

V I saw you - you are a great friend. Talk to us if something is bothering you - that's what we are here for. We love you even if your hair is flat and not insanely spiky. Box No U/356/97.

V I saw you at Blue and Life Is Beautiful on Tuesday 23rd. What a lovely time 1 had in your presence. Sweet trepidation with every breath. Box No U/356/98. V I saw you I saw you too! Craig at CYT. Box No U/356/99.

V I saw you secret admirer who knows Dutch. Let yourself be known - thanks for the Valentine card. Box No U/356/100.

V I saw you my sweet nick. I love you everything is so good! Box No U/356/101.

V I saw you Mr Monkey. Call Mr Batnboo. Box No U/356/102.

V I saw you in the ESPC. Thursday nights won't be the same once your successful offers over? Let tne make up the difference. Box No U/356/103. V I saw you in the Traverse - I am your brown eyed soul boy! Meet up for some interesting times. Drop me a note to tell tne more. Box No U/356/lO—1.

V I saw you Polly P calling CID mate? No £5. no cigs as of yet! you know - you look pretty... by candlelight. Meet you in Dizzies on Sat 27/3/99. Box No U/356/l05.

V I saw you in the Park pub in Dalkeith on Friday 12/3/99. you were drinking Holsten pils - who was that drinking JD at £1.70 a round. Veg toad in the hole eh'.’ Box No U/356/106.

V I saw you you were repetitive. mainstream man. I thought my. what fun and a possible buddy. Box No U/356/107.

V I saw you tall. handsome man with glasses and Welsh accent - Sunday 1-1 - I think it was your birthday - you are fantastic. Box No U/356/108. V I saw you Waxwork Vegas Christmas 98. Me mad old man. Please contact for putting lotion in basket. Box No U/356/l()9. V I saw you beehive hair and short red skirt Traverse after Suspect Culture. Let's put that honey on toast. Box No U/356/l 10.

V I saw you on Thursday I 1th March at Bar 38. You forgot Jane's beer. You squeezed my arm - I wish it had been more. Box No U/356/I l l.

V I saw you flame red highlights dancing in the wind behind the Traverse bar - but I didn't see the rest of you. Box No U/356/l 12.


V I saw you all the time. don't change courses. uni won‘t be the same without your universal arse chasting its obnoxious shadow. Box No U/356/l 13.

V I saw you dark haired dentist. First at the Teviot at Xmas. Then at the gym. Can you make an appointment at the Southside practice for the jogger at FF. Box No U/356/l 14.

V I saw you at Suzie's Diner. on 28th Feb. You were sat opposite tne and 1 said you looked like a matron. Box No U/356/l 15.

V I saw you Hatn - don't leave the course. We would miss you - be happy dude. Box No

U/356/l lo.

V I saw you looking fruity by the bar. Was it your bright coloured dress or the Sauza and grapefruit juice that gave off that refreshing aura'.’

V I saw you liwau in EH1. You the sexiest bar man I’ve ever met! Reply and I'll love you forever. Box No U/356/l 17. V I saw you in the Longstone area and I knew that I wanted you bad. You had brown hair. a goatee and I seen you March 4th - about 2.30pm. Box No U/356/l 18.

V I saw you when you went by me. like a breath of fresh air. a cold winters breeze. you were blonde. wearing a beret in Princes St Gardens on March 3rd 1pm. Box No U/356/119.

V I saw you Elvis God. Pierced lip with Elvis t-shirt. on

Sat 13th March. Are you

lonesome tonight”! Box No 1.!/3So/12().

V I saw you Bar 38. You thought my patter was crap. you wouldn't sign my album and you pointed out the supper on my shirt. So how do you like me so far'.’ Box No U/356/121.

V I saw you Kirsty the Steward in the Polo Lounge. 1 think you're hot but if your dead good looking girlfriend is anything to go by. I don‘t think me or anybody else in your fan club has a chance. Box No U/356/122.

V I saw you OFT. 25/3. ITN man with a movie camera. 2nd row cetre. you. gorgeous. pale skirt. white top. Me. cropped hair. check shirt. next seat. Filmhouse next month‘.’ Box No U/356/123.

V I saw you or rather didn't! Alaska Eskimo with snow blindness requires photo. Please send. Box No U/356/12-I.


1-1“) Apr 1999 THE LIST 93