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. , ~ TH u EAST END If any one thing characterises South American literature, it is a generosity of 1 5 F

imagination, spanning Borges' flights of fancy to Garcia Marquez's enduring

novels. Ariel Dorfman's latest offering is no exception. Axl) GAN

Dorfman is one of the few writers who can adeptly capture the

melancholia of exile he fled Chile following General Pinochet's coup in 7 - J u S 1973 and use it as a vantage point from which to chart the absurdities of T E 1 8 99 political corruption and the human condition. ( horsons - ) This book is no extended polemic, however. Beginning as a long suicide note, it forms a headlong rush through the picaresque life of Gabriel 6 I I G EORG E STREET FREE McKenzie and is packed with enough ideas to fill at least five separate novels by lesser writers. h Tgis em'barrasslmenLofhliteiary richdes is govern throggh'a typically dens: t ”| never trave| without my diary_ an invo ving p ot w ic ta es in eep reat Ga rie '5 attempts to ri ____ himself of his virginity; the death of Che Guevara; a sexual wager spanning one ShOUId alwayr‘; have 25 years; a nanny who may be the link to a lost Patagonian tribe; and the something sensatlonal to read

Chilean government's plan to mark the 500th anniversary of Columbus'

discovery of the New World by transporting an iceberg from the South Pole on the tra'”-

to Seville. , , . c , ,

It is a lot to take on board but Dorfman's fluency, humour and rapid NEAR, PAR’ PURPI HhR’ HELP! intellect ensure the unusual themes flow together with ease to create a 0Ur Edinburgh 8! Glasgow Stores have powerful, satirical and utterly enjoyable novel. Existing admirers will find picked out the best of the selection of this an elegant addition to Dorfman's canon while the uninitiated will warm recommended guide books to a" four

to the intelligence, grace and humanity he displays on every page. A

strangely brilliant book. (Clark Dunn) comers Of the world'

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