rnvested on the scenarros as there was on the control system, RECOI/ could have been a brt speCral. As :t :s, the developers deserve a good tankrng. tlDr

Commandos : Beyond The Call Of Duty (Eidosl£19.99 . t t

lt's l940 and the only thrng that stands between the evrl conquenhg juggernaut of the Thrrd Rerch and Dear Otd Blrghty rs a crack o-utr’:t of Commandos. Agarn. Beyond The Cal/ Of Duty as not gurte Commandos 2, yet there’s nothrng realty ne\'.' here What rt does consrst of rs erght hers. levels, a couple of new characters and a few addrtronal skrlls. The maps are larger, the graphics have been tweaked and the Artrfrcral Intellzgence has been rmproved to make those blasted sguare-heads even harder to Outwrt

lmportantly, the essence of the game remarns untOuched \.‘-.vlth the pomt and clrck skulduggery as ;llegally addrctrve as ever It rs strll murderously drft’rcult, Wrth a great deal of Cunning and gurle regurred to progress. But the new abilitres, lrke capturrng and controllrng German offrcers, wrll heap you along the way. For less than twenty QLlld, thrs rs the rdeal starting po:nt for any fresh- t’aced recrurts and a welcome step back anto the fray for battle-hardened grunts. rlD‘r


STAR RATINGS Unmrssable v- 1 Very good " ‘r Worth a shot Below average Youve been warned

Soldier Soldier: Commandos - Beyond The Call Of Duty


I, ‘W’wfl‘ *

Now you've read the rev-ew ot Namco's erge Racer Type 4 on the opposrte page, yOu'H doubtless be gaggrng to play a racrng srmulatron whrch chucks real;sm to the wrnd and concentrates on speed, trash graphrcs and gameplay We have CODIE’S of thrs excellent PlayStatron game worth £39 99 to grve away to frve readers who can answer the followrng QUQSiiOll.

Which of these is a racing driver: a) Damon Hill b) Damon Albarn c) Matt Damon

Answers on a postcard by Thu 29 Apr to Ridge Racer Type 4 Competition, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Total I WI re d The weird wor d of the Web. This issue: food and drink special.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

http: \.\'\.t'\.y.cyber-kitchen.com/

An encyclopaedzc lrst of 'home-trreo’ recrpes, with more lrnks than a long lrne of sausages, thrs srte has lrteralry everyth'ng you drdn't realrse you needed to know about cookrng. From whrch cookware to use, to FAQs on frs'n, to an artzcle ab0ut the anatomy of a

recrpe If Delra Smrth lrved rn. your computer,

then that WOulo be really strange

Mail A Meal

http: www.mailamealcom

,1? 1.1- 101.; 5:; 1., -

r; .L t ‘1'; .tr «1 ~ ,

Choose t'rom a vast menu and send a (photo of at meal to a frrend The presentatron of the food rs excellent, but rf you try to taste rt, they all taste annoyrngly lrke a computer monrtor Thrs c0uid be the future of E-datrng Bang One of these off to someone you fancy, rnciude some text of lrght, wrtty banter and a complrment abOut therr eyes berng beautrful rn candlelrght, etc, and you’re

guaranteed to get E-lard

How To Drink

http: dovemtxnetau ~grants personaldrinkinghtml

Teetotar7 \";’I"y not try dr;ni-<n.g7 lt's cheap, makes others more attract ye and jOKGS funnrer Thrs page rs targeted at the complete novrce, wrth all the bas'cs to get t‘arn'nered -— rrke what to do v. hen yOur glass emptres. Azthougn not desrgned for the advanced drrnker, rt's strll worth a look 1n Enough to get a nun

completeiy steamboats

The Curryhouse

http: \.'\'\.v\.\'.curryhousecouk Tnss rnfor'natron corao wn you friends lmagrne oe-ng able to make a curry that tastes irke one from a restaurant Well, that's what th s srte clarms to otter you

Nude Man Carrot http: ."tyrywmaulnet"~llama nudecarrot nudecarrotwarnlng.html hrs corttarns ‘rankly durte shockrng prctures of a naked man carrot Even the most broad-munded vegetarrans among yOu may we"? be out off Doc Cox and Esther Rantzen. never dared go thrs far at :east not :n. front of the cameras Smutty vegetaza

\r‘t/hrle not always ’authentrc', there are reCrpes to cater for that restaurant taste' and r‘ y u've ever tasted a restaurant, yOu'rl knov. that's gooo More tradrtronal currres are headed as well. Thrs c0uld change your cutrnary ‘rfe

Disgusting Foods

http: r.'r.r\.t.'r.t.'.andreascom ray 'foodhtml

Thrs rs a is: ot' drsgustrng foods from all over the world Everythrng ‘r‘o'n head cheese', trsr‘ eyes, ar d the cheese that's ’left out covered \trtn cheesecloth so t'l;es wrla lay tner eggs m :t, the maggots hatch, then spread rt on bread tsnc‘udtr‘g lye maggots", to Irn Bru. An. malt pen:s s0up features gurte a :ot as we.i sad to put lead a." your pencrlt Thankfully there are no prctures

Cheesy Poofs Home Page

http: urtvwgeocltiescom Hollywood'Theater 52891Cheesyhtml

Play tne Cheesy Poots eatrng game whrle watc'nzng SOtItn Park: Substztute Wotsrts :l C P's are drffrcult to get rotrnd your part of town Eat two rt’ someone krlts Kenny Ht rewrncr and watch hrm clre agarn and agarn for a slap-up ‘eed

Virtual Vomit

http: wwwxvtcom users

l<evlnk sick sickhtml

Now when r.'. e eat and/or clrrnk too much, we tend to see agarn tanat we ate or drank too much of usualiy down the lax But now, thanks to technology, you can see the reSult of excess alt O\ er your y'rttral bathroom floor or vrrtuai pamment. Just tril rn what you've Just had to eat and where you'd lrke to see rt agarn. 'Srck' ts one may of tiescr'rt):ng :1

Steve Blalr'

«5.29 4;» 999 THELIST 101